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									                 Importer of                    Coconut Oil

        Thai Trade Center                        Hong Kong

                   Month                         March

1. Company’s Details

   1.1 Company’s Name           Keung Lung Trading Company

   1.2 Address                  Rm 1011 Witty Commercial Bldg.,

                                1A – 1L Tung Choi St., Mongkok, Kln., HK

                    Tel         852-2782 0848

                    Fax         852-2780 5212

                  E-mail        keung

                 Web-site       N/A

   1.3 Type of Business

            Importer           Wholesaler          Department Store           Distributor

            Retailer           Mail Order          Manufacturer               Agent

   1.4 Company Detail

       Year of Establishment             1980

       No. of Employees                  8 in HK ; 5 in China

   1.5 Main Product(s)         chemicals (food, industrial, pharmaceutical, etc.)

   1.6 Contact Person          Mr. K K Lam - Proprietor

2. Information obtained

   2.1 Company and Product Overview

   The company is the importer and exporter of furnishing items. It does sourcing

   for hotel , service apartment, residential and restaurants, etc.
   2.2 Source of Supply and Import from

   USA, China, Taiwan

   2.3 Product interested to Import

   Refined coconut oil, palm kernel oil, diethanolamine


Keung Lung Trading Company is the importer and exporter specify in chemical
trades. Its target markets are China, America, Taiwan and Western Europe.

                                                                     20 March 2006

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