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									                              Dr Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop
Expertise                           Gender and development, poverty, research
                                           and development in the Pacific, participatory
                                           and people centred planning, economic

Date of Birth                         22 November 1944

Nationality                           Samoan/ New Zealand

Current Employer                      Fairbairn, Dunlop& Associates Ltd.,

Professional Societies                Board of Directors, AWID (Association for
                                             Women’s Rights in Development) 2000-
                                             Gender in Geography Union; DAWN;
                                             Samoa Association of Women Graduates

Key qualifications
Over 30 years experience in research and training in Pacific development issues,
particularly on the smallholder unit, women and gender issues; women’s informal sector
activities for poverty alleviation and micro-credit systems; and human resource

Strong analytical skills in participatory and people centred planning as well as adapting
western models to the Pacific social and economic situation. Coordinator of the Pacific
regional report for Beijing and the Pacific Platform of Action for Sustainable
Development (PPA). Extensive experience working with government planning
departments and NGOs and private sector.

Research and analysis of core poverty indicators for the Pacific, including vulnerability
indexes. See for example the Sustainable Human Development Reports for Vanuatu
(1996) Samoa 1997, Niue and Tokelau. Also, core indicators for Poverty Alleviation
(UNDP Gender Science and Technology Project 1995-)

Excellent verbal and written skills; frequent presenter of key papers at women’s
conferences and agriculture conferences. Considerable practical experience in
institutional development, capacity building and training.

PhD (1991) Macquarie University, Australia. Thesis `E au, le inailau a tamaitai: Women,
Education and Development, Western Samoa' 358pp.
M.A (1981) Victoria University, NZ `Samoan Parents and the Primary School' (379pp)
B.A (Hons) 1st Class (1977) Victoria University, History and Ed
B.A History (1974) Victoria University
Dip Teaching (1966) New Zealand
Primary Teaching Certificate, Wellington Teachers College 196
Other relevant training
Community development and Farming Systems Research and Training (1980-)
Gender Audits (2002 and 2001) UNIFEM and AWID
Youth and Gender Policy writing (1996) ComSec, Pan-Commonwealth Expert Workshop
on National Youth Policy Development Chandigarh CYP, India

Languages                 English (fluent) Samoan

Computer Skills           Microsoft Windows/ Office

Countries of work         All Pacific countries, NZ, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu,
                                 Solomon Islands, PNG, Niue, Cook Islands, Tonga,
                                 RMI, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Tokelau

Employment Record
Aug        UNIFEM          Officer in Charge,    Responsible for on-going UNIFEM programmes in 22 Pacific
2001-Jan                   UNIFEM Pacific        countries and for identifying new areas for women’s empowerment.
2002                       Regional Office,      Special support:
                           Fiji                  Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu in the preparation of CEDAW reporting.
                                                 UNIFEM’s Regional Programmes, Women Peace and Security
                                                 regional programme, women and politics and women’s economic

           Samoa           Director of           Social and gender research and application
1997-                      Fairbairn-Dunlop      Adult education (non formal) r and d, and training of trainers
                           & Associates,         Women's micro-credit systems and informal sector activities
                           Management and        Child protection training and policy issues, agriculture and nutrition
                           Development           Participatory research and planning
                           Consultants, Apia     Governance policy and planning
                                                 Establishing coordinating strategies for government agencies, NGOs
                                                 and private sector
                                                 Human resource development

           USP             Head of               Responsibility for USPs adult education through distance and face
1998-                      Continuing            to face learning, and the promotion of non formal education in the
2001                       Education             13 countries served by the USP region.
                                                 Research into programme needs and national systems for
                                                 programme delivery
                           Consultant            Mainly integrating social and gender issues into planning and
                                                 poverty alleviation strategies

1995-6     UNOPS/          Sustainable           Duties included responsibility for integrating social cultural and
           UNDP            Human                 gender perspective through all programmes
                           Development           Advocacy and training in the use of social indicators in planning
                           Adviser, ESHDP        and decision making. Identifying a set of Human Development
                           project               Indicators (HDI) for Pacific/ core data sets. Baseline social
                           Suva                  indicators and Basic Food Security and Poverty lines.
                                                 Coordinating the preparation of national SHD Reports for the
                                                 region, with hands on responsibility for the SHD reports for
                                                 Vanuatu, Niue, Samoa Tuvalu and Tokelau. This involved forming
                                                 and coordinating meetings of national SHD teams comprising
                                                 government policy makers, planners and NGOS
                                                 As part of UNDPs Poverty Alleviation Strategy, establishing micro
                                                 credit and training prog in Vanuatu and Samoa.
                                                 Responsibility for Apia Urban Youth Survey and the coordination
                                                 of the National Youth Symposium
                                                 Preparation of a manual for development planners – Tools for
                                                 integrating social and economic issues in planning decisions
1981-94    University of   Head,        Social   Senior Lecturer and researcher in Agriculture Extension
           the South       Sciences              Rural Development, Women and Agriculture, Semi-subsistence
           Pacific,                              economies, food security communication studies
           School of                             Trainer of trainers for Agriculture Departments through the region
           Agriculture                           in farming systems and participatory research
                                                 Training of regional Agriculture Teachers
                                                 Liaison work for USP through the region
           Wellington      Lecturer        in
           Teachers’       Profession Studies
                           School teaching
Example of Relevant Work and Projects Undertaken include:

Sustainable Human Development Adviser (UNDP/UNOPS 1995/6). Responsible for
coordinating the preparation of national SHD reports, including the identifying of a set of
Human Development indicators/ core data sets appropriate for Pacific semi-subsistence
societies and the identification of vulnerable groups. Basic social indicators adapted
included Basic Food Security and Poverty Lines (Time spent 2 years)

SHD Adviser (UNDP/UNOPS 1995/6) As part of UNDP’s Poverty Alleviation strategy,
established micro credit and training programmes targeting women in urban areas
(Vanuatu VANWODS and Samoa). This involved identifying vulnerable groups,
training and preparation of training materials and support to establish micro enterprises

Head, Agriculture Extension, USP (1981-95) Extensive research, training and
publishing on women and agriculture and women’s economic empowerment. Over 20
publications of this research including:
    New Avenues for micro-credit for informal sector activity, Pacific Women 1996
       (Paper presented at 11th Annual Conference of ADFIP –Association of
       Development Finance Organisations in the Pacific)
    Public Seminar `Is there poverty in the Pacific’ Auckland University (Visiting
       Professor, Auckland University 1998)
    Women’s work: Case Studies of Food Production systems around the rural
       household (USP IRETA/ CTA 1998)
    Mother, farmer, trader, weaver; Juggling Roles in Pacific Agriculture in A
       Emberson Bain (ed) Sustainable Development or Malignant Growth, Marama
       Press, Fiji
    Women’s Triple Agricultural Role: food security, informal trade and cash
       cropping in Journal of South Pacific Agriculture, vol 4 Jan-Dec 1997, USP

Head, Continuing Education USP (1998-2001) adult education training and distance
education for the 13 countries served by USP. Research, training and publications
     Women and the privatisation of the coconut oil mill, Samoa (2001) Pacific
       Economic Bulletin, vol 16 no 1
     Sustainable income generation options for South Pacific Women (1997) paper
       presented to UNDP/ Universities Space Research Association Meeting, Singapore
       May 1997
     Gender, Culture and Sustainable Development – the Pacific Way (2000) in
       Hooper A (ed) Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific, NCDS,
       Canberra and UNESCO
Asia-Pacific Regional Advisory Team, Gender Science and Technology for Poverty
Alleviation (1995-) Pacific Representative on this UNDP/ UNESCO project aimed at
technology exchange for vulnerable women’s groups          5 years in progress

Review of the Women’s Social and Economic Development micro credit programme
(WOSED) Fiji, March 1997, MFAT                     One month
Review of the economic outcomes of 4 AusAid Agriculture Projects, Samoa (1999)
AusAid, Gender and community specialist              One month

Socio-economist and gender specialist on MFAT (NZ) Review of Aid Framework for
Tokelau (1998)                                      One month

Socio economic and gender specialist on MFAT (NZ) Review of Aid Framework for
Niue (1998)                                         One month

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