AEX3231 Soil management_ tillage and traction by gabyion


									                                          Department of agricultural and plantation engineering

Syllabuses of courses offered                      base, minimum tillage, selection of
                                                   implements for tillage.
by the department
                                                   AEX3232 Plant and soil science
AEX2130 Nature and environment
                                                   Plant breeding, Rice breeding in Sri
Nature of life: the living matter, cellular
                                                   Lanka, Growth and development of rice
basis of life, the structure and function of
                                                   plant, Plant propagation: by seed and
cell organelles, diversity of organisms,
                                                   vegetative means, Introduction to Soil,
classification of organisms, organization
                                                   Processes of Soil development:
of plants, function of plants, Nature of
                                                   decomposition and destructive processes,
environment, what is environment,
                                                   constructive processes, factors
ecosystems, natural resources, Impacts
                                                   influencing soil forming process and soil
on environment, human and natural
                                                   development, Physical properties of soil:
factors influencing the environment,
                                                   mechanical analysis and nature of soil
environmental pollution, protection of
                                                   separates, structure, consistence,
                                                   porosity, aeration, temperature and
                                                   colour, Mineralogy of soil clay, Physio-
AEX3230 Crop production and farming
                                                   chemical properties of soil: iron
                                                   exchange, soil pH, redox potential,
Environment base for crop production,
                                                   Classification of Sri Lankan soils, Soils
Principles of cultivation, Physiology of
                                                   organisms, Soil organic matter, Soil
sugarcane, Physiology of potato,
                                                   Nutrients for plants: nitrogen,
Intercropping, Examples of intercropping
                                                   phosphorus, potassium, micro nutrients,
methods in Sri Lanka, No till and
                                                   chemical and organic fertilisers.
minimum tillage, Fertility regenerating
systems, Dependable factors of stable
                                                   AEX3233 Post harvest technology I
farming systems, Vegetable production in
                                                   Grain moisture, Grain technology, Grain
Sri Lanka, Cole crops, Root vegetables,
                                                   storage: storage losses, bulk storage,
Grain legumes, Solanaceous crops,
                                                   Grain conveying systems, Case studies of
Bulbous crops, Cucurbits and vine crops,
                                                   food grain storage projects in Sri Lanka
Leafy and salad vegetables, Tea
                                                   and abroad, Grain drying: mechanical
cultivation, Coconut cultivation, Coffee
                                                   drying, types of mechanical dryers, Food
cultivation, Cocoa cultivation, Cinnamon,
                                                   grain processing, Parboiling: modern
cardamom and pepper cultivation, Fibre
                                                   parboiling systems, Post harvest
crops, Potato, Paddy, Fruit crops.
                                                   technology of fruits and vegetables:
                                                   assessment of losses during the marketing
AEX3231 Soil management, tillage and
                                                   sequence, Biological characters of
                                                   perishable horticultural produce, Pre-
Requirement of soil for crop growth, Soil
                                                   harvest factors that affect post harvest
strength: nature of soil, soil structure and
texture, stress-strain relationship,
cohesion, internal friction, pore water
                                                   AEI3234 Agricultural Biology I
pressure, Soil failure: shear failure,
active and passive modes, Traction:                What is Biology?, The Cellular Basis of
traction theory, weight transfer, draw             Life, Composition of Living Matter,
bar performance, tyre mobility,                    Identification, Classification and
Implement forces: forces of tines,                 Nomenclature of Organisms,
mouldboard and disc ploughs, Soil                  Morphological Organization of the Plant,
disturbance: confining stress, critical            Meristematic tissues, Internal
depth, effects from moisture content and           Organization Of Plants, Heredity, Its
tool dimensions, Implements for primary            Physical Basis and Environmental
and secondary tillage, Soil compaction,            Influence, Mendelian genetics, Deviations
Agriculture in the tropics, Lowland rice           from mendelian inheritance, Sex
cultivation, Upland farming: ecological            Determination and sex linkage, Sex
                                                   Determination and sex linkage,

                                            Department of agricultural and plantation engineering

Mutations, Gene activity and control,               affecting erosion, Erodibility, Sediment
Cytoplasmic ingeritance, Photosynthesis             transport, Reservoir sedimentation, Soil
I, Photosynthesis II, Photosynthesis III,           erosion problems in Sri Lanka, Prediction
Respiration I, Respiration II, Fruit                of soil loss, Soil erosion surveys,
Formation, Factors Effecting Fruit                  Strategies for soil conservation,
Quality, Ecosystems I, Ecosystems II,               Mechanical conservation measures, Water
Functioning –cycling of matter,                     ways & shelter belt design, Field
Functioning – cycling of energy, Habitat            management & agronomic methods,
and niche,                                          Water shed management, Gully erosion
                                                    control, Conservation farming, Water
                                                    conservation, Socio-economic
AEX4230 Integrated crop protection                  considerations.
Principles of pest management,
Introduction to economic entomology,                AEX4236 Crop processing [not offered]
Pest of Sri Lanka: pests of rice,                   Food products: Processing of Black tea:
vegetables and fruits, coconut, tea, Minor          withering, rolling and fermentation, tea
and major pests, History of pest control,           drying, sifting grading and packing,
Development of Integrated Pest                      Harvesting of coconut and curing of
management, Non-Chemical Control of                 copra, Processing of coconut :oil,
Pests, Chemical Control of insects,                 desiccated coconut, toddy, treacle and
Ecological aspects of Pest Management,              jaggery, Hydrogenation of coconut oil and
Cost of pest control, Plant pathology,              preparation of margarine, Processing of
Principles of disease management:                   spices, Processing of cocoa, Processing of
disease control by chemical methods,                coffee, Post harvest technology of fruits
Complexity of pest and disease control              and vegetables, Use of chemicals in the
decisions, General weeds in paddy, Weed             management of post harvest diseases,
control methods: mechanical, cultural,,             Wax coating and packaging material for
chemical and biological.                            fruits and vegetables, Design of packages
                                                    and behaviour of fruits inside a package,
AEX4231 Food and nutrition                          Cane sugar processing (supplementary)
Carbohydrates: classification and                   Industrial products: Coir products:
nomenclature, monosaccharide,                       processing of coir yarn by wet and dry
oligosaccharide, polysaccharide, Proteins:          milling, mattresses and bristle fibre,
physical and chemical properties of                 other coconut products, Processing of
amino acids and proteins, Protein                   rubber: tapping, coagulation and
structure and classification, importance            preservation of latex, manufacture of
of proteins, Lipids: classification, fatty          smoked sheets, crepe rubber, centrifuged
acids, physical and chemical properties of          latex and TSR, Forest products: Rubber
lipids, role and uses of lipids in foods,           timber as fuel wood, treatment of rubber
Fuel for energy, Nutrition and diet                 for furniture, timber extraction and
planning, Mineral elements, Vitamins,               preservation, charcoal production,
Fate of ingested aliments, Digestion,               Community forestry, Forest conservation.
Adsorption, Food transport in human
body, Food and poverty, Food demand                 AEX4237 Irrigation and drainage
and supply prospects, Sustainable food              engineering
systems, Nutritional considerations in              An introduction to Irrigation and drainage
planning.                                           engineering, Crop water requirement and
                                                    important definitions, Measurement of
AEX4232 Soil and water conservation                 crop water requirements, Estimation of
Man and Soil erosion, Mechanics of soil             crop water requirements, Irrigation for
erosion, Rain splash erosion, Erosion &             rice based systems, Irrigation of other
Running water, Estimation of peak runoff,           field crops, Irrigation scheduling include
Channel erosion & design of channels,               paddy an other field crops, On farm land
types of erosion, Wind erosion, Factors             grading and field layout for efficient

                                          Department of agricultural and plantation engineering

irrigation practices, Design of canals,           handling, Extending storage life,
Reservoir design and provision of                 Temperature management, Relative
irrigation facilities, Types of dams,             humidity and water loss: factors affecting
selection of site and construction of small       water loss, controlling loss of water, Role
earth dams, Hydraulic structures for              of ethylene in post harvest biology,
water control, Surface irrigation,                Timing of harvesting fruits and
Sprinkler irrigation, Drip irrigation,            vegetables, Establishment of fruit crops:
Historical Background of Irrigation in Sri        propagation by seed, vegetative
Lanka – Anuradhapura Period,                      propagation, Post harvest diseases and
Polonnaruwa Period, Decline of Irrigation         disorders, Post harvest treatment for
Civilisation, Irrigation in Sri Lanka under       insect control, Harvesting and field
Western power, Post Independence                  handling of fruits and vegetables, System
Period & Project Management,                      approach to post harvest handling: post
Management of Rehabilitation works,               harvest systems, produce characteristics
Importance of Operation and                       transport and packaging, market
Maintenance, Operation Practices,                 conditions, some applications, Waste
Maintenance Practices, Environmental              management through packing, Plant
Hazards of Irrigation Projects, Irrigation        selection: ventilation, air conditioning,
and Public Health, On farm Water                  refrigeration, comparing the various
Management with saline and Sodic Soils            methods, energy aspects, Cleaning
and Saline Water, Importance of                   sorting and size reduction, Controlled
Drainage, Theories of drainage, Drainage          atmosphere storage, Food safety: types
design criteria, Drainage machinery,              of micro organisms, favourable conditions
Drainage problems and practices in Sri            for micro- organisms, quiescent
Lanka                                             infectious, basic precautions, Economic
                                                  considerations in post harvest technology
AEX5230 Power and machinery in                    of fruits
Human labour in agriculture: rate of              AEX5232 Soil, plant, water relationship
work, nutritional requirements,                   Soil Physical properties, Soil moisture
environmental and other factors affecting         characteristic curve, Movement of water
human work, Animal power:                         in to soils, internal drainage and seepage,
characteristics of draught animals,               Moisture movement under saturated and
caring, benefits, harnessing methods,             unsaturated conditions, measurement of
implements used with animals, Engine              soil water, Neutron probe and its use,
power for agriculture: IC engines,                Roots and root growth, Adsorption of
characteristics of engine power,                  water and solutes by plants, Movement of
transmission system, PTO, Implements              water in plants, Transpiration, Water
using tractor power: Trailed, mounted             deficit and plant growth, Soil aeration ,
and semi mounted implements, Disc                 Soil thermal properties, Soil water
implements, Rotary tillage, Sowing and            management, Soil erosion , Soil pollution
planting: planters, working of planters
and seeders, transplanter, broadcaster            AEI5241 Agricultural Biotechnology
and its calibration, seed drills and its          What is Biotechnology?, Molecular Biology
calibration, Harvesting (paddy): sub              1: Genome and DNA, Molecular Biology,
operations, methods and equipment,                Protein Synthesis and DNA Libraries, Tools
losses, threshing, Seed cleaning,                 for DNA Exploration, Techniques of Gene
Alternate sources of energy for                   Manipulation, Polymerase Chain Reaction
agriculture: solar, water, wind,                  and Molecular Markers, Recombinant DNA
agricultural wastes, Bio gas.                     Technology

AEX5231 Post harvest technology II                Fermentation technology, Food
History of post harvest storage and               biotechnology, Single Cell Proteins,
development of new methods, Methods of            Enzyme Biotechnology, Molecular

                                           Department of agricultural and plantation engineering

diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, Nucleic              and Aquifers, Pumping Tests, Well and
acid therapeutics and gene therapy ,               Aquifer Yield, Groundwater Exploration,
Transgenic Animals                                 Hydrological Modelling, Water Quality,
                                                   Rainwater Harvesting, Water Intake
Introduction of plant tissue culture,              Structures
Establishment of tissue culture systems,
Types of In Vitro Cultures, Application of         AEI6239 Animal Husbandry and
plant tissue culture I, Application of plant       Production
tissue culture II                                  History and Classification, Egg Incubation
                                                   and Hatching, Egg Incubation and
AEX6230 Environment control in                     Hatching, Brooding and rearing,
agricultural structures                            Management of Pullet, Layer, Broiler and
Introduction to the course, Agricultural           Culling, Broiler Production, Housing and
Structures (Farmstead Planning, Product            Feeding of Poultry, Egg and Poultry Meat
Storage, Shops & Non product storage,              Technology
Hay, Grain & Silage storage,
Greenhouses, Animal Housing, Waste                 Agronomic Description of Common
Management, Rodent & Bird control,                 Pasture, Fodder and Legume in Sri Lanka,
Supplementary Reading, Ventilation                 Establishment of Pasture and Legumes,
control & Quantification of performance),          Pasture Management, Conservation of
Heating & Cooling (Introduction, Heat              Pasture and Fodder , Understanding
Transfer Basics Heating & Cooling,                 Forage Quality, History and Cattle
Evaporative Cooling, Heat & Moisture               Breeds, Management of Dairy Cow,
control in Buildings, Thermal Insulation,          Management of Dairy Cow II, Housing and
Ventilation systems (Ventilation systems           Feeding of Poultry, Calf, Heifer and Bull
Natural Ventilation, Ventilation rates,            Management, General Handling and
Ventilation - Energy & Economics)                  Cattle Diseases.

AEX6231 Processing of food products                History and Breeds of Pig, Management of
Raw material preparation: cleaning,                Sow, Boar, Guilt and Piglings, Feeding
sorting, grading, peeling, size reduction          and Housing of Pig, Rabbit Management,
of solid and liquid foods, Mixing and              Buffalo Management, Goat and Sheep
forming: mixing equipment, Fermentation            Management, Duck, Gees, Turkey
and enzyme technology: methods of food             production, Integrated Live Stock
fermentation, equipments used, enzyme              Management.
production and its application to foods,
Blanching, Pasteurisation, Dehydration,            AEI 6235 Hydrology and Water
Evaporation, Extrusion, Baking and                 Resources
roasting, Frying, Freezing, Freeze drying,         Hydrological Cycle, Statistical Concepts,
Coating and enrobing, Packaging, Chilling          Precipitation, Precipitation II,
and controlled atmosphere storage,                 Interception, infiltration, depression
Material handling and process control,             storage and surface detention, Surface
Processing of selected foods: butter, curd         Runoff, Run off Estimation, Stream
and yoghurt, fish, cordial, jam, chutney.          Gauging, Hydrographs, Flood Routing,
                                                   Groundwater and Aquifers, Aquifer
AEX6233 Hydrology                                  Characteristics, Well Hydraulics I, Well
Hydrological Cycle, Statistical Concepts,          Hydraulics II, Groundwater Exploration
Precipitation, Spatial Analysis of                 and Aquifer yields, Water Quality,
Precipitation, Temporal Analysis of                Groundwater quality for irrigation and
Precipitation, Interception and                    industrial uses, Groundwater
Depression Storage, Evaporation,                   Contamination, Design and Construction
Infiltration, Surface Runoff, Runoff               of Open Wells, Design and construction of
Measurement, Runoff Analysis, Flood                tube well /borehole, River Abstraction
Routing, Runoff Estimation, Groundwater            and spring water tapping

                                         Department of agricultural and plantation engineering

AEI 6138 Fruit crops and Cut Flower              Groundwater Contamination and
Production                                       Protection, Economics of Groundwater,
                                                 Groundwater Resources Management
Cut Flower Trade in Sri Lanka, Anthurium
                                                 Policy Review
Culture, Orchid Culture and Propagation
of Orchids from Seed, Culture of
Dendrobiums, Culture of Vandas and               AEI4238 Agricultural Biology II
Related Orchids, Orchids and Other Cut
                                                 Introduction to Anatomy and physiology
Flowers for the Local Market, Export of
                                                 of farm animals, Anatomy and physiology
Flowers and Foliage, Horticulture
                                                 of nervous system, Anatomy and
Landscape I, Horticulture Landscape II,
                                                 physiology of digestive system I, Anatomy
Introduction to fruit crops, Banana (Musa
                                                 and physiology of digestive system II –
spp.), Papaya (Carica papaya), Mango
                                                 Ruminant digestive system, Anatomy and
(Mangiferae indica), Pineapple (Ananas
                                                 physiology of reproductive system of farm
comosus), Other fruit crops I, Other fruit
                                                 animals, Reproductive physiology I,
crops II
                                                 Reproductive physiology II, Principles of
                                                 Animal Nutrition, Water and Energy
AEI 6137 Impact of Climate change
                                                 supplying nutrients in Animal Nutrition,
Climate of Sri Lanka, Global climate
                                                 Proteins in Animal Nutrition,
change, Emission of greenhouse gases
                                                   Vitamins and Minerals in Animal
– Agriculture and Forestry, Modelling of
                                                 Nutrition, Other compounds in Animal
climate change, Global warming
                                                 feed, Evaluation of foods, Ruminant
projections, Vulnerability assessment of
                                                 Nutrition I, Ruminant Nutrition II,
climate change on water resources,
                                                 Monogastric Nutrition, Feed resources and
Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability on
                                                 Ration formulation
Hydrology and Water Resources - Global
Perspective, Impact of Climate Change on
                                                 AEY6197 Project identification and
Ecosystem - Global Perspective, Water
                                                 literature survey
Resources in Sri Lanka, Impacts of
                                                 Project identification, gathering
Climate Change on Water Resources -
                                                 information, formulation of methodology,
Sri Lankan Perspective, Mitigation and
                                                 writing a preliminary report
Adaptation Measures for Water
Resources in Sri Lanka, Impacts of
                                                 AEY6596/AEY6398 Project
Climate Change and Adaptation
                                                 Carrying out the work of the project
Measures for Agriculture in Sri Lanka,
                                                 identified in AEY6197 and writing the full
Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal
                                                 report including results and conclusions,
Water Resources in Sri Lanka and the
                                                 Presentation to the faculty
Adaptation, Integrated Water Resources
Management, River Basin Management
                                                 AEJ4233 Rural sociology
                                                 Rural Sociology and its relevance to the
AEI 6132 Groundwater Resources
                                                 agricultural engineer, Basic Sociological
                                                 concepts, Social Values and norms, Rural
Groundwater Resources in Sri Lanka,
                                                 folk Knowledge, Family and kinship,
Groundwater for Domestic Use,                    Communities settlements and social
Groundwater Recharge, Groundwater                organizations, Social Organizations, Social
chemistry, Groundwater Modelling I-              differentiation and stratification, Forms
Regional Groundwater Flow Model,                 or stratification and social mobility,
Groundwater Modelling II -Radial Flow            Social Characteristics and Social change,
Model, Sustainable Shallow Groundwater           Social Change and problems, Social
Resources Management, Sustainable Deep           problems and social Values, Social
Groundwater Resources Management,                interaction and rural urban differences,
Crop Water Requirements, Drip Irrigation,        Theoretical aspects of social interaction,
Sprinkler Irrigation, Groundwater                Race and ethnicity, Bureaucracy, Rural
Vulnerability and Susceptibility,

                                         Department of agricultural and plantation engineering

development, in Sri Lanka, Community

AEM4234 Agricultural economics and
Agriculture and economic development in
the developing world, Agrarian change in
feudal Sri Lanka, The impact of colonial
policy on change in Sri Lanka, The state
policies and agricultural growth, The
impact of growth in domestic agriculture
on the peasantry, Whole farm planning,
Project planning and feasibility studies,
Cost benefit analysis, Project evaluation,
Risk and uncertainty, Farm accounts,
Farm budgets, Labour management,
Management of small projects,
Communication, Extension education,
The supporting activities for extension
education, The adoption and diffusion of
innovation, Development of agriculture
extension in Sri Lanka and agriculture
extension organizations, Use of media.

AEM4235 Agricultural marketing
Role of agriculture in economic
development: agriculture as a capital
source, traditional role of agriculture
supplying food, agriculture as foreign
exchange earner, food production verses
export promotion, role of agricultural in
national labour dynamics, agriculture and
domestic industries sustainable
development and agriculture, Principles
of marketing I, II, Definition of
agricultural marketing and marketing
systems in tropics, Fundamental
concepts: early definitions, modern
definitions, scarcity choice and scale of
preference, opportunity cost, forms of
economic systems, assumption in
economics, free goods and economics
goods, human wants, World food
marketing system, Various marketing
practices in developing countries,
Marketing agencies in the domestic
markets, Present and future trends in
marketing agencies in developing


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