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					                                        2003 Graduate Students's Theses at Petroleum and Petrochemical College
ID code.      4571XXXXXX = Petrochemical Technology | 4572XXXXXX = Polymer Science | 4573XXXXXX = Petroleum Technology
  ID code.             Name-Surname                                                                       Thesis Topics
 4573001063   Mr. Akekachai Nonpassopon         Modeling of Capillary Rise in Inclined Annular Geometry
 4573002063   Ms. Anusa Ruttanapol              Enhanced Biodegradation of Oil Sludge from the Petroleum Industry using Surfactants
 4573003063   Mr. Arkadej Pongsakdi             Refinery Operations Planning under Uncertainty
 4573004063   Mr. Jittapong Chansa              Removal of Sulfur Compounds form Transportation Fuels by Adsorption
 4573005063   Ms. Kraumas Supaphol              Recovery of Light Components from API Separator Sludge
 4573006063   Mr. Natthapong Senathipbordee     Hydrogen Production from Steam Reforming of Methane Using Ni-Supported KL Zeolite Catalysts
 4573007063   Mr. Nopphon Rongsayamanon         Energy Cost Minimization and Data Reconciliation
 4573008063   Mr. Peerapong Nierapark
 4573009063   Mr. Ratakorn Buaboocha            Design and Retrofit of Crude Fractionation Units
 4573010063   Mr. Saran Janjira                 Design of Process with Financial and Environmental Risk Management
 4573011063   Mr. Siriwat Taechawattanapanich   Study of Diphenylmercury Removal from Simulated Condensates
 4573012063   Ms. Somlak Ittisanronnachai       n-Octane Aromatization on Pt Catalysts Supported on Novel Zeolites: Effect of Crystal Size
 4573013063 Mr. Sudhibhumi Pumhiran             Paraffin Extraction by Adsorption Employing Divalent Metal Exchanged Zeolite A.
 4573014063 Mr. Tanarat Kanchanachinto          Toluene Disproportionation on ZSM-5 and FAU Zeolites
 4573015063 Mr. Tanawat Uttamaroop              Sensitivity Analysis and Development of Mathematical Model for Water Breakthrough Curves of A Multi-layer Adsorber
 4573016063 Mr. Thakul Wongkerd                 Keggin-Type Polyoxometalate-Pillared Clay Based Catalysts for Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nitric Oxide by Ammonia

 4573017063 Mr. Wison Sriririvilaikul           Evaluation Risk of Wax Deposition for Thai Crude Oil
 4571001063 Ms. Arunee Srisilp                  Zeolite-Polyimide Mixed Matrix Membranes for Olefin/Paraffin Separation
4571002063 Ms. Bungon Luepakdeesakoon         Effects of Sodium Chloride Salt Fatty Acid Salt and Nonionic Surfactant on Contact Angle of Saturated Calcium Dodecanoate
                                              Solution on Precipitated Calcium Dodecanoate Surface
4571003063 Ms. Chonlada Doungprasertsuk       Heat Exchanger Network Retrofit by Pinch Technology on the Reformer Area of Aromatics Plant

4571004063 Mr. Jaturong Jitputti              Transesterification of Palm Kernel Oil and Coconut Oil by Different Solid Catalysts
4571005063 Mr. Khomsak Chamnakyut             A Simulation of the Underground Storage of Natural Gas
4571006063 Ms. Kusawadee Sagulpagdee          Catalytic Esterification of Candida antarctica Lipase B and Thermomyces lanuginose Lipase Encapsulated in Sodium Bis (2-
                                              Ethylhexyl) Phosphate Reverse Micellar System
4571007063 Ms. Mayurachat Ounjitti            Design of Vinyl Chloride Production by Simultaneous Financial and Environmental Risk Management
4571008063 Ms. Mutsee Termtanun               Effect of Metal Loadings on NaAIH4 for Hydrogen Storage Application
4571009063 Mr. Natthakorn Kraikul             High-Throughput Primary Screenings of Methane Catalytic Combustion by a Multi-flow Reactor

4571010063 Ms. Nopparat Chuyingsakultip       Surfactant Recovery from Aqueous Phase using A Multi-Stage Foam Fractionation
4571011063 Mr. Panuwat Wareewanit             Separation of C8 Aromatics and Paraffins Using a Zeolite Mixed Matrix Membrane Pervaporator

4571012063 Ms. Parichat Korphol               Microemulsion Formation of Motor Oil with Mixed Surfactants at Low Salinity for Detergency

4571013063 Ms. Passaporn Kessadayurat         Influence of Surfactant Structure on Adsolubilization Behavior of Mixed Cationic-Nonionic Surfactant Admicelles

4571014063 Ms. Patcharee Charoensirithavorn   Precipitation Kinetics of Calcium-Phosphonate (ATMP)
4571015063 Ms. Pattarin Supsavaipol           Role of Surfactant Adsorption and Desorption in Surfactant-Enhanced Carbon Regeneration

4571017063 Mr. Phruettiphan Supalasate        Surfactant Adsorption on Plastic Surfaces and Its Relation to Wetting Phenomena
4571019063 Ms. Piyaphon Thakonpatthanakun      Partial Oxidation of Methane in a Multi-stage Gliding Are System
4571020063 Mr. Prapon Imsawatgul               Admicellar Polymerization in a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor: Effects of Nonionic Surfactant

4571022063 Ms. Siriporn Rojanakajorn           Adslubilization of Organic Solutes into Mixed Surfactants Adsorbed on Precipitated Silica

4571023063   Ms. Siriwan Sriwongjanya          Simultaneous Removal of Heavy Metal and Organic Contaminants by Adsorption Using Surfactant-Modified Zeolite (SMZ)
4571024063   Mr. Sitthichai Tangsatjatham      Photocatalytic Degradation of 4-Chlorophenol using a Multi-stage-reactor System
4571025063   Mr. Suchat Komesvarakul           The Effect of Solvent Type on Wax Precipitation
4571026063   Ms. Sunisa Watcharasing           Diesel Removal by Continuous Froth Flotation : Effects of UltraLow Interfacial Tension and Foam Characteristics
4571029063   Ms. Weetima Nimwattanakul         Hydrogen Production from Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane Using Ni/Clinoptilolite Catalysts
4571030063   Mr. Witan Kiatubolpaiboon         A Combined Multistage Plasma and Photocatalytic System for VOC Removal
4572001063   Ms. Acharaporn Thuimthad          Preparation and Characterization of Polypyrrole-Layered Silicate Nanocomposites
4572002063   Ms. Atchara Lahor                 Blends of Low-density Polyethylene with Nylon Compatibilized with Sodium-Neutralized Carboxylate Ionomers
4572003063   Mr. Boonchoy Soontornworajit      Polypyrrole/Molecular Sieve13X Composite as Gas Sensor: Effect of Cation Type and Cation Concentration

4572004063   Ms. Boonrudee Chusaksri           Catalytic Pyrolysis of Waste Tire into Valuable Upstream Petrochemical Products
4572005063   Ms. Janthima Supphanam            Catalytic Pyrolysis of Polyropylene Waste Films into Valuable Upstream Petrochemical Products
4572006063   Ms. Jaruwat Khamsuk               Development of Dental Rubber Dam for Dental Application
4572007063   Ms. Jittrawadee Sriupayo          Preparation and Characterization of Chitin Whisker Reinforced Nanocomposite Films
4572008063   Mr. Kittikhun Pakdeewanishsukho   Synthesis of Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) via the Sol-Gel Process of Titanium/Zirconium/Lead Glycolate and Lead Acetate
4572009063 Ms. Laddawan Lakanaporn             Preparation and Characterization of Chitosan, CM-chitin, and CM-chitosan Scaffolds by Using Freeze-drying Technique
4572010063 Ms. Lalisa Aurpangpun             Investigation of Drug Release Characteristics of Carboxymethyl-Chitin and Chitosan Film Using Modified Franz Diffusion Cell
4572011063 Ms. Metira Krissanasaeranee       TS- l Crystallization Synthesis Under Microwave Hydrothermal Conditions
4572012063 Ms. Nang Sam Hom                  Surface Modification and Characterization of Polystyrene Formed via Admicellar Polymerization on Precipitaed Silica: Water Soluble
                                             vs Insoluble Initiator and Application of RAFT Agent via AP
4572013063 Ms. Nathavee Pramlek              Comparison of Titanium Dioxide/Silicon Dioxide/Zirconium Dioxide Synthesized via the Soi-Gel Process to be Used as Lens
4572014063 Mr. Nattapol Apiwanthanakorn      Crytallization Kinetics of Poly(trimethylene terephthalate): Macroscopic and Microscopic Studies
4572015063 Mr. Noppakun Sanpo                Biomimetic Supra-structured Crustacean Shell via Chitosan-Clay Bionanocomposites
4572016063 Ms. Paninlada Charoenphol         Effects of Different Nucleating Agents on Crystallization and Melting Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Syndiotactic
4572019063 Mr. Puritud Tunpaiboonkul         Transient and Steady State Deformations of Dispersed-Phase Droplets of Immiscible Polymer Blends in Steady State Shear Flow

4572020063 Ms. Sureerat Sangwijit            Blends of Carboxylate Acid Polymer Based on High-Density Polyethylene with Nylon
4572021063   Ms. Sutara Sadthayanon          Synthesis of Order Mesoporous Molecular Sieve MCM-41 by Atrane Route
4572022063   Mr. Teeradech Jarusuwannapoom   Fundamentals of Electrospinning: Effect of Solvents
4572023063   Mr. Thammasit Vongsetskul       Novel Electrspun Silica Fibres from Silatrane
4572024063   Ms. Tidarat Wongpun             The Effect of Dopants on the Resistivity of Conductive Polymer-Coated Fabric
4572025063   Ms. Vijitra Srinarang           Admicellar Polymerization of Polystyrene on Natural Rubber Particles
4572026063   Ms. Wadcharawadee Noohom        Preparation of Alginate Fiber Containing Carboxymethylated Chitosan and Chitosan as Antibacterial Agents

4572027063 Mr. Wasapol Potisuwan             Reactive Blending of Nylon 12/NR with PS/NR/MA
4572028063 Ms. Wilasinee Sriprom   Application of Hydrophobic/Oleophobic Polymer Film to Fabric by Admicicellar Polymerization

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