mungo menu by reyrey


Food served daily from 12noon - 6:30pm

  All burgers are served on a floured bun with fries and salad garnish

 100% beef burger                                              £3.95

 Chicken burger                                                £3.95

 Vegetable quarter-pounder (v)                                 £3.95

 Italian burger                                                £4.50
 100% beef burger or veggie burger with tomato, mozzarella
 and garlic mayonnaise

 Mexican burger                                                £4.50
 100% beef burger or veggie burger with Cheddar cheese,
 salsa and sour cream

 Texan chicken burger                                          £4.50
 chicken burger with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce

 The Mungo’s MEGA burger                                       £4.95
 double 100% beef burger with cheese, bacon, onion rings
 and BBQ sauce

 The farmhouse burger                                          £4.95
 chicken burger with 2 slices of bacon, cheese, hash brown,
 onion rings, tomato and mayonnaise

                       Old Favourites
 Nachos el Mungo’s
 tortilla chips loaded with cheese, topped with salsa, sour
 cream and guacamole

 Cheesy fries
 fries topped with cheese and served with a choice of salsa,
 sour cream, guacamole or BBQ sauce

 Humous and pitta (v)
 served with a mixed leaf salad

 The full Monty
 bacon, sausage, beans, toast, hash brown and scrambled egg

 Bacon                     £0.50      Pitta bread              £0.50
 Cheese slice              £0.40      Sour cream               £0.50
 Tomato slice              £0.30      BBQ sauce                £0.40
 Fries                     £1.95      Salsa                    £0.50
 Onion rings               £1.60      Guacamole                £0.95
Chicken club salad                                             £4.25
sliced chicken breast with crispy bacon, tomato, cucumber,
peppers and red onion served on a bed of mixed leaves

Tuna, pesto and red onion salad                                £4.25
flaked tuna, classic green pesto, red onion, tomato and
cucumber served on a bed of mixed leaves

Goats cheese and roasted pepper salad                          £4.25
mature goats cheese, roasted peppers, red onion and
cucumber served on a bed of mixed leaves

Bean seed salad (v)                                            £4.25
a medley of chickpeas, kidney beans, borlotti beans,
cannellini beans and butter beans marinated in a light
vinaigrette, with red onion, served on a bed of mixed leaves
with cucumber, tomato and sunflower seeds

Freshly prepared sandwiches, made to order with a choice of deliciously
 thick sliced white or malted-wheat bloomer bread. Accompanied with
                        a Mungo’s mixed leaf salad

Chicken salad with tomato and lettuce                          £3.25

Goats cheese salad with peppers, tomato                        £3.75
and lettuce
Humous, red pepper and lettuce (v)                             £3.25

Tuna mayonnaise with cucumber and lettuce                      £3.25

Brie, bacon and lettuce                                        £3.75

Bacon, lettuce and tomato                                      £3.50

Coronation chicken                                             £3.50

Sausage and red onion                                          £3.50

                    Jacket Potatoes
     Fully loaded with a topping of your choice and accompanied
   with a Mungo’s mixed leaf salad. Add an extra topping for £0.75

Cheddar cheese                                                 £2.95

Chilli                                                         £3.25

Baked beans                                                    £2.95

Tuna mayonnaise                                                £3.25

Humous and roasted pepper                                      £3.25

Coronation chicken                                             £3.25
                       Sweet Treats
Banoffee waffle                                                £3.50
freshly baked waffle topped with toffee sauce, whipped
cream and banana

Truly fruity waffle                                            £3.75
freshly baked waffle topped with a selection of seasonal
fruit and coulis

Rocky road waffle                                              £3.75
freshly baked waffle topped with chocolate sauce, whipped
cream, mini marshmallows and chocolate buttons

The Mungo’s MEGA waffle                                        £4.75
two freshly baked waffles topped with whipped vanilla ice
cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate buttons, chocolate
and strawberry sauce and finished with sliced banana
Banana split                                                   £3.50
sliced banana served with whipped vanilla ice cream, whipped
cream and chocolate sauce

Mungo’s pick ‘n’ mix ice cream                                 £2.50
buy a bowl of whipped vanilla ice cream with a topping or
sauce of your choice, then go crazy and add as many toppings
as you like for 30p each
Ice cream cones                                                £1.40
whipped vanilla ice cream in a cone with sprinkles or sauce

Mungo’s milkshake                                              £2.50
choose from strawberry, chocolate, banana or vanilla

Mungo’s groovy smoothies                                       £2.75
Berry-go-Round: Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and orange juice

Pash ‘n’ Shoot: Passion fruit, pineapple, mango and orange juice

Melon Magic: Melon, strawberry, mango and apple juice

                         Hot drinks
                                                    Regular    Large
Café Americano                                         £1.00   £1.20
Cappuccino                                             £1.10   £1.30
Espresso                                               £1.00
Doppio                                                 £1.60
Café latte                                             £1.10   £1.30
Café mocha                                             £1.20   £1.40
Hot chocolate                                          £1.20
Hot chocolate with whipped cream                       £1.40
Breakfast tea                                          £1.00   £1.20
Earl Grey                                              £1.00   £1.20
Green tea                                              £1.00   £1.20
Peppermint tea                                         £1.00   £1.20
Roolbos and vanilla tea                                £1.00   £1.20
Vanilla chai                                           £1.00   £1.20

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