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					Oral presentations
Oral presentations should be prepared in MS Powerpoint or compatible software, and should
be adequate for a 10’ presentation plus 5’ discussion. All presentation files should be uploaded
to the secretariat computers one day in advance. Please contact the secretariat as soon as you
arrive to the conference venue to insure your presentation will be successful.

Poster presentations
The poster sessions will be held in the Bar of the Tivoli Hotel.
Poster boards measuring 90 cm wide  120 high will be provided. Pins will be available to
attach the posters. All posters boards will display the respective abstract number.
Please check the Book of Abstracts to see in which session (P1, P2 or P3) and which poster
number to match the respective poster board. Poster should be mounted by 9:00 on the day
of the session, and should be removed by 17:30.

Poster Session – P1 - Thursday, 27th November
        Topics: 1 - Population based studies and 2 - Radiation Protection

Poster Session – P2 - Friday, 28th November
        Topic: 3 - Biomolecular studies

Poster Session – P3 - Saturday, 29th November
        Topics: 4 - Computational Modeling and 5 -Non genetic effect

Participants are asked to be present next to their posters during the Poster session they are
assigned to.