Introduction to Clinical Research Summer Series by gregorio11


									                CRSP 401: “Introduction to Clinical Research” Summer Series

                                           SAMPLE TOPICS
               Overview of Clinical Research
               Introduction to Study Design; Sources of Biases
               Ethical Issues in Clinical Research
               Association and Cause-Effect Relationships
               Computer Workshop: Accessing Information
               Testing Tests I: The Language of Diagnostic Information
               Testing Tests II: Screening, and Measures for Non-Binary Tests
               Designing and Evaluating Studies of Diagnostic Tests
               Introduction to Randomized Control Trials (RCTs)
               Decision Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
               Analysis of Intervention Trials
               Case Control Studies
               The Cohort Study
               Planning Measurements I
               Planning Measurements II
               Health Outcomes Assessment: Measuring QOL and Functional Status
               Large Databases – What’s available and what are their strengths and
               Laboratory and Problem Set
               Integrating Information from Multiple Studies: Meta-analysis
               Designing Databases and Forms
               Special Populations
               IRB Panel: Case Studies
               Introduction to Biostatistics
               Comparing Groups T-Test, Chi-Square, ANOVA
               Measures of Association
               Sample Size and Power
               Survey and Sampling in Clinical Research
               Linear Regression and Correlation
               Multiple Regression Methods
               Survival Analysis
               Problem Set
               Quality Improvement
               Drug Development
               FDA Regulations
               Clinical Pharmacology
               Translational Research
               Computer Resources: Software for Statistical and Data Management
               Managing Research Budgets
               Career Opportunities in Clinical Research

ERM:clt:CRSP Course Syllabus 11/21/08

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