LaurDon Entertainment presents LOVE WON'T LET GO starring CARL THOMAS and Damon Williams

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Local Playwright Brings Inspirational Love Story to Stage with Stellar Cast

(Chicago, IL- February 24, 2010)- On March 13, 2010 Damien Hines tackles issues of love with
his theatrical piece "Love Won't Let Go" starring R&B sensation Carl Thomas and Comedian
Damon Williams.

Making its debut at Governor's State University's Center for Performing Arts, Love Won't Let
Go features a talented cast and is a story that speaks of love in its purest yet edgy form.

This isn't just another love story, but an urban love story that teaches the value and significance
of love and how relationships take advantage of it. Circulating its focus around three couples this
story will make you laugh, cry and smile while fully understanding why it is sometimes hard to
let love go. This theatrical piece gives audiences an eye opening to the true meaning of love and
when it is best to walk away from it.

Playwright Damian Hines assures attendees that this play will give a different insight on
relationships and that the audience will witness relationship issues from and male and female

“This play unlike most will tackle marital issues from a different point of view, for too long we
have portrayed the man as the root of every relationship problem. Now granted we need to take
ownership of our share of the problems but its high time we address how woman can complicate
relationship issues as well.”

Love Won't Let Go will teach love and express love in ways never explored. This is a premiere
that can be enjoyed by singles, couples, and groups of friends of any age bracket.

Laurdon Entertainment proudly presents the cast of the hit stage play Love Won’t Let Go:

The Cast

       Carl Thomas (R&B Singer, Top selling R&B artist)
       Fuzzy
       Melinda
       Andre
       Damon Williams (BET Comic View, Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam)

About Laurdon Entertainment:

The company was founded in 1996, but the partnership between the two business minds that
manifested to what we now know as LaurDon Entertainment dates back to 1993. It was the
partnership of two aspiring actors by the names of Vernard and Damian D. Hines that came
together while performing with an acting troop. For three years the troop performed at local
Chicago theaters but Vernard and Damian wanted more than just the scraps of the Entertainment
industry. They wanted to take their vision and dream to the nation. So in 1996 the two of them
left the troop to form their own business. Together they created the ultimate production company
that delivers results and quality. Over the past six years LaurDon has produced productions in the
Christian and Secular industry and worked with non- for- profit companies on joint ventures to
promote social economic growth in low-income communities. Currently LaurDon’s main work
has been by way of concert promotion and theatrical stage play productions in which LaurDon is
deeply rooted.

Tickets can be purchased at and all inquiries regarding media can be
through Ariel Rainey at or (773)488-5237.


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Description: LaurDon Entertainment presents LOVE WON'T LET GO, an uraban love story, starring Carl Thomas and Damon Williams!