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Wigan Safeguarding Children’s Board
          Business Plan
            2009 - 2011


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3         Independent Chair introduction

4         Who should read this Business Plan

5         National Drivers & Local Drivers

6         Accountability and Governance

7         Business Plan

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1. The Independent Chairs Introduction

I am very pleased to commend this Business Plan as the shared framework for guiding and
measuring the work of Wigan’s Safeguarding Children Board (WSCB).

This plan has been very carefully considered, in order to reflect the priorities which all
members of WSCB recognise as essential to maintain its crucial role of co-ordinating and
ensuring the effectiveness of everyone’s efforts to keep children and young people in the
Wigan Borough safe.

There has been significant activity over the last 12 months to consolidate the work of the
WSCB, including a review of its structure, a multi agency audit of safeguarding
arrangements and the appointments of an Independent Chair and a Business Development
Manager. This has added extra strength and stamina to the Board which has set out its six
core objectives in this plan. The successful achievement of these priorities will provide the
firm foundation on which to build additional activities, reflecting the wider safeguarding

The six key objectives are:
1. Developing a safe workforce
2. Reinforcing safeguarding policies, procedures and joint working protocols
3. Measuring the effectiveness of WSCB
4. Identifying critical cases and embedding lessons learned
5. Ensuring provision of safeguarding training
6. Hearing the views of children and young people

The WSCB website (www.wiganlscb.com) will provide up to date and helpful information
which will complement this plan and provide a commentary on its implementation through
the current activities of the Board.

Sue Woolmore
Independent Chair
Wigan Local Safeguarding Children Board (WSCB)

2. Who should read the WSCB Business Plan

This Business Plan will be the core tool by which WSCB will manage and account for its
work in co-ordinating what is done to safeguard children in Wigan and in ensuring the
effectiveness of this work. All Board Members, Executive Group members and Sub Group
members should have a detailed knowledge of the plan. Chief Executives of local agencies
with a duty to co-operate under S11 of the Children Act 2004 and agencies’ Strategic
Safeguarding Groups should also scrutinise the plan and ensure that single agency planning
takes into account, where applicable, the core objectives of this plan.

Operational Managers should familiarise themselves with the objectives of the plan to
ensure that their safeguarding teams and practitioners working directly with children, young
people and families are aware of the strategic arrangements in the plan, which aim to
scrutinise, support and where necessary challenge local arrangements to safeguard children
and promote their welfare.

This plan will be published on the WSCB website and will also therefore be available to
children and young people, their family and carers.

National Drivers

     Children Act 1989, HM Government

     Children Act 2004, HM Government

     The Third Joint Chief Inspectors Report, 2008 OFSTED)

     Working Together to Safeguard Children 2006 HM Government

     Stay Safe Action Plan, February 2008 HM Government

     Analysing Child Deaths and Serious Injury through abuse and neglect; what can we
     learn? Brandon et al 2008

     Improving Safeguarding Practice: Study of Serious Case Reviews 2001 –2008 Rose
     & Barnes 2008

     The Protection of Children in England: A progress report Lord Laming March 2009

     The Protection of Children in England: Action Plan The Government’s response to
     Lord Laming, May 2009

Local Drivers

      CYPP 3 of Wigan Children and Young Peoples Plan
      ‘Safeguard children and young people through improved prevention, early
      intervention and community engagement.’

      WSCB Action Plan Serious Case Review Child A (2008)
      WSCB Action Plan Serious Case Review Child B (2009)

      WSCB Section 11 Audit Analysis (Nov 2009)

       Accountability and Governance
       Wigan Safeguarding Children Board includes representatives all of the key partner agencies (see final page of Business Plan for detail)
       In light of the new Business Plan 2009-2011 Core Objectives the current Sub Group structure will be revised.

                                                                        WSCB Board
                                                                Chaired by Independent Chair

                                                                 WSCB Executive Group
                                                              Chaired by Service Manager
                                                         Safeguarding & Commissioning, CYPS
                                                         Constituted by Chairs of 10 Sub Groups

  Health      Educational          Secure              3b Sub         Best Practice     Communication            Lessons           Sexual        Missing from
 Settings     Settings Sub       Settings Sub          Group          & Audit Sub         & Raising              Learnt /        Exploitation    Home / Care
Sub Group        Group              Group                                Group          Awareness Sub             Critical       Sub Group        Sub Group
                                                                                            Group                Incident
  Chair          Chair             Chair              Chair             Chair               Chair                Group(s)           Chair           Chair
 Medical        Service         Safeguarding         Head of          YOT Service       WSCB Business            Chair (s)         Deputy            Spt.
Director,      Manager            Lead HM            Service,          Manager           Development                               Service       Partnership
ALW PCT        Education        Hindley YOI         Social Care         CYPS              Manager                                 Manager,         Working
                CYPS                                  CYPS                                                                      Safeguarding     Wigan Police
                                                                                                                                 Unit, CYPS

                                                                                                              E Safety Sub Group
                                                                                                               ICS Lead, CYPS

                                                   WSCB Business
                                                    Action Plan
                                                    2009 - 2011

There are 6 Core Objectives described in this Action Plan.

The Core Objectives are:

1. Developing a safe workforce
2. Reinforcing safeguarding policies, procedures and joint working protocols
3. Measuring the effectiveness of WSCB
4. Identifying critical cases and embedding lessons learned
5. Ensuring provision of safeguarding training
6. Hearing the views of children and young people

The Core Objectives form the foundations for the detailed descriptions of the 6 Development Workstreams
                                                           DEVELOPMENT WORKSTREAMS

                                                       1. DEVLEOPING A SAFE WORKFORCE

         Priority Objective              Key Actions                       Lead Person                   Key Outcome                Timescale &
1.1   Safer Recruitment        WSCB develop and ratify a WSCB       WSCB Business              Recruitment processes for posts       Feb 2010
                               Safer Recruitment Procedure          Development Manager        working directly with children,
      To promote and           which will be implemented by all     Learning and Development   young people and families follow
      support safe             agencies working directly with       Department                 WSCB Safer Recruitment
      recruitment practice     children, young people and                                      Procedure.
      across all agencies      families.                                                       At least one manager on each
                                                                    WSCB member agency         Recruitment Panel trained in Safer
                               Deliver Safer Recruitment Training   representative, in         Recruitment.                          Sept 2010
                               to managers of teams working         partnership with agency
                               directly with children, young        Peoples Service / Human    Clear measures taken by all           Jan 2011
                               people and their families.           Resource Lead              agencies to ensure that unsuitable
                                                                                               persons are not working with
                                                                                               children and young people.
                                                                                               Evidence to support achievement
                                                                                               of standards and principles
                                                                                               monitoring via process
1.2   LADO                     Ensure that all member agencies      WSCB member agency         Unsuitable persons are prevented      Nov 2009
                               identify a LADO lead.                representatives.           from working with children and
      Ensure that all WSCB                                                                     young people.
      agencies report          Explore function of LADO,                                       Unsuitable persons are prevented
      concerns re:             ensuring LADO maintains              Safeguarding Unit CYPS     from working with children and       March 2010
      practitioners’           strategic oversight.                                            young people.
      unsuitability to work                                         LADO                                                             Ongoing
      with children and        LADO makes regular report to                                    Unsuitable persons are prevented
      young people to the      WSCB.                                                           from working with children and
      LADO, to identify when                                                                   young people.
      cases need to be
      reported to ISA in
      order to prevent their
      future involvement
      with children and
      young people.

1.2   LADO (cont.)     Develop and deliver raising          LADO                  All children’s workforce is aware of   April 2011
                       awareness package to children’s                            the role of LADO, ISA and what is
                       workforce, including the voluntary                         considered as unsuitability of
                       sector re: role of LADO and ISA.                           working with children and young

1.3   CRB compliance   All agencies to review their CRB     All WSCB members      Agencies demonstrate a plan            June 2010
                       compliance and report current                              which includes plan to conduct
                       position to WSCB.                                          CRB checks retrospectively

                        All agencies to ensure compliance   All WSCB members
                       with Section 11 standard re: CRB
                       checks, prioritising roles working
                       directly with children and young
                       All WSCB members, Independent
                       Chair and Business manager to        WSCB Business         All WSCB members have CRB              Jan 2010
                       evidence they have a CRB which       Development Manager   which has been undertaken within
                       has been undertaken within the                             the last 3 years.
                       last 3 years.                        WSCB Business
                                                            Development Manager
                       Central Report maintained of CRB                           WSCB is able to evidence that all      Jan 2010
                       and review date for all WSCB                               WSCB members, Independent
                       members                                                    Chair and Business Manager have
                                                                                  a CRB which has been undertaken
                                                                                  within the last 3 years.

1.4   Induction             Agree a set of principles re:        Learning & Development   Consistency in Induction across all         Jan 2010
                            safeguarding to be integrated into   Department               agencies to ensure all practitioners
                            Induction as an element of the                                working directly with children and
                            Common Core for Children’s                                    young people are fully informed of
                            Workforce.                                                    their safeguarding responsibility.

1.5   Awareness of          a) Development and maintenance       WSCB Business            a) The work, priorities and values     Nov 2009
      safeguarding issues   of WSCB website                      Development Manager &    of the WSCB are transparent and
      and work of WSCB is                                        WSCB Administrator       accessible to the workforce and
      promoted within all   b) WSCB promotes revised Joint                                the public.                            Ongoing
      agencies              Working Protocols

                            c) Member agencies ensure their      All WSCB members         b and c) Future Section 11 audits      Ongoing
                            workforce works effectively with                              evidence that WSCB members
                            WSCB policies and procedures                                  have effectively disseminated and
                                                                                          ensured implementation of WSCB
                                                                                          policies and procedures.

                            d) WSCB provides annual seminar      WSCB Business            d) Seminar delegates will              By Summer 2010
                            for targeted groups of the           Development Manager      demonstrate enhanced                   annually thereafter
                            children’s workforce in order to                              safeguarding insight and practice
                            develop safeguarding practice                                 following seminar

                                                           DEVELOPMENT WORKSTREAMS


         Priority Objective                Key Actions                     Lead Person                     Key Outcome                   Timescale &

2.1   To scope and review           1. Scope existing WSCB           WSCB Business               All WSCB policies and procedures      Sept 2010
      whether WSCB Child               policies.                     Development Manager         are compliant with guidance /
      Protection Procedures         2. Look at developing new                                    legislation to safeguard and
      reflect current                  policies and guidance.                                    promoting the welfare of children
      legislative / guidance        3. Develop a system of                                       and young people.
      re: safeguarding and             continual review and
      promoting the welfare            updates.
      of children and young
      people, including those
      with identified
      Develop policies and       Prioritise action plan to address
2.2   procedures to address      gaps in protocols and policies                                  Joint working protocols have been     Sept 2010
      safeguarding needs of      Develop and ratify: -                                           agreed by all WSCB agencies and
      identified vulnerable      E Safety WSCB StrategyDomestic                                  implemented, to ensure all children
      children and young         Violence WSCB Joint Working                                     and young people with specific
      people                     Protocol                            E Safety Sub Group Chair    vulnerability issues are
                                                                                                 safeguarded and their welfare is
                                 Fabricated illness by proxy WSCB    Violent Crime Delivery      promoted
                                 Joint Working Protocol              Group, Building Stronger
                                 Homeless young people aged 16+      Communities Partnership
                                 WSCB Joint Working Protocol
                                                                     Health Settings Sub Group
                                 Licensing & Safeguarding WSCB       Chair
                                 Joint Working Protocol
                                                                     Social Care and Housing
                                 Missed appointments (DNA policy)    Leads
                                 WSCB Joint Working Protocol
                                 Sexual exploitation                 PBG – Spt. Lomas

                                                                     Health Settings Sub Group
                                                                     Health Settings Sub Group
                               Safeguarding children and young      Identified WSCB lead
                               people who have a disability /
                               complex need / learning difficulty
                               WSCB Joint Working Protocol

                               Trafficked children WSCB Joint       Identified WSCB lead
                               Working Protocol

                               Review the need for a WSCB           Identified WSCB lead
                               Escalation Policy

                               Review and update WSCB               WSCB Business
                               Information Sharing Protocol         Development Manager

2.3   Monitoring               Audit Process developed to           WSCB Business          Quality Assurance mechanism to      April 2011
      effectiveness of         identify strengths and challenges    Development Manager    safeguard and promote children
      implementation of all    regarding implementation of joint                           and young people
      Joint Working            working protocols.

2.4   Process agreed for       1. Establish a framework for         WSCB Business          All WSCB statutory member           April 2011
      ratifying safeguarding   ratification                         Development Manager    agencies have a Safeguarding
      policies of statutory    2.Develop guidance for a                                    Policy which is compliant with
      agencies.                framework for developing                                    WSCB Policy and procedures
                               consistent protocols

                                                                                                                               June 2010
                               A copy of all statutory member       WSCB Business          WSCB is able to evidence that all
                               agencies ratified Safeguarding       Development Manager    statutory member agencies have a
                               Policies to be kept by WSCB                                 Safeguarding Policy which is
                                                                                           compliant with WSCB policies and

2.5   Ensure effective         Develop memoranda of                WSCB Members             Shared learning and effective child   March 2010
      communication            communication                                                safeguarding practice across child
      between WSCB and                                                                      and adult services.
      other partner
      arrangements for adult
      services i.e., MAPPPA,
      MARAC, Adult
      Safeguarding Board,
      DV Forum

2.6   Develop effective        The WSCB will provide an annual
      relationship between     report to the Children’s Trust      WSCB Independent Chair   Both challenge and collaboration      April 2010
      Wigan’s Children’s       Board, acknowledging progress in                             between WSCB and Children’s
      Trust and WSCB,          safeguarding children and young                              Trust is evidenced with regard to
      ensuring the WSCB        people, whilst also acknowledging                            safeguarding children and young
      holds the Children’s     any deficits.                                                people.
      Trust Board to account
      in relation to
      safeguarding children
      and young people

                                                         DEVELOPMENT WORKSTREAMS

                                                 3. MEASURING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF WSCB

        Priority Objective              Key Actions                       Lead Person                       Key Outcome                  Timescale &

                              Develop WSCB Dataset and
                              evidence based reporting and
3.1   Measure effectiveness   scrutinising mechanisms.             WSCB Business                  WSCB Dataset findings inform         Ongoing
      of safeguarding                                              Development Manager            future development and identifies
      systems                 Embed new national Safeguarding                                     good practice.
                              Performance Indicators in WSCB                                                                           Dec 2009
                              dataset when published.              WSCB Business                  WSCB can evidence scrutiny of all
                                                                   Development Manager            agencies performance with regard
                              Ensure reporting of dataset,                                        to safeguarding practice.
                              populated by relevant agencies, to                                                                       Ongoing from Feb
                              WSCB.                                All identified agency leads    WSCB can evidence scrutiny of all    2010
                                                                   within dataset, co-ordinated   agencies performance with regard
                                                                   by WSCB Business               to safeguarding practice.
                              Best Practice & Audit Sub group to   Development Manager
                              undertake audit of case files on a                                                                       Ongoing
                              multi agency basis using the         Best Practice & Audit Sub      Lessons learnt and effective
                              WSCB quality case file audit tool.   Group Chair                    practice examples shared and
                                                                                                  implemented to develop more
                                                                                                  effective safeguarding practice on
                                                                                                  a multi agency basis.

3.2   Ensure any SCR           Agencies to provide reports to     WSCB member agencies       Evidence is provided to scrutiny    Ongoing as per
      action/plans/progress    progress to Board Executive        as per SCR Action Plan     and governance of member            individual SCR
      delivered and reported                                                                 agencies and Local Authority that
      to WSCB                                                                                lessons learnt from SCR have
                                                                                             been acted upon.

3.3   Monitor and develop      Annual appraisal of
      performance of WSCB      a) WSCB Independent Chair          a)Director of Children’s   Performance of officers and         March 2010
      officers and members                                        Services                   members is effective and further
                               b) Business Manager                b)Business Development
                                                                  Manager’s line manager
                               WSCB agrees expectations of its
                               members’ roles and contributions
                               at all levels of the WSCB

                                                           DEVELOPMENT WORKSTREAMS


        Priority Objective                Key Actions                    Lead Person                    Key Outcome                  Timescale &

4.1   Clarify thresholds for   Agree multi agency thresholds for   WSCB Independent Chair     Cases meeting the threshold for a    Jan 2010
      critical incidents and   referral into agreed process for    and Business Development   Serious Case Review are identified
      clear process for        consideration of critical cases.    Manger                     in appropriate timescale.
      WSCB to consider
      critical cases or        Agree model for operations and      WSCB discussion            Clarity of how near miss / Sudden    Jan 2010
      incidents which may      membership of Critical Incident /                              Untoward Incidents, regarding
      require a Serious Case   Lessons Learned Sub Group.                                     safeguarding of children and
      Review or alternative                                                                   young people, are responded to
      management/review                                                                       appropriately.
      response, to ensure
      agencies are working     Define new Terms of reference       Sub Group Chair
      together effectively     and Action Plan for the Sub                                    A Lessons learnt are                 Jan 2010
      and any lessons are      Group.                                                         communicated to WSCB and are
      being learnt and                                                                        fed into multi agency / individual
      implemented.                                                                            agency practice developments.

                                                                                              WSCB learns lessons from cases
                                                                                              outside of the Borough i.e.
                                                                                              regionally and nationally.

         Priority Objective               Key Actions                    Lead Person                  Key Outcome                  Timescale &

4.2   Improve the              Implement ‘SCR Process              WSCB Business            Future SCR processes more           March 2010
      effectiveness and        Improvement Action Plan’            Development Manager      efficiently conducted and
      efficiency of future     (separate plan) already developed                            effectively evidence lessons
      Serious Case Review      by WSCB Business Development                                 learned, to inform future multi
      processes.               Manager.                                                     agency interventions to safeguard
                                                                                            and promote the welfare of
                                                                                            children and young people.

4.3   All child deaths are     Child Death Overview Panel          CDOP Chair               Practice is improved by learning    Annual written
      monitored, trends are    reports to WSCB on an annual                                 lessons                             report & 6 monthly
      identified and           basis, with a 6 monthly update.                                                                  update
      prevention planning is
      enhanced to prevent                                          WSCB Independent Chair                                       CDOP resource
      untimely deaths

                                                             DEVELOPMENT WORKSTREAMS

                                             5. ENSURING THE PROVISION OF SAFEGUARDING TRAINING

         Priority Objective                  Key Actions                     Lead Person                     Key Outcome                      Timescale &

5.1   Ensure those working        Implement WSCB Training              Learning & Development     All appropriate staff are trained in a   As identified in
      directly with children,     Strategy.                            Department via SLA with    level according to their role and        WSCB Training
      young people and their                                           WSCB - overseen by         function working with children,          Strategy per
      families / carers can                                            WSCB Business              young people and their families /        individual training
      identify and                Ensure provision of safeguarding     Development Manager        carers, to be able to prevent and        objective & related
      appropriately respond       training is congruent with Wigan’s                              appropriately respond to                 action.
      to safeguarding issues,     Workforce Strategy                                              safeguarding concerns.
      whilst also being aware
      of specific vulnerability
      issues, in order to         Review function and operations of    Training Sub Group Chair   All WSCB agencies can evidence           Employing agency
      prevent incidents of        Training Sub Group to ensure that                               that the training needs of the staff     Workforce
      significant harm being      a mechanism is in place for each                                re: safeguarding have been met to        Development Lead
      experienced by              agency to communicate the                                       ensure children and young people         time & time of
      children and young          outcome of its training needs                                   are safeguarded.                         Training Sub Group
      people.                     analysis for their children’s                                                                            Chair
                                  workforce, in order to inform the
                                  design and provision of
                                  safeguarding training.

5.2   Accurate evidence to        Learning and Development             Learning & Development     Audit trail of attendance at WSCB        Jan 2010
      WSCB of provision of        Department to ensure                 Department via SLA with    training is available to WSCB
      safeguarding training       maintenance of database which        WSCB - overseen by         member agencies
      and its uptake by the       can provide an audit trail of who    WSCB Business
      children’s workforce.       has attended training from which     Development Manager
                                  agency and date attended.

                                  Member Agency to ensure own          Member agency Workforce                                                            18
                                  training database is maintained.     Development Lead
5.3   Ensure that training is    Chair of relevant Sub Group which     Chair of relevant Sub   All Joint Working Protocols are   Jan 2010
      identified and delivered   develops a new WSCB Joint             Group                   effectively implemented to
      to ensure effective        Working Protocol to identify                                  safeguard children and young
      implementation of          related training need(s) / audience                           people
      WSCB agreed Joint          and communicate this to Chair of
      Working Protocols.         Training Sub Group.

                                                             DEVELOPMENT WORKSTREAMS

                                             6. HEARING THE VIEWS OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE

         Priority Objective                 Key Actions                       Lead Person                   Key Outcome                  Timescale &

6.1   Ensure that the views      Develop links to existing              WSCB Business             The work of WSCB and member         WSCB Business
      of children and young      consultation and participation         Development Manager       agencies is informed by the voice   Manager time and
      people contribute to       structures within agencies, to                                   of children and young people.       purchasing of
      the work of WSCB.          ensure the views of vulnerable                                   The work of WSCB and member         appropriate
                                 and marginalised children and                                    agencies is informed by the voice   resources / venues
                                 young people are also sought.          WSCB Business             of children and young people.       / refreshments.
                                 Ensure regular reports detailing       Development Manager
                                 the views of these children and                                                                      On a ¼ basis
                                 young people are reported to

6.2   Ensure that children       All WSCB member agencies to            WSCB member Agency        All children and young people’s     Feb 2010
      and young people have      ensure that their respective           Lead                      complaints are listened to and
      access to an               Complaints Process is fully                                      appropriately acted upon
      appropriate                accessible and actively promoted
      Complaints Process         to children and young people.

6.3   Ensure that all children   Ascertain impact of the PHSE&C         Communication Sub Group   Children and young people can       Sept 2010
      and young people in        strategy within schools to ensure      Chair                     identify when they are suffering
      Wigan Borough are          that children and young people are                               significant harm and feel able to
      aware of their right to    aware of their right to be safe from                             seek help and support.
      be safe from abuse and     abuse and neglect

WSCB Budget 2010 - 2011

Projected spend

                      Staffing                                   Cost (inc 20% on costs)

WSCB Independent Chair                                18,000
WSCB Business Development Manager                     52,692
LSCB Admin                                            24,237
Projected staffing costs total                        94,929
              Other expected costs                                         Cost

Serious Case Reviews & dissemination                  25,000
Externally commissioned training                      42,500 (TBC dependent on training strategy)
Learning and development – Training Co-ordination     45,000 (TBC dependent on training strategy)
Induction & Training Budget - WSCB members            5,000
WSCB Development Day                                  2,000
Mobile telephone Business Manager                     250
Communication and awareness raising                   10,000
Stationery & postage                                  2,000
Venues and refreshments                               2,500
Conference(s)                                         5,000
Independent Chair Expenses - travel costs             1,000
Training Room hire                                    1,000
Annual WSCB seminar                                   5,000

Other projected costs total                           146,250

Total Projected Spend                                 241,179

WSCB Member Agencies financial contribution
(previous contributions, ongoing discussion re: agency contributions for 2010-11)

                     Agency                                    Contribution

Ashton , Leigh and Wigan PCT                         12,000
Ashton , Leigh and Wigan PCT – training              30,000
GM Police                                            20,000
HM Hindley YOI                                       10,000
CAFCASS                                              550
Greater Manchester Probation Service                 1,094
5 Boroughs Partnership                               3,060
Wigan and Leigh Housing                              2,000
Wigan CYPS                                           58,868

Total agency contribution                            137,572

Membership of WSCB

Sue Woolmore                Independent Chair
Nick Hudson                 Executive Director, CYPS
Susan Loudon                Lead Elected Member for Children
Anne Goldsmith              Service Director, Transformation, CYPS
Sue Elliott                 Head of Service, Strategy and Commissioning, CYPS
Marlyn Banham               Head of Social Care, Children
Robert Lomas                Superintendent for Partnership Working, Greater Manchester
Jeremy Pidd                 Detective Inspector for Public Protection Investigation Unit
                            (PPIU), Greater Manchester Police
Kate Fallon                 Managing Director, AWL Community Healthcare Provider
Dr David Valentine          Medical Director, AWL Commissioning PCT
Alison Burt                 Mentor to Designated Nurse, ALW PCT (due to leave Dec
Joanne Hiley                Acting Designated Nurse, ALW PCT
Gill Harris                 Director of Nursing & Patient Services/DIPC (Director of
                            Infection Prevention & Control), WWL Acute Trust
Dr Abbas                    Designated Dr, WWL Acute Trust
Helen Sumner                Associate Director of Operations, 5 Boroughs Partnership
Ann-Marie Arnold            Head of Safeguarding, HM Hindley YOI
Elspeth Brighton            Service Director Wigan and Leigh Housing
Louise Sutton               Service Director Personalisation and Community Services,
                            Adult Services, Wigan Council
Kay Bardgett                Executive Director (Corporate Support) Wigan Leisure and
                            Culture Trust
Carole Lewis                Service Manager, CAFCASS
Angie Butler                Assistant Chief Executive, Greater Manchester Probation Trust
Helen McKenzie              Representative Head Teacher for High Schools
Jill Hyde                   Representative Head Teacher for Primary and Junior Schools
Joanna Robinson             Borough Solicitor, Wigan Council

WSCB Officers

Kara Haskayne               WSCB Business Development Officer

Currently being appointed   WSCB Administrator


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