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									Action Note                                                                             NHS Tayside
Directorate of Public Health


Action note from above meeting held at 1000 hours on Wednesday, 16 August 2006, within the
Seminar Room, Conference Centre, Kings Cross, Clepington Road, Dundee.

Audrey Anderson                   Elspeth Henry                      Mary Quinn
Paul Ballard                      Wilma Johnston                     Andrew Radley
Carol Barnett                     Ann Lewis                          Julie Redman
Maureen Cameron                   Liz McDonald                       Linda Rodger
Jane Christie                     Alistair McGillivray               Jackie Ross
Gillian Coutts                    Dorothy McHugh                     Lynne Shand
Dee Craven                        Kath Meikle                        Sue Smart
Kerry Dalgetty                    Martyn Merrett                     Felicity Snowsill
Janet Dalzell                     Jayne Nairn                        Sylvia Somerville
Alison Duncan                     Veronica Patullo                   Dita Stanis-Traken
Julia Egan                        Wendy Peacock                      Drew Walker
Kim Fraser                        Ann Pearson                        Priscilla Webster (part 1)
Deborah Gray                      Elaine Precious                    Margaret Winton
Elvi Guild

Karen Adam                         Phyllis Easton                     Heather McGregor
Isobel Bignall                     Ali Farquharson                    Chris McGuigan
Pat Cairney                        Eileen Gourlay                     Sylvia Mudie
Julie Cavanagh                     Simon Hilton                       Richard McIntosh
Mary Colvin                        Margaret Kenicer                   Theresa Reid
Joyce Cruickshank                  Kirsty Licence                     Judy Robertson
Edwina Crummy                      Lesley Marley                      Allison Stewart
Pat Davidson                       Liz Magee                          Linda Taylor
Rosemary Davidson                  Zelda Mathewson                    Joyce Thompson
Aileen Deas                        Nancy McFarlane                    Alison Urquhart
Rosie De Cecco                                                        Doreen Wilkie

1. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS                                                                        ACTION

Paul opened the meeting by welcoming Carol Barnett, Senior Midwife, who is to replace
Audrey McIntrye Miller to the department and also Ann Pearson and her team (see item 4).
Paul mentioned that he would do a short 10 minute presentation at the end of the meeting.


The note of the last meeting held on 17 May 2006 was accepted as correct.

Directorate Integration – it was mentioned that changing the LDAP department details regarding
Health Promotion to Public Health was causing problems with inclusion in the Health Promotion
email address list – this matter was being addressed. Staff were advised to keep their details in
the LDAP system as Health Promotion meantime.

Elvi Guild                                                                                          1
Action Note                                                                                   NHS Tayside

3.   MATTERS ARISING                                                                                 ACTION

Priorities/Workplans 2006/07
Documents detailing the above are now available on the Directorate Intranet website. Paul             DC/EH
requested that Dee/Elspeth check that any old documents had been removed.


Ann Pearson, Head of Social Inclusion introduced the team:- Phyllis Easton, Health Intelligence
Manager, Ali Farquharson, Policy & Development Advisor and her secretary Edwina Crummy,
Deborah Gray, Project Manager, BLF/Pilot Studies in Unmet Need and her admin assistant
Dorothy McHugh, Linda Taylor, Voluntary Services & Social Inclusion Officer and Doreen
Wilkie, admin assistant. The Social Inclusion team is responsible for leading the work on
tackling health inequalities and the wider work on promoting social inclusion, this includes
developing the Inequalities Strategy and co-ordinating initiatives, developing health intelligence
to inform and support decision-making, promoting equality and diversity and eliminating
discrimination on grounds of race, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender and faith,
improving partnership working with the voluntary sector, advocacy, carers, promoting
innovation and inclusion through the Big Lottery Fund, developing and implementing the inter-
agency Sexual Health and Relationships Strategy and Action Plan.

Ann is happy to discuss any of the above and would also be happy to do a presentation at one of
the future Directorate meetings.

Further details on the team and its remit are available in the next Directorate newsletter.

5.    BUDGET

This item was discussed at length at the last meeting and there was not much to add. Anyone
wishing a copy of the Budget Plan can email Sue Smart or Wendy Peacock. The budget still
shows a shortfall and Wendy encouraged staff to continue to make savings by using recycled
paper, to try to car share to save on the travel budget, keep any training to in-house if possible
etc. A savings plan for next year to be structured.

6.    WORKING RELATIONSHIP                  BETWEEN         DIRECTORATE           AND     SINGLE

Wendy had attended a meeting with Gerry Marr regarding the above where relationship/function
of the Board had been discussed. The Single Delivery Unit had been operational for 100 days.
Service Level Agreement to be developed.


Members of staff involved in the alignment of staff to the CHPs had already received an email
informing them of the process. Discussions would take place with relevant staff and their Line
Mangers over the next few months. It is hoped that the closer alignment of staff to localities
would help “develop a more local face”. The three General Managers of the CHPs were very

It was questioned whether this would affect job descriptions and it was agreed that if necessary a
greater locality focus would require to be reflected.

Elvi Guild                                                                                            2
Action Note                                                                             NHS Tayside

Wendy stated that the programme for next year’s Directorate Newsletter, which is printed every
2 months, is being looked at and encouraged staff to let her know if they have any pieces of
work that should be highlighted in the newsletter – up to 700 words for the front, the back page
containing more newsy, snippets of information.

The Chief Executive Report, which is produced by the Communications Team (Clodagh
Doherty is the contact person for the Directorate), is also looking for information from staff.

Staff were also encouraged to send any relevant information for inclusion on the Intranet
website to either Dee or Elspeth.

Wendy reported a very positive feedback from the stakeholders re the website and the


Wendy spoke on behalf of Lesley who was unable to attend the meeting. More leadership
development was required within personal learning plans. Catriona Ness is to do a whole day
in-house training session on leadership development on 18th September – Murray Petrie to attend
as a speaker. An email requesting staff to put their names forward would be circulated. The
session would be evaluated and if successful would be run again.


Following the decision to hold meetings every 2 months, the dates for the remainder of the year
will be:

17th October 2006
12th December 2006


Paul gave a presentation on the drinks for health initiative being run at PRI – Rosemary
Davidson, Joyce Thompson and Liz McGee being heavily involved in the initiative.

The reasons behind the initiative had been based on the diet action plan for Scotland, importance
of workplace (NHS) healthy drinks and eating, oral health issues and overall nutrition remit.

The 3 month pilot, which was commissioned by the Health Improvement Committee, took place
between 1st November 2005 and 31st January 2006. It targeted 3 areas within PRI – WRVS café
and shop, vending machines and the staff dining room. All sugar drinks were removed from
sale for both public and staff and the extent to which this affected sales was then monitored.
The Food Standards Agency toolkit was used for the stock of drinks allowed – still and
sparkling water, unsweetened fruit drinks and diet carbonated drinks (the latter making up only
10% of the drinks stocked). There was substantial media coverage, displays, fliers, posters etc
plus education, awareness raising and a questionnaire survey was carried out at the launch (83%
of those filling out the questionnaire were supportive). At the end of the 3 month pilot another
survey was carried out using different people which showed that 58% were aware of the project
and its benefits. Only £150 in profits was lost in total over this period. Paul confirmed that the
project was successful and was to continue at PRI. A feasibility study would be carried out for
doing a similar project at Ninewells.

Elvi Guild                                                                                           3

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