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					The National Alliance for an Active England
Andrée Deane, Chief Executive, FIA
Member, Interim Steering Group
the health and fitness sector…

• Over 5,700 facilities across the nation
  •   Within 20 minutes of about 90% of the population

• Over 40,000 trained exercise professionals

• A broad church of delivery channels ... consumer
  •   National chains & local sole traders
  •   Public leisure centres & private clubs
  •   Facilities based & community service providers

• Already engaged as Government activity delivery
our message is…

• 1.5 billion sq. ft space, 7.8 million hours available, 40,000
  exercise professionals, 5,700 facilities, 90% population
  within 2 miles….

• The health and fitness industry, public and private sector,
  local authority and trusts,…
           • We are a resource to deliver your targets

 • But… what about the 100,000’s of thousands of
       people, groups etc in physical activity?
  • What about people that prefer commuting to
       school/work and exercising outdoors?
the alliance… sport england review
the dh
the alliance principles
The establishment (with the support of the Department of Health (DH) and
Government) of a new cross sector, membership body with the express purpose
of increasing levels of physical activity in the population, to enhance health

Broad coalition of sector organisations representing all aspects of physical
activity and relevant ‘equity’ groups.

Role of the Organisation
A very focussed organisation, formed out of the physical activity community

Focused on fun, sociable and accessible activities

Taking a “cradle to grave” approach that is audience led and caters for all

“Broad Church” open to all stakeholders
  who’s in it?
                                        CCPR             Business In Sport and Leisure
Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership
                                             Amateur Swimming Association

 Fitness Industry Association           Living Streets
                                                            Ramblers Association
                      CTC: The Cyclists Touring Club
     British Canoe Union
                                                         Natural England
    Institute for Outdoor Learning       Sustrans

  British Cycling
                                     Girl Guiding UK
                                     Woodland Trust                Rural Health
       Forestry Commission
 Walk England                    Commission for Architecture and the Built
                                                           …any many more
the core role
                     Central Government (DH and OGDs)

• inform and advise central government’s physical activity plans & policies,
based on best available evidence

• identify and pursue new creative and innovative solutions for increasing
physical activity in all settings

• develop a spending plan to deliver an agreed physical activity strategy

• commission programmes from the agreed physical activity strategy, within
national funding streams

• provide a single point of expert delivery advice so that practice better informs
policy and policy has a greater influence on local action

• aid the focus of physical activity research, monitoring and evaluation.
the core role

                          Regional and Local Delivery

  • provide a ‘blue print’ for physical activity development at local level

  • through existing networks, provide local organisations with support in the
  implementation of this ‘blue print’, reflecting local community needs

  • provide capacity development (commissioners and providers) to ensure
  that local agencies have the skills to commission and the providers to
  supply quality physical activity services

  • provide a platform for the evaluation and monitoring of the performance
  of physical activity initiatives.
the core role


• provide leadership in the development of physical activity for and on behalf
                               of the members

• provide a single voice, representing the sector, to ensure the importance of
   physical activity is reflected in policy development and the allocation of
                          resources across government

  • ensure that physical activity is sufficiently reflected in workings of non-
        governmental organisations which influence activity levels.
size of role
                                UK Sport

                                                Sport England


             0   4      8         12       16   24    35        50       65   age

                     Existing provision                    Alliance target
the alliance focus
       high                            Most active
                                       quintile               Sport England                  DCMS

                                                              Sport England
        levels of physical activity

                                                               Active Alliance


                                                               Active Alliance

                                      Least active quintile
                                                               Active Alliance

                                                                   percentage increase in activity targeted    high
the alliance next steps
   Work up a detailed proposal for submission, via a process of consultation, that can be submitted
   to government encompassing the following areas:

                          •    what specific quantifiable objectives will the organisation deliver
                          •    how will these objectives be measured

        •   what form will the organisation take, its legal status?
        •   how to enshrine within its structures the necessary neutrality?
        •   potential role of government?
        •   ways to ensure the organisation stays lean and fit for purpose

   Programme development
        •  an outline 3-year, costed operating plan
        •  a detailed work-plan for 08/09 & 09/10
        •  anticipated return-on-investment (ROI)

        •   how we will work with and through existing networks
        •   how we will influence scale and application of local spending plans.
What makes this more current?
– change for life
The National Alliance for an Active England
Andrée Deane, Chief Executive, FIA
Member, Interim Steering Group