Title I Parent Involvement Plan by mvm76083


  Parenting That
                                                                                 Title I
 Learning At Home
                               We want to ensure parents have every
                                 opportunity to participate in school
                                                                           Parent Involvement
    And School!                activities. Childcare, transportation, or
                                other necessary accommodations may
                                      be available upon request.
                                                                                “Year At A Glance”
1. Make school important.
2. Speak positively about
   your child’s teachers.

3. Make sure your child goes   For a copy of the entire School
   to school on time every     Improvement Plan contact Mr.
   day.                        Harvey at 301-334-3334. We
4. Answer notes and
                               welcome any questions or
   telephone calls from your   comments. A reference to our
   child’s teacher.            plan can be found through the
                               Garrett County Board of
5. Encourage reading and       Education website at
   writing.                    ga.k12.md.us: click Yough
6. Keep books, magazines,
                               Glades.                                     This plan was jointly developed with
                                                                           parents and staff and distributed to all
   and newspapers in your
                                                                           of our families.

7. Take your child to the                                                  Yough Glades Elementary
   library.                                                                        70 Wolf Acres Drive
8. Read with your child.                                                           Oakland, MD 21550
9. Discuss what your child

10. Have your child write
    notes to family members.
              GOAL                              Family Programs                        How Can I Be
Yough Glades Elementary School
recognizes the importance of forming a     1. Learning Links-focus on
strong partnership with parents and            reading and math activities   1. Attend Back to School Night.
community members in order to                  Spring 2010                   2. Attend school programs and
positively impact the students in our      2. Back-to-School Night              pep assemblies.
school.                                        August 2009                   3. Read the “Gator Happenings,”
                                           3. Parent/Teacher Conferences        Newsletters, and our school sign.
                                               (1st and 2nd Grading Terms)   4. Join the Parent Teacher
       Decision Making                     4. Family Math Night                 Group. (P.T.G)
                                               November 2009                 5. Get to know your child’s
In April 2010, parents will meet to        5. Judy Center Sponsored             teachers by attending
review the school’s parent school              Programs-Zoo Babies,             conference nights.
compact(s), parent involvement plan,           Community Helpers,            6. Be a school volunteer.
and parent involvement budget to make          Multicultural, Music          7. Request information in your native
any necessary revisions for the 2010-          Enrichment                       language.
2011 school year. A draft of these         6. Summer Camps for Pre-K
documents will be shared with all              through First Grade
parents in October for additional input.       August 2010                             Did You Know?
                                           7. Character Education Pep
                                           8. Book Fair-November 2009 and        The Maryland Parental
       Collaborating with                      February 2010                      Resources Information Center
          Community                        9. Classroom Guest Readers             (PIRC) is designed to assist
                                               Monthly                            parents and educators as they
1. Judy Center Transition Meetings         10. Video snapshot of effective        address issues related to family
2. Head Start Classroom at Yough               ways to help with homework.        involvement and closing the
   Glades                                                                         achievement gap. For more
3. Grade 4 Explorers Club                                                         information and resources, visit
4. Flu Mist & H1N1 Vaccines through                                               their website www.mdpirc.org
   the Health Department                                                          or call their toll-free bilingual
5. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Program                                              hotline, 1-877-MDPARENTS.
6. Mental Health & Dove Center
   Counseling                                                                    A parental resource section is
7. Garrett Mentors                                                                  available in our library.
8. Nutrition Activity with                                                          Materials may be signed out as
   Extension Office                                                                 needed.
9. Morning exercise with the Health

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