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									Project Proposal
Project Information

    Project:      Project Communication
 Project Time-
                  14/01/2010 to 1/06/2010
                  Function of this software the project manager communicate by his
  Summary:        employee and his project assistant, and project manager assigns task
                  and see the progress of projects through this software.
                  Project Proposal Target audience and benefits
                  Project plan, Resource needs and Glossary

Background and Motivation

What is the setting and history behind this project?
      Project management is very core area behind any project where the project task,
      activities and schedule play important role to become your project successful.
      Clear and accurate definition of a project is one of the most important actions you
      can take to ensure the project's success. If there is no communication barrier then
      your project will successfully implemented.

What is the problem to be addressed?
      There is no any project communication software available where project manager
      communicate their employees or his project assistant with respect to their task and
      activities. In my communication software project manager see others task
      progress and assign new task through this software. Project manager not need
      work on manual all work done by this software.

What are some current approaches to this problem?
      Microsoft project is available but communication is not available here, this is only
      document type software. Others communication just like MSN, yahoo and gtalk
      etc they all are have communication ability but they are only chatting software we
      cant assign task and activities to others and cant see progress of task and

Why is this problem worth solving or worth solving better?

       Better project communication software would be valuable because it could greatly
       increase project manager and his staff satisfaction and allow them to spend less
        time to assign task and activities. The benefit to us could come in the form of
        revenue from advertising and from this software product.

How will this product be better than previous approaches?
     We add innovative new features.
     Our system will have new functionality, but it will have much better
     maintainability, scalability, and security.
     Our system will have new functionality, but it is specifically aimed at a market
     segment that is not served by competing products.
     This is very unique product, it will be very demanding product for project aspect.


What is the goal of this project?
      This project will produce web based application for project managers that allow
      quickly assigning task, changing scheduling and activities.

What are the defining features and benefits of this product?

              Reusable website with functionality for creating, editing, deleting,
               searching, categorizing, browsing, rating, and commenting on projects.
               This automates all project operations and ensures that PM staff will
               always find information that is automatically up-to-date.
              Beautiful and easily customizable control panel.
              The website engine will be secure and only allow users with the proper
               permissions to edit, delete, or start new project.


We want to focus on the web application itself, and the features of that application that
help build a good project management community.

       Work with common servers and browsers that we are already familiar with.
       Allow easy customizations of fonts and colors, with the same basic page layout.
       Enough security to greatly discourage abuse

           In Scope                                     Out of Scope
Building a web application for
use with standard web servers     Building a new web server or application server
and application servers
Working the most popular
                                  Working with uncommon or outdated browsers
browsers (IE6, NN7/Mozilla)
Security in the form of user      Special security against hackers. Finding or patching
accounts, passwords, and          security holes in existing software components.
One simple sample look-and-
                                    Our own high-quality look-and-feel. A library of look-
feel and instructions for
                                    and-feel options.
Database and server load and
data volume that can be             Managing a cluster of servers.
handled by one computer.
Keeping track of which users        Tracking all user activity on the site and producing
are in which clans                  custom reports
                                    Automatically selecting ads that fit the visitor's interests.
Displaying advertisements to
                                    On-line management of advertising or real-time
visitors. Billing advertisers for
                                    reporting to advertisers. Participating in existing banner
                                    advertising affiliate networks.


       Project communication website
       Customization guide
       Sample look-and-feel
       Help document and tutorial
       Command-line advertising configuration tool and report generator
       Wap supported

Risks and Rewards

            1. Project management is very difficult think and its need very hard to
               convert all manual work on computer, and we have very short duration to
               complete it
            2. We didn’t make any huge project just like it that why we need more time
               to develop this product.
            3. There are significant technical difficulties in building a web site and web
               application. This will be a risk because one person on our team has much
               experience with the relevant tools and technologies. Although the others
               will learn, we will certainly make some mistakes and suboptimal choices.
               We will address this risk by scoping the project such that we have enough
               time to train and to review the design and implementation.
            4. The schedule for this project is very short. We will manage this by
               planning a conservatively scoped functional core and series of functional
               enhancements that can be individually slipped to later releases if needed.

What are the main rewards if this project succeeds?
      Every project is very important, and every project need project manager that why
      we are making project communication software for any kind of project.
Target Audience

What market segment is this product in?
     Any project related work.
     Open source development tools for SQL database design.

What is the target market for this product? Include specific defining characteristics.

What is the size of the total available market? Cite references for facts.
      356,000 client [magazine article].
      $10M, growing annually at 4% [industry analyst].

Are there any known customers for this product?

              Our own in-house application software developers and server operations
              Our own marketing, sales, and customer support departments

Benefits to Customers

      Reduces current costs
           o Reduced staffing costs
           o Reduced training costs
           o Reduced maintenance costs
           o Reduced infrastructure costs
           o Makes current processes more efficient
           o Avoids penalty clauses of current contracts
      Opens new business opportunities
           o Opens new sales opportunities
           o Improves sales success rate or size
           o Opens partnership opportunities
           o Triggers bonus clauses current contracts
      Satisfies stakeholders
           o Satisfies shareholders
           o Satisfies partners
           o Satisfies management or executives
           o Satisfies government regulation or corporate policy
           o Improves morale
      Helps take advantage of changing marketplace
           o Reduced inventory or need for advance planning
           o Speeds time-to-market
           o Optimizes supply chain
           o Reduces fixed costs

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