ESCOLA EB 2,3 JOSÉ DOS ANJOS Annual plan School by mvm76083


									                                             ESCOLA EB 2,3 JOSÉ DOS ANJOS

                                                             Annual plan

 School Year- 09/10                                                                                 Teacher- Rosalina Almeida

 Book- New Getting on                                                                               English level IV- 8th grade

     Contents            Functions                  Grammar            Strategies/activities         Evaluation            Timing

Unit 1
                                                                                               - Diagnostic evaluation

Free Time and     Talking about free                                 - question/ answer           Entry test           1st TERM
Entertainment     time; describing habits;  -Present Simple
                   describing actions       -Present Continuous       - matching exercises     - Direct observation of
                   happening at the time of                                                    interest in classroom
                  speaking                                            -labeling pictures       assignments

                  Talking about hobbies      -Compound nouns    -pair work                    - Formative tests
                                              -Omission of nouns
                                              after genitive     -roleplay                     - Worksheet

                  Describing past actions    -Past Simple            -gap filling
                                                                                               - Evaluation tests
                     Expressing likes and     -Reflexive pronouns       -completing sentences
                      Dislikes                 -Subject and object
                                                personal pronouns        - Research assignments   -Homework
                                               -Plural form of nouns                              assignments
                                                                         -word formation
                                                                                                  -Participation in
                                                                                                   classroom activities

                                                                         -True/False exercises
Unit 2
                                                                         - gap filling
Sports and Friends
                     Giving opinions          -Position of adjectives   - listening and
                                               -Adjective +               Comprehension
                                                preposition              exercises
                     Expressing preferences;
                     describing actions which -Past Continuous and
                     were in progress at a Past Simple             -writing a paragraph
                     particular moment in the
                     past                                          - reading

                     Talking   about    future The Future: will and
                     actions                    going to
                                                                         -describing pictures

                     Giving advice            -Adverbs of manner

                                                                      -finding evidences
                                                                                              2nd TERM
Unit 3                                                                -pair work

Food and Health                                                       -class discussion
                  Expressing preferences;
                  describing; comparing                               -translation of small

                  giving opinion;            -modal verbs: can,
                  expressing likes and        could, may, might, -commenting
                   dislikes; ordering         should, must

                  Expressing opinion;        -Who, Which, That
                   talking about healthy food -The Imperative
                  and fast food

                  Suggesting; giving         -Preposition; Present
                   Opinion; agreeing/         Perfect Tense
                   Disagreeing; reflecting on
                  health problems
Unit 4

Fashion     Expressing emotions

            Describing; giving         -Reported Speech
             opinion; expressing
             Preferences; commenting

            Expressing preferences;    -Wh questions
             giving opinion; agreeing   -Reporting questions
             and disagreeing

            Asking for and giving
            personal information;    -Verbs followed by
             expressing preferences;  Prepositions
             giving opinion

Unit 5
                                                                3rd TERM
The Media
            Describing; giving
             opinion; commenting

            Expressing preferences     -Many, much, a lot of
                                        -How- questions
                 Giving opinion:           -Present Perfect
                  expressing preferences     Continuous

                 Expressing preferences; -Gerund; To- infinitive;
                 giving opinion; agreeing Infinitive without To
                 and disagreeing

                 Identifying different     -The Passive
                  types of newspapers;
                  describing processes

Unit 6

Across Borders   Talking about traditions, -Prepositions of
                 costumes and festivals      movement

                 Talking about a future -First   and          second
                 possible action         Conditional

                 Talking about something
                 unreal or imaginary

                 Describing places         -Definite, indefinite and
                                            zero article
                 Expressing preferences
Describing locations       -Connectors: reason,
                             purpose and result
Talking about facilities

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