Bethany Baptist Church 2009 Diaconate Family Ministry Plan by mvm76083


									                         Bethany Baptist Church 2009
                        Diaconate Family Ministry Plan
Pastor Phil M. Turner and The Diaconate Board of Bethany Baptist Church are committed to
making certain that every member of Bethany and their families experience the love and
support that flows from Jesus Christ. In staying with our commitment, The Diaconate Family
Ministry Plan was developed as an avenue to promote spiritual growth and bring our
members closer as a church family. We strive to be a loving and spiritual church home for
our members and an asset to the community. To fulfill our commitment, every member in
Bethany is provided with a Diaconate Team.

Please feel free to contact your assigned Diaconate Team Member’s for assistance,
guidance, counseling and/or connect you with a suitable resource. We on The Diaconate
Team’s endeavor to assist our members in growing closer as a church family just as Christ

 Please find your Diaconate Team, according to the first letter of your last name
         (Ex. “Williams” Diaconate Team would be Deacon Larry Kellam and Deacon Donell Bacon)

  Last Name beginning with…                           Diaconate Team Members

  A, B                                                Mae Phillips                445-1903
                                                      Ezekial Thomas              469-6246

  C, D                                                Gerald Williams             445-9422
                                                      MAXINE MCDONALD             478-0102

  E, F, G                                             Michelle Arrington          682-1684
                                                      Raymond Coker               472-8237

  H, I, J                                             Roy Neal                    475-4209
                                                      Julieth Ledgly-White        446-3536

  K, L, M                                             Keith Alford                682-0347
                                                      Grace Thomas                469-5287

  N, R                                                James & Joeann Myles        445-9837

  S, T                                                Alphonzie Gunn              446-8457
                                                      Kathy Hodge – Davis         214-4541

  U, V, W, X, Y, Z                                    Larry Kellam                449-9550
                                                      Donell Bacon                469-0779

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