Board of Trustees – Meeting Agenda by lyd19847


									                                                                           Michael Davis, Trustee
                                                                          Albert Duebber, Trustee
                                                                       Jerome Luebbers, Trustee
                                                                     Kenneth Ryan, Fiscal Officer
                                                                 Gerard Schroeder, Administrator

                              Board of Trustees – Meeting Agenda
                                        March 10, 2010

I     Open the meeting
II    Motions for Consideration
      1) MOTION 2010-029. Approve the minutes of the meetings of February 10th and February 24th and dispense
         with the readings.
      2) MOTION 2010-030. Approve bills for payment.
      3) MOTION 2010-031. Approve payment of overtime
III   Trustees’ correspondence
IV    Outstanding Issues
      1) Recycling bins
V     Presentations
      1) Western Wildlife Corridor – Tim Sisson
VI    Reports from Departments
VII   Reading of the Resolutions
      1) RESOLUTION 2010-016. Resolution approving purchase order obligations incurred on behalf of the
         Township by the Township Administrator, authorizing payment of certain purchase order obligations and
         dispensing with the second reading
VIII Citizen   comments
IX    Report from the Fiscal Officer
X     Announcement of Community Events
      1) Western Wildlife Corridor
         A) Habitat Restoration and Sign dedication
            (i) Saturday, April 3rd
            (ii) 10:00 a.m. – noon
            (iii) Shady Lane Preserve
            (iv) Contact Tim Sisson at 513-922-2104 or for details
         B) 4 Annual Wildflower Festival
            (i) Friday, April 9th
            (ii) 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
            (iii) Delhi Senior Center
            (iv) Contact Rebecca at 859-746-8671 or for details
      2) Oak Hills High School Student Council
         A) Sponsoring “The 50th Anniversary Walk”.
         B) Thursday, April 1st
         C) The purpose of the event is to:
            (i) give students the opportunity to participate in an altruistic activity that benefits our
            (ii) celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Oak Hills High School,
            (iii)raise money for the “Relay for Life”, and
            (iv) give back to the senior community for “growing up with us” during the past 50 years.
         D) They have a very ambitious goal of raising $50,000
         E) No matter what is raised, fifty percent of the net proceeds will benefit “Relay for Life”.
         F) Delhi Township and Green Township Seniors will both receive twenty –five percent.
         G) For additional information contact Janet MacWilliams, 467-7138, or
XI    Executive Session
XII   Adjourn meeting

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