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Curriculum Guide 21st Century


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									                            21st Century Instructional Guide for Career Technical Education

                                                  Culinary Nutrition and the Menu
                                                      Human Services Cluster
                                                 Hospitality Education and Training

Title:             Culinary Nutrition and the Menu WEVIS Code 1959
Standard Number    Nutritional Value of Nutrients, Minerals, Flavorings, Seasonings
HS.S.CNM.1         Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills relative to nutrition basics and guidelines for meal planning.
                   What is the value of using nutrition guidelines to society?
Objective Number   Objective                                                   Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor
HS.O.CNM.1.1       Create a table of the six categories of nutrients and the   Have students define nutrition.         Have students use the
                   characteristics of each.                                    computer to develop a chart with the titles: Essential Nutrients,
                                                                               Characteristics, Sources and Functions.
                                                                               Have students list essential nutrients. (carbohydrates, lipids
                                                                               (fats), proteins, vitamins, water, and minerals)
                                                                               Have students research the basic characteristics of each
                                                                               Have students research sources for the nutrients.
HS.O.CNM.1.2       report on the functions of trace minerals.                  Have students define trace minerals.
                                                                               Have students research trace minerals to determine their
HS.O.CNM.1.3       create a chart of additives and the foods in which they     Have students make a chart that lists additives, foods, possible
                   are used.                                                   side effects, and their purposes.
HS.O.CNM.1.4       report on the purpose of the Dietary Guidelines for         Discuss with students the importance of eating a variety of
                   Americans, nutrition labels and the Food Guide              foods to get the nutrients they need.
                   Pyramid.                                                    Give students a blank pyramid to complete.
                                                                               Have them label the food groups and list foods that would go
                                                                               under each category along with serving size.
                                                                               Have students compile a list of what they ate during the last 24
                                                                               Then have them match what they have eaten with the food
                                                                               Have them analyze their eating patterns relative to the food
HS.O.CNM.1.6       compare how age, activity level, lifestyle and health       Discuss the different life cycles.             (baby, childhood,
                   influence dietary needs.                                    adolescence, young adult, middle adult, late adult, pregnancy)
                                                                               Have students create a chart that lists major physical changes
                                                                               that occur during each stage.
HS.O.CNM.1.7       discuss how nutrients in food are affected by time and      Discuss time/temperature abuse and moisture levels relative to
                   water.                                                     foods and nutrients.
HS.O.CNM.1.8       plan the process of preparing, cooking and storing food    Have students group into small groups and choose foods from
                   to retain nutrients.                                       one part of the food pyramid.
                                                                              Have each group analyze the food flow for the types of food in
                                                                              that section of the pyramid.
                                                                              Report their findings to the rest of the class.
HS.O.CNM.1.9       create a poster on ways to reduce the amount of fat,       Have students research ways to control fat, cholesterol and
                   cholesterol and sodium in recipes.                         sodium in a diet and create a poster with the information.
HS.O.CNM.1.10      make a chart of flavorings and seasonings with their       Give students a list of flavorings, spices and seasonings.
                   characteristics as they pertain to healthy cooking.        Have them find the characteristics relative to each and what
                                                                              foods with which they would be used.
Standard Number    Balanced Meal Planning and Special Meal Planning
HS.S.CNM.2         Students will:
                        demonstrate knowledge and skills when planning balanced and special meals.
                        demonstrate knowledge and skills when incorporating nutritional concepts in menu planning.
                   How does meal planning affect society’s health?
Objective Number   Objective                                                  Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor
HS.O.CNM.2.1       compare traditional menu selections with nutritional       Get several takeout menus from different restaurants.
                   menu selections.                                           Have students pick out the nutritional offerings on the menus.
HS.O.CNM.2.2       perform a nutritional analysis on items from traditional   Get several takeout menus from different restaurants.
                   and nutritional menu selections.                           Group students together into 3-4 person groups and give each
                                                                              group a different menu.
                                                                              Have student groups analyze the menus relative to nutrients,
                                                                              food pyramid and health.
                                                                              Report their findings to the rest of the class.
HS.O.CNM.2.3       report on the importance of a nutritionally balanced       Have student research nutritional meal planning on the internet.
                   menu when meal planning.                                   Have student include in a report five reasons nutritionally
                                                                              balanced meals should be made.
HS.O.CNM.2.4       demonstrate how color, texture, flavor, shape, size and    Discuss with students that appealing meals are not only
                   temperature affect plate appeal of nutritional food        prepared with skill but also art.
                   products.                                                  Discuss that eating a variety of foods is nutritious.
                                                                              Have students do the WHAT IF… activity.
                                                                              If you were preparing a baked chicken dinner, what would you
                                                                              add to the meal to create a nutritional and appealing meal?
                                                                              Have students compare their dinners with other members of the
HS.O.CNM.2.5       discuss why low-fat diet choices should be offered on a    Have students research fat to find out what health risks are
                   menu.                                                      relevant when a diet has too much fat.
                                                                              Discuss their findings in a class discussion.
HS.O.CNM.2.6       plan a dinner menu with low-fat diet choices.              Have students research low fat foods.
                                                                              Have a plan a dinner meal that would be low-fat.
HS.O.CNM.2.7       discuss why diabetic diet choices should be included in    Have students define diabetes, insulin.
                   the menu planning process.                                 Have students research on the internet two types of diabetes
                                                                              and the characteristics of each.
HS.O.CNM.2.8       plan a menu for a person with diabetes or other diet-      Have students list what foods would be good for a person with
                   related disease or medical conditions.                     both types of diabetes, cholesterol, digestive disorders,
                                                                              chewing difficulties, and what foods to stay away from.
                                                                              Have students divide into groups of four and choose a diet-
                                                                              related medical condition to research and plan a menu for those
HS.O.CNM.2.9       discuss the role of nutritional menu item descriptions     Discuss medical conditions relative to nutrition. Discuss how
                   and labels.                                                nutritional information would be helpful to persons suffering
                                                                              from a medical condition. Give students a sample nutritional
                                                                              label from a food. Have students analyze the label for
                                                                              someone with high cholesterol.
HS.O.CNM.2.10      report on the most common foods and additives known        Discuss food allergens. Have students research food allergens
                   to cause allergic reactions.                               and possible reactions to these allergens. Have students
                                                                              develop a plan to inform about major allergens in a public
HS.O.CNM.2.11      report on considerations used when planning and            Have students define lacto-ovo-vegetarians (dairy food and
                   preparing a vegetarian menu.                               eggs), lacto vegetarians (dairy foods), ovo-vegetarians (eggs)
                                                                              and vegans (only food from plants). Have students create a
                                                                              food pyramid for vegetarians. (for meat, poultry, fish, dry beans,
                                                                              and eggs, use nonmeat protein sources)
HS.O.CNM.2.12      plan items on a menu for a vegetarian.                     Have students plan a one-day menu for breakfast, lunch, and
                                                                              dinner for a vegetarian.
HS.O.CNM.2.13      plan a nutritionally balanced meal.                        Have students complete “Project MEAL PLAN.” Have students
                                                                              plan a nutritionally balanced meal of their choice. Have
                                                                              students choose recipes, drinks, garnishes, colors, textures,
                                                                              variety, and tastes to plan this meal. Have students create
                                                                              nutritional labels of vitamins, minerals,
Standard Number    Career Preparation
HS.S.CNM.3         Students will demonstrate skill and knowledge in preparation for employment in the culinary field.
                   How is career preparation of value to the foodservice community?
Objective Number   Objective                                                  Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor
HS.O.CNM.3.1       chart job opportunities and relevant employment factors    Have students team up into two groups to create a list of all the
                   when choosing to work in the culinary and nutrition        jobs they can think of in the hospitality field. Have students
                   industry.                                                  compile the list to make a class list. Have each student choose
                                                                              one of the careers to research and present information to class
                                                                              (preferably in PowerPoint format). As students present their
                                                                              information to the class on job opportunities, have students fill
                                                                              in a chart for themselves with relevant career data.
HS.O.CNM.3.2        report on the reasons for self-marketing and personal       Have students discuss competition. Have them list their
                    promotion.                                                  strengths and then analyze why these strengths would enable
                                                                                them to get a job. Have students then list their weaknesses
                                                                                and develop a plan to overcome the weaknesses.
HS.O.CNM.3.3        role play the stages of seeking employment.                 Have students research interviewing etiquette on the internet.
                                                                                Have students research questions that they might be asked on
                                                                                an interview. Have students choose 5 of these questions to put
                                                                                into a class question bag. Have students pair up. Students will
                                                                                draw from the question bag. Students will then role play
                                                                                interviewing. One person will be the interviewer and one will be
                                                                                the interviewee. Then they will switch roles.
HS.O.CNM.3.4        complete a self-assessment of strengths, weaknesses,        Use one of the free websites to have students take online skills
                    skills, and knowledge.                                      surveys, personality surveys. One example would be
                                                                       which has free assessments for skills.
                                                                                Have students use the Occupational Handbook (which can be
                                                                                found on to research a career that
                                                                                matches his/her profile. This website has a wealth of job
                                                                                seeking information.
HS.O.CNM.3.5        prepare a portfolio and include samples of your work        Have students prepare a resume, letter of application,
                    and research.                                               employment application, follow-up letter, and financial work
HS.O.CNM.3.6        research entrepreneurship opportunities in the culinary     research entrepreneurship opportunities in the culinary field.
21 Century Skills             Learning Skills & Technology Tools                          Teaching Strategies           Evidence of Success
                                                                                          Culminating Activity
                    21C.O.9-12.1.LS1.     Student      recognizes      information   Project-based learning           Projects
Information and                           needed for problem solving, can            Use of technology tools          Reports
Communication                             efficiently    browse,   search     and    Use of internet                  Diagrams
Skills                                    navigate online to access relevant         Use of computer and software     Charts
                                          information, evaluates information         Problem solving                  Research
                                          based on credibility, social, economic,
                                          political and/or ethical issues, and
                                          presents      findings   clearly    and
                                          persuasively using a range of
                                          technology tools and media.
                    21C.O.9-12.2.LS3      Student engages in a problem solving       Use of team work                 Visual      and       oral
Thinking and                              process by formulating questions and       Use of case studies              presentations
Reasoning Skills                          applying complex strategies in order       Use of role play
                                          to independently solve problems.
                    21C.O.9-12.3.LS4      Student demonstrates ethical               Use of team work                 Visual observation
Personal, and                             behavior and works responsibly and         Case studies
Workplace, Skills                         collaboratively with others in the         Catering to staff, school, or
                                          context of the school and the larger       community

                                       community, and he/she demonstrates
                                       civic responsibility through
                                       engagement in public discourse and
                                       participation in service learning.
                             Learning Skills & Technology Tools                      Teaching Strategies    Evidence of Success
                                                                                     Culminating Activity
                   A.08                 Determine feasibility of ideas.         Discussions                 Finished product
Entrepreneurship                                                                Planning Strategies
Skills                                                                          Menu Development
                                                                   Culminating Assessment:
                   Chapter reviews.
                   Unit reviews.
                   End of Course Reviews
                   Project based assignment.
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