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									   Jamaican Cafe
  For eat-in, drive-thru or carryout!
 Call in your order– (319) 277.0730

   Monday–Friday: 6am to 10pm
     Saturday: 8am to 10pm
      Sunday: 8am to 10pm

Cottonwood Canyon Jamaican Cafe
       1806 Waterloo Road
       Cedar Falls, IA 50613

                          Served after 5:00 p.m. nightly. It’s hot, it’s spicy and it’s sure to please!

Caribbean Shrimp or                                 $9.95             Caribbean Wings                                      $7.95
Chicken Kebobs                                                        Oh so good! 10 tender and juicy chicken wings spiced to
Enjoy spiced flavors from the island, marinating large                 your taste of jerk or BBQ. Just let us know if you would
shrimp or chicken, bacon-wrapped banana and pineapple                 like it hot or mild. Served with carrots and celery.
grilled to a taste that takes your imagination to a blue
island beach.                                                         Stuffed Port                                         $7.95
                                                                      Grilled portabella mushroom cap stuffed with mozzarella
Nachos with a Twist                                 $7.95             and Gorgonzola cheese on a bed of spring mix.
Toasted corn chips piled high with deli roast beef and
melted cheese, topped with romaine greens, onions,                    Roasted Roma                                         $7.95
tomatoes, green peppers and black olives, complimented                This is a vegetarian delight! Seasoned Roma tomatoes
with sour cream and salsa.                                            topped with melted mozzarella and Gorgonzola and
                                                                      finishes with steamed callaloo and parmesan dip
Black Bean and Cheese Dip                           $7.95             served on homestyle 8-grain bread.
This is a perfect combination of southern-style
black beans simmered in 3 cheeses and a host of herbs                 Jamaican Patties                                     $2.25
and spices, served with our corn chips.                               This is truly a Jamaican delight, and a way to bring my
(Awesome with plantains, add $1.00)                                   childhood joy to your table. Your choice of chicken, beef
                                                                      or vegetable.

                       Expect only the best at Cottonwood Canyon. Our salads are made only with the
                      freshest ingredients and served with fresh baked bread. Served after 10:30 a.m.

Jerk Chicken Salad                                  $7.95             Soup & Salad Combo                                   $6.95
Mixed greens with peppers, tomatoes, onions and sprouts               Design your own salad, load it with your choice of
topped with spiced jerk chicken in a light dressing.                  vegetable and a bowl of freshly homemade soup.

Canyon Club Salad                                   $6.95             Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese                        $7.50
Romaine lettuce salad topped with beef, turkey,                       Fresh greens lightly tossed in our house dressing and
ham, onions, black olives, peppers, and tomatoes.                     topped with tomatoes, onions, peppers and grilled
                                                                      beets with goat cheese sprinkled on top for a complete
Caesar Salad                                        $6.95             exotic taste.
Mixed greens tossed in homestyle Caesar dressing
and topped with onion, peppers, tomatoes and                          Fisherman’s Quarters                                 $7.95
parmesan cheese                                                       This is a delightful twist to your salad. Mixed greens
                                                                      loaded with fresh vegetables, shrimp and crab meat,
Canyon Salad                                        $6.95             tossed in a light Caribbean mango-raspberry sauce.
Mixed greens smothered with peppers, onions,
tomatoes, strawberries and almonds in our house                       Salmon Caesar Salad                                  $7.95
dressing. Add $1.99 for meat or extra fruit.                          Grilled salmon and walnuts tossed over romaine
                                                                      lettuce, fresh vegetables and Caesar dressing.
Jamaican Lovejoy                                    $7.95
Mixed greens loaded with vegetables, raspberries
and mango topped with our lovejoy dressing.

                                                                                             Items marked with Jamaican flag will be spicy

                      Rich Jamaican Traditions
                               Experience the bold taste of the island! Served after 10:30 a.m.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken                            $10.95            Curry Shrimp                                       $15.95
It is said that during the British occupation of                   Come to the beach! Jumbo-sized shrimp loaded
Jamaica, a group of African slaves known as the                    with tender vegetables and simmered in coconut
Maroons were responsible for the this unique                       milk and Indian curry.
dish. They would dig pits in the ground and layer
pimento bush in with hot coals and meat, covering                  Mango Chicken                                      $11.95
it with dirt to restrict the smoke, so as not to be                The Island is blessed with fruits and vegetables
detected by the British. At the end a day’s hunt or                all year. On any given day, you can indulge in a
battle, the Maroons would return only to find that                  mango larger and sweeter than any grocery store
their meat would be stocked with coals– their only                 fruit, dripping with juice from the Caribbean sun.
alternative would be to jerk the meat vigorously to                To capture a bit of Island sunshine, I offer you this
clear off the coals. We are unable to recreate this                stewed chicken breast loaded with vegetables and
practice, however– our unique herbs and spices                     sweet mango topped off with roasted cashews.
allow us to capture the essence of the past. So
take a bite into the past with our chicken quarter                 Plantation Pork                                    $11.95
marinated with authentic Jamaican herbs and                        A Cottonwood Canyon original, bringing Iowan
spices, served with red beans, rice and a spring                   culture and Jamaican flavor together. A thick
green salad. Now everything’s irie.                                Iowa pork chop marinated in rum, molasses and
                                                                   fruit juice with chunks of pineapple spiced to your
Curry Chicken                                    $10.95            preference– mild, medium, or ‘give me the kick, mon’.
The Indians are known for their curry. During their stay
on the island as indentured servants, they passed on               Ox Tail Stew                                       $10.95
some of their customs to the natives who adopted some              Stewed ox tail, loaded with carrots, potatoes
of these customs as their own. Blending Indian curry and           and butter beans.
jerk spices, we season chicken with peppers, onions and
tomatoes while simmered in coconut milk to bring out the
                                                                   Comfort Stew                                       $10.95
                                                                   Country-style stewed beef, served with rice
Caribbean flavor in every bite.
                                                                   and mixed greens.

                                                                                           Items marked with Jamaican flag will be spicy
                                                 Dinner (cont.)

                                   Welcome Additions
                Served after 10:30 a.m. All meals will be served with red beans and rice and our house salad.

Lamb Chops with Sweet Potatoes                    $16.95           Maple Glazed Salmon in Mustard                      $18.95
Southern-style lamb chops with sweet potato                        If you love the taste of salmon, you will find this
chutney. This is a charming combination of southern                totally pleasurable. We used 8 oz. salmon seasoned
comfort with juicy cranberry, apricot and ginger topped            with herbs and spices and glazed with maple syrup
with a hint of brown sugar. Expect your taste buds to              then grilled to perfection. We then garnish with
come alive.                                                        chunks of plantains and honey mustard.

Jalapeno Mushroom Steak                           $18.95           Pinot Noir Chicken and Pasta                        $10.95
A steak lover’s delight, but with a twist. A 12 oz.                The French also left their influence on Jamaican
butcher’s block top sirloin marinated in rosemary                  cuisine. This delicious oven-baked chicken is
butter sauce and smothered in wild New England                     simmered in fine French wine with carrots,
mushrooms and jalapenos.                                           mushrooms and pearl onions. Served over rotini pasta.

Curried Goat                                      $11.95           Shrimp Italiano and Pasta                           $10.95
A Jamaican specialty to excite the taste buds,                     Jumbo shrimp, onions, peppers and black olives
served with spiced rice, fried plantains and greens.               tossed in light olive oil and served over rotini pasta.

                                                                   Ginger-Crusted Scallops                             $10.95
                                                                   Scallops and banana marinated in ginger and
                                                                   wrapped in bacon, grilled to perfection.
             Beginning at 10:30, we serve up our lunch items for you to enjoy in-house, or take with you on-the-go!

                          All sandwiches are served with our spring mix blend and raspberry dressing.

Canyon Classic                                        $5.95         Grilled Chicken                                      $6.50
Your choice of bread, one meat (beef, turkey,                       Classic chicken sandwich on your choice of bread
ham) provolone or cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce,                    with mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions and sprouts.
tomatoes, and onion.
                                                                    Canyon Cheese Steak                                  $6.95
Canyon Club                                         $6.25           Hot roast beef topped with sauteed mushrooms,
Your choice of bread loaded with beef, turkey and                   onions and peppers, smothered with melted cheese.
ham, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, peppers and spouts.
                                                                    Grilled Portabella                                   $6.95
Chicken or Tuna Salad Sandwich                      $5.95           A Vegetarian delight! Grilled portabella, roasted
Your choice of tuna or chicken salad on choice of                   peppers and onions topped with Gorgonzola and
bread and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions,                    mozzarella cheeses, lettuce, and sprouts all on
and sprouts.                                                        honey-wheat bread.

Chicken Melt                                        $6.95           Gyros                                                $6.25
Grilled Teriyaki chicken breast topped with sauteed                 Thinly sliced gyro meat sauteed with tomatoes,
onions, peppers, mushrooms and melted provolone                     onions, and roasted peppers on a bed of lettuce
cheese.                                                             in a soft flour tortilla wrap.

                             All wraps are served with our spring mix blend and raspberry dressing.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap                          $6.95           Smothered Pork Wrap                                  $6.95
Hot and spicy jerk chicken, lettuce, tomatoes,                      Spicy pork smothered in melted cheese and topped
green peppers and ranch dressing, wrapped in a                      with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and peppers, in a tortilla.
flour tortilla.
                                                                    Chicken Caesar Wrap                                  $6.95
Curry Chicken Wrap                                  $6.95           Grilled chicken breast tossed in mixed greens and
Spicy hot curry chicken, with lettuce, onions and                   homestyle Caesar dressing and topped with onion,
tomatoes, tightly wrapped in a tortilla shell.                      peppers, tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

Turkey Club Wrap                                    $6.50           Vegetarian Wrap                                      $6.00
Deli-style turkey breast and canadian bacon topped                  Vegetarian delight, loaded with fresh mixed greens,
with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and ranch dressing in                black olives, tomatoes, onions, peppers and sprouts
a tortilla.                                                         with a sweet mango and raspberry dressing.

Southwestern Chicken Wrap                           $5.95           BLT Classic Wrap                                     $6.00
Grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, peppers, onion,             Crisp slices of canadian bacon, lettuce and
cheese and ranch dressing, wrapped in a flour tortilla.              tomatoes in a tightly-wrapped flour tortilla.

                                                                                            Items marked with Jamaican flag will be spicy
               Start your day off on the right path with your choice of Cottonwood Canyon’s delicious breakfasts.
                                                Breakfast items are served all day.

Canyon Special                                       $4.95          Bagel on the Run                                     $4.95
2 eggs any style served with toast or scone                         2 fried eggs topped with cheese on a toasted bagel,
and coffee.                                                         served with a side of seasonal fruit and coffee to fuel
                                                                    your morning.
The Big Canyon                                       $5.25
2 eggs any style served with hashbrowns, toast                      Bagel Supreme                                        $5.25
and choice of bacon or sausage.                                     Bagel dipped in egg batter, cinnamon, sugar, and
                                                                    spices then grilled, served with seasonal fruits
Create Your Own Omelet                               $6.25          and coffee.
Pick 3 – sausage, ham, onions, mushrooms,
green peppers, tomatoes, black olives and cheese –                  The Beach Side Breakfast                             $4.95
and your choice of toast.                                           Cup of seasonal fresh fruit served with yogurt and
                                                                    toast or scone.
Spicy Pork Omelet                                    $6.25
Hot and spicy pork cubes tossed together with onions,               Calalloo and Johnnycakes                             $5.95
tomatoes and mushrooms for a true Caribbean                         Fresh Jamaican callaloo delicately seasoned with
experience.                                                         tomatoes, green peppers, onion, garlic and herb and
                                                                    served with fried dumpling for a rich Jamaican tradition.
Heavenly Pancakes                                    $6.00
2 mouth-watering Canyon-style pancakes with hot                     National Pride                                       $6.95
maple syrup, and choice of bacon or sausage.                        From the island paradise comes this dish or salted
                                                                    codfish with ackee (Jamaica’s national fruit)
Spicy Hashbrown Skillet                              $6.25          seasoned with onions, tomatoes, green peppers
Spiced hashbrowns seasoned with green peppers,                      with fresh herbs and spices.
onions, and tomatoes topped with cheese and choice
of 2 eggs and toast. Add $1.99 for your choice of meat.

      Items marked with Jamaican flag will be spicy

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