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					     What’s the Secret?
  The SECRET to achieving                        With
  that healthy size and body
   image, losing weight and
                                         Rapid Recovery
    keeping it off, is simple.           Clinical Hypnosis
Respect yourself.           Care              through
   for yourself.          Love
    yourself.              No
                                    Science Of Mind Awareness
conditions.                   No            the full power
restrictions.                  No            of your mind
  requirements.           Truly              applies itself
   respect and accept the                 to desired change
  authentic you for who you                  immediately;
 are, with all your strengths
and weaknesses                  –
         pounds and all-                 any limiting beliefs
 Now you’ll naturally start to          about the importance
 take better care of yourself,       of time relative to change.
         mind and body,              Why carry continued stress
        heart and spirit,                     for years?
     feeling healthy, happy,
peaceful, positive, light, calm,
                                            Achieve relief
and energetic.         Have your       quickly and so easily.
                                        The Universe is generous.
                                     It provides what you focus on.
                                       It gives you what you want.
                                        It also gives you what you
                                             say you don’t want.
                                              Identify and Attract
                                         the healthy and abundant
                                          lifestyle you really want.
   John Syme M. Ed., CI
 Master Therapist (Hypnosis)                                           Toll free: 1-866-544-1942
  Picture two people in an             WARNING: BE PREPARED for                        Evolve into
  argument, even a major                something entirely NEW and               the look you want with
    feud. Neither side is       D       remarkably effective. Unlike                Rapid Recovery
 winning but the feud goes              all the other plans, diet pills,                Hypnosis.
on. The signs of stress are     I      and products you’ve heard of,
                                                                                 Whatever you perceive
                                            or possibly even tried,
everywhere and affect all of                                                          you Achieve!
 the people involved with       E             HYPNOSIS through
                                        Science Of Mind Awareness                Science Of Mind Awareness
     the warring parties.
                                T       will empower you to develop
                                       the healthy body and lifestyle,
                                                                                 is a four step program. Step
                                                                                     by step you’ll learn to
What happens if one side
decides, “I’m not going to      S       to achieve the size and look
                                                that you want.
                                                                           1.   Become AWARE of your body,
                                                                                mind, feelings, and true self.
do this anymore!” and just
    doesn’t show up to                  If you could enjoy healthy         2.   ACCEPT your whole self (
 continue the argument?                                                         body too) as you are, a vital
                                         foods more than you do
What’s the remaining side       D       carbs, how quickly would
                                                                                step in freeing yourself from
                                                                                the triggers of overeating. You
  left to do? Argue with                   you become slender?                  are more than just a body.
        themselves?             O                                          3.   Become able to EXPRESS
 Both sides can now take        N’                                              your true self safely, simply,
                                                                                comfortably, easily, and
  the time to heal their             If you always do what you’ve               positively.
 wounds and harmonize           T             always done,                 4.   RESOLVE your unfinished
        their lives.                                                            personal issues once and for
                                      you’ll always be where you                all, and learn how to carry
   STOP FIGHTING WITH                         always were.                      these new tools and
       YOURSELF!                W                                               techniques with you forever.

                                                                                    2008 Fee Structure
   Curse ICE CREAM with
 every name under the sun,
                                O                                                     Intake session
                                                                                      $200.00 + GST
  and yourself for eating it,
   but your subconscious
                                                                                     Support Sessions
  and body only responds
                                K    Phone: (613)961-1942                             $120.00 + GST
  with “MMM ICE CREAM”                Toll Free 1-866-544-1942

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