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SCIENCE   3C: Character of              3E: Magnets & Springs      3A: Teeth & Eating           3D: Rocks & Soils            3B: Helping Plants Grow       3F: Light & Shadows
          Materials                                                                                                          Well
                                        (Pred/plan/interpret/      (Plan/bar charts etc./       (Fair test/meas/comp.                                      (Record/obs/meas/
          (Plan/variable/fair           conclude)                  evaluate)                    & conclude)                  (Plan/meas/eval/              conclude)
          test/conclude)                                                                                                     conclude)
          Identify uses of common       Understand                 Describe a balanced diet     Name characteristics of      Plants provide food/          How shadows are formed/
          materials/ suitability for    force/direction/describe   for humans/ looking after    rocks/ purpose of rocks/     plants need light water       describe how a shadow
          purpose/make                  direction of forces        teeth/ suggest questions     rock origins/ recognise an   and warmth to grow well/      changes during the course
          measurements of length        between magnets/classify   about diet/ observe and      unfair test/ measure time    make careful                  of the day/ predictions
          using standard units/fair     magnetic and non-          present results using bar    and volume of water/ draw    measurements of height        about shadows/ make
          testing.                      magnetic                   charts and tables.           conclusions from             of plants/ recognise need     observations and
                                        materials/explain how to                                experiment.                  to use more than one plant    measurements in shadows.
                                        make a simple fair                                                                   to provide reliable
                                        test/draw conclusions.                                                               evidence.

 I.C.T    2C: Finding Information       3A: Combining              3B: Manipulating Sound       3E: Email                    3C: Intro to Databases        3D: Exploring Simulations
          Google/Internet               Text/Graphics                                           Outlook Express              Information Magic             Lego Dacta
          Explorer/Espresso             Word/Clip                  2 Compose                                                                               Kar2ouche
                                        Art/Espresso/Internet/D                                                                                            Sam Linton I simulation
                                        K Clipart                                                                                                          and I worksheet on
                                                                                                                                                           shared area in her folder
  D.T     3A: Packaging                                            3B: Sandwich Snacks          3C: Moving Monsters                                        3D: Photograph Frames

          Investigate a range of                                   Select sandwich              Understand a simple                                        Understand ways in which
          packaging/ evaluate                                      ingredients for a purpose/   pneumatic system/ design                                   structures can be made
          packaging against original                               combine ingredients to       and make a model monster                                   stable/ recognise
          design criteria.                                         create a sandwich/           with at least one part                                     conflicting demands on
          Understand how 3D                                        evaluate sandwich for        controlled by a pneumatic                                  structure/ design, make
          shapes can be constructed                                original purpose/            system in conjunction with                                 and evaluate a free
          from nets and make 3D                                    understand balanced plate    simple levers to control                                   standing photo frame.
          shapes from nets.                                        and apply to sandwich.       movement.
HISTORY   What can we find out                                                                                               Why have people invaded       Why have people invaded
          about Ancient Egypt from                                                                                           & settled in Britain in the   & settled in Britain in the
          what has survived?                                                                                                 past? A Roman Case Study      past? A Roman Case Study
          Divide past into periods/
          features of life in Ancient                                                                                        Why people settle in          Know aspects of life in
          Egypt/ Identify some of                                                                                            another country/ ask and      Celtic and Roman Britain/
          the different ways the                                                                                             answer question about         present info using appt
          past is                                                                                                            events related to Roman       terminology.
          represented/research                                                                                               Britain/ Boudicca’s
          artefacts.                                                                                                         Revolt/ know that an
                                                                                                                               event can be interpreted
                                                                                                                               in different ways.
  GEOGRAPHY                                                         Investigating the             Improving the                Village Settlers
                                                                    Local Area                    Local Area
                                                                                                                               Identify early settlement
                                                                    Describe a range of           Account for own views        patterns/ links between
                                                                    physical and human            about environment/           established settlements
                                                                    features of their locality/   recognise that other         and present landscape/
                                                                    use appt geographical         people may think             draw maps/ understand
                                                                    terms/ make observations      differently/ identify how    that places are connected
                                                                    and identify patterns         people affect the            to one another.
                                                                    about the area/ identify      environment/ ask and
                                                                    environmental concerns        respond to geographical
                                                                    use first and secondary       questions/ offer own
                                                                    sources.                      ideas/ use range of simple
                                                                                                  equipment, maps
                                                                                                  resources/ carry out
     ART                                3A: Portraying                                                                         3B: Investigating Pattern
                                                                                                                               Explore how shape &
                                        Collect info about people                                                              colour can be combined to
                                        & use it to make a double                                                              make patterns. Collect
                                        portrait to communicate                                                                examples & experiment
                                        that relationship.                                                                     with stenciling & print
                                        Experiment with a variety                                                              making techniques.
                                        of painting techniques.                                                                Comment/suggest
                                        Comment/suggest                                                                        improvements for each
                                        improvements for each                                                                  other.
   MUSIC        Exploring descriptive   Exploring rhythmic          Exploring                     Exploring pentatonic         Exploring scales            Exploring singing
    Y3          sounds.                 patterns.                   arrangements.                 scales                       using recorder              games
                -how to use musical     -repeated patterns                                        -how they are used in        -begin learning             -sing and play a
Music Express   elements and            -rhythmic notations:        -about musical                music                        recorder                    range of singing
  Scheme        movement                crotchets, quavers,         accompaniments                -how simple tunes            -learning scale             games
     &          effectively.            crotchet rests              -explore melodic              are based on                 progressions for c, g,      -clap pulse and create
QCA Combined    -how the match          -compose rhythm             phrases                       pentatonic scales            major (doh-soh)             rhythm ostinati
                sound and movement      patterns using              -explore rhythm               -create different            -learn simple               -make up tunes to
                -to combine elements    ostinati                    patterns,                     textures using               melodies on recorder        own singing and add
                effectively                                         present and perform           pentatonic scales                                        actions/instrument
                                                                                                  -create class                                            accompaniments
                                                                                                             performance                                             where appropriate
          P.E          Transference of Body          Rolling & Bouncing          Body Shape & Balance 1      Striking Skills – Hockey    Body Shape & Balance 2      Athletics
                       Weight                                                    Throwing & Catching –       Striking – Kicking          Striking – Hands & Bats
                       Throwing & Catching           Swimming                    Rugby                       Swimming                    Swimming                    Swimming
                       Swimming                                                  Swimming
          R.E          Christianity:                 Christianity:               Buddhism:                   Buddhism:                   Sikhism:                    Sikhism:
                       The Bible:                    Christian Place of          The Buda and Buddhist       The Buddhist Community:     Sikh - Special places:      The Gurus:
                       Source book for Christian     Worship:                    Teachings:                  Intro to the community.     The golden temple.          10 human Gurus.
                       beliefs.                      Diff places of worship.     The story of the Buddha’s   What a faith community      When/where worship.         Beliefs taught through
                       Old and new Testament.        Special Ceremonies e.g.     life.                       is.                         Symbols.                    Guru Granth Sahib
                                                     weddings.                   What do Buddhist believe.
 PERSONAL & SOCIAL     Collaboration                 Taking Responsibility       Self-Esteem                 Respect                     Communication               Making Decisions
                       Identify and adapt rules,     Consequences, being safe    Strengths, celebrating      How are we all different?   Celebrating feelings,       Conscious decisions,
                       friendship gro7ups,           in area, conservation,      achievement, aims,          Stereotypes, recycle,       gestures, expressions,      hygiene, dealing with
                       making positive comments,     democracy, knowing needs,   physical and emotional      bullying, multi-culture,    active listening,           challenges, being safe
                       taking turns, co-operation,   school buddies.             needs, control feelings,    belonging to a religious    confidence to contribute,   outside, compromise, I
                       bullying and friendships      Links to SEAL               coping with mistakes.       group.                      questioning language,       have a choice.
                       Links to SEAL                 . Heading R- Knowing        Links to SEAL               Links to SEAL               symbols, labels sings and   Links to SEAL
                       . Heading G- Seeing           myself                      .Heading M- I can tell      . Heading G- Seeing         displays.                   . Heading G- Resolving
                       something from someone                                    you things i am good at.    something from someone      Links to SEAL               conflict
                       elses point of view                                       . Heading M- I can          elses point of view.        . Heading G- Friendship     . Heading M- Managing
                       . Heading G- Friendship                                   recognise when I find       . Heading G- I can tell                                 my feelings
                       . Heading M- i can                                        something difficult and     you lots of ways to give
                       choose to act assertively                                 do something abou it.       friendship tokens to
                                                                                 . Heading M- Managing       other people.
                                                                                 my feelings - Anger.        . Heading R- I can
                                                                                                             understand how I might
                                                                                                             hurt others.

PSHE key: SEAL Links      G= Getting on and falling out
                          M=Good to Me
                          R= Relationships

NLS – Poems based on observation and senses

Autumn Term Geography – Investigating Rivers
(Links can be made with The Egyptians – The Nile)

     1    Trip to the Thames (river walk)
     2    Poetry based around the visit

The non-fiction element/focus in each term should be linked to the science topics, e.g.

Ourselves: (signs, labels, captions, lists, instructions)
                             1     To write lists of likes/dislikes
                             2     To write instructions for getting dressed, cleaning teeth etc.

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