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					                                 New Zealand Embassy

US Working Holiday Scheme

The following documents must be forwarded to the Embassy in Washington for processing:

( )       A fully completed Application for a New Zealand Working Holiday form which is
          signed and dated by applicant. Please write United States Working Holiday in
          response to the question Name of Scheme.

( )       A recent passport size photograph with applicant’s name printed on the back of it.

( )       Your original passport which must be valid three months beyond the intended date of
          departure from New Zealand.

( )       If you intend remaining in New Zealand for less than 12 months in total, please
          provide evidence of outward travel arrangements - either an open-dated return or an
          outward air ticket to a country you have right of entry, or
          If you intend remaining in New Zealand for 12 months and you are unable to provide
          evidence of a round trip airline ticket (United States - New Zealand – United States)
          or an onward air ticket to a country you have right of entry to, please provide
          evidence that you have sufficient funds (US$2,000) to purchase a return airline ticket
          (New Zealand – United States) after you arrive in New Zealand.

( )       Evidence of funds
          Under the United States Working Holiday scheme, you must show that you have, at
          least, US$3,000 available to you. (This in addition to any monies dedicated to the
          purchase of your return airline ticket.)

          Evidence of funds can in the form of traveller’s checks, bank draft, letter of credit
          from a bank, a recent bank or credit card statement which shows your available
          credit. Please send original statement plus 1 photocopy.

( )       If you intend spending more than 6 months in New Zealand,
          you may be asked to provide a chest X-ray report. Please refer to our Health
          requirements that are detailed in the New Zealand Immigration Service website:

Please see overleaf for more requirements

( )         No work visa fee is required for the holders of a United States Passport.


All applications must be accompanied by a self-addressed, prepaid courier airway bill and
envelope (For example, Federal Express or UPS) for the safe return of your passport and
original documents.

Incomplete visa applications sent to this office will be returned to you.

The New Zealand Embassy is NOT responsible for any documents or passports lost in transit.

Please allow up to 15 working days for your work visa to be processed.

Visa application forms and information on our current Immigration Policies may be found on
the New Zealand Immigration Service website at:

Visa Unit

(Effective as at 4 April 2005)