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					                                 Carrousel Travel
             New Business Proposal/Synopsis of Services Offered

You can easily customize this proposal. Simply replace each series of *'s throughout
this document with your agency's name. You may use the search and replace function
of your word processor to change these, or do it manually. Note that there are several
places denoted by question marks that also require customization. The document was
originally created in Microsoft Word 2000. It is also available in rich text format (RTF)
which preserves much of the formatting and as a plain text (TXT) file in case your word
processor cannot open MS Word 2000 or RTF files.

Since it will be your proposal, you should review this document carefully before
modifying it and using it. You may wish to add, delete or change the services offered.
Be sure that you can deliver on whatever services you do offer, however.

Carrousel Travel does not provide all of the services listed in this document. Some of
them must be supplied by you or through third parties. The offerings listed are simply
suggestions you may wish to use while bidding for new business. The services
provided to you by Carrousel Travel are covered in your independent contractor
agreement with Carrousel Travel.
Travel Management Services
       Performed by

All of us at ************** are pleased to present this overview of travel management
services available to your company. Your choice of a travel agency reflects your trust
and confidence in its people and their technical expertise. In addition to the normal
services available from almost any travel agency, you have the right to expect reliability
and quality. You also have the right to expect your travel agency to be a partner in the
development and implementation of a corporate travel policy that will save your
company time and money.

************** is a full service travel agency. We will arrange travel via all commercial
modes of transportation including airline, rail, bus and steamship. We will also provide
reservations for hotel and motel accommodations, make car rental reservations and
provide other travel related services required by our customers. More important is
how we offer these services:

    Personalized, professional reservations
    Automated systems to ensure the best pricing
    Quality assurance programs designed to check every detail
    Prompt delivery of tickets and other travel documents
    Emergency services available 24 hours a day
    A cooperative, "can do" attitude
    Self-booking tools for travelers and/or travel arrangers who prefer to check
     schedules or fares, or even make their own reservations online.
    Services customized to meet the needs of your company and its travelers

We are committed to developing a long-term partnership with your company that
meets your company's specific travel needs.

 WHY **************?

There are many capable travel agencies from which you can choose, and there are
many different levels and types of service offered. ************** offers the
professionalism, expertise and capabilities found in the largest travel management
companies together with the personalized service and flexibility offered by smaller
travel agencies. This formula was developed based on the years of experience. Our
clients have found that it is a winning combination.

************** is owned and operated by ?????????, with over ?? years of experience in the
travel industry. Our company makes business travel arrangements for a number of
companies. We also make personal business and vacation travel arrangements for
clients. References are available upon request.

************** is an associate of Carrousel Travel, a large group of independent travel
agents. This provides our clients and us with access to services and discounts generally
available only through the largest of agencies. However, we provide these services
with the personal attention to details that only an owner-operated company can

 Vendor Relationships
In order to serve our clients, it is important to have excellent relationships with our
important vendors: airlines, car rental companies, hotels and vacation suppliers.
************** has long standing relationships with the key people at these organizations.
We work closely with them to insure our clients' needs are met and can call on them
from time to time when special consideration is needed.

 Stability and Security
The travel agency roots of our company go back more than ?? years. That represents
the kind of stability and long-term commitment that few companies in our dynamic
industry can show.

 Corporate Commitment to Service, Savings and Quality
The people of ************** have one goal: To provide our customers with the service
they need at the best possible price, while maintaining the highest level of quality


************** believes that a single call from a customer should do it all when
making reservations for travel. We use state of the art technology, including the
WorldSpan reservation system, which is operated jointly by airline industry leaders:
Delta and Northwest.

************** will assign specific travel consultants to work with your travelers and
travel arrangers. In most cases, travelers and travel arrangers will work with the same
travel consultant for all of their reservations. This allows us to provide personalized
service. Every ************** employee is empowered to provide the highest level of
service to our clients. ************** will book airline reservations and issue tickets on all
commercial carriers. In order for your travelers and travel planners to make
reservations with **************, they should be prepared to follow this sequence of

               1.   Caller's Name
               2.   Department Affiliation of Traveler
               3.   Traveler's Name
               4.   Date of Travel/Destination(s)
               5.   Preferred Departure/Arrival Times
               6.   Rental Car Requirements
               7.   Hotel Requirements

In order to make this process easy for them, your travelers will be provided a
specialized ************** Client Profile Form before we implement service. When
completed and returned to **************, our agents will create a special automated
profile record. This permanent record will contain pertinent information relevant only
to that traveler. The profile will consist of the following elements:

1.   Traveler Name/Departure Identification
2.   Home and business phone numbers
3.   Business address
4.   Seat and meal preferences
5.   Credit card information
6.   Frequent Flyer number(s)
7.   Rental car and hotel preference
8.   Additional information that can be customized for your company.
Through the use of profiles, our travel consultants can provide quicker and more
efficient service by eliminating the telephone time normally required to obtain this
static information.

************** has access to last-seat availability on all major carriers through WorldSpan,
our computerized reservation system (CRS). At the time reservations are requested,
preferred seat selection (i.e. a specific seat number on an aircraft) will also be requested
through our CRS on those carriers that provide such service.

We understand that reservation changes will be necessary from time to time to
accommodate travel plans. ************** personnel will assist your travelers with these
changes either at the local office during normal business hours, or through our 24-hour
emergency service center.

************** offers reservations for all commercial and special purpose vehicle rentals.
For the traveler's convenience, ************** includes the confirmation number and rate
of all vehicle reservations on a printed itinerary form which accompanies each ticket.

************** provides lodging reservations at confirmed rates at hotels and motels
worldwide. Our corporate hotel rate program offers special rates at thousands of hotels
worldwide. Accommodations for late arrivals can be guaranteed with a corporate or
individual credit card.

************** will make reservations and issue tickets for Amtrak and bus lines.
Reservations are subject to the availability of reserved seating, since some train and bus
services operate on an unreserved basis.


************** provides FAX reservation forms that can be used to request reservations
from our office...the perfect time saver for busy travelers and travel arrangers. We can
confirm the reservation by return FAX or with a phone call.

************** offers the ability for your travelers and travel arrangers to make their own
bookings online. Our user-friendly system is accessed via the Internet, and allows your
staff to check schedules or fares, and to make their own reservations for airline tickets,
car rentals and hotels. If desired, we can provide a system that will take your corporate
travel policies into account during the booking process, preventing travelers from
circumventing company policy.


************** uses the most advanced ticketing technology available. Most tickets are
issued as “e-tickets”, virtually eliminating the possibility of a traveler losing tickets. If
required, a paper ticket can be issued and delivered to your company's office or to other
sites that may be specified from time to time. Each ticket will be accompanied by a
printed itinerary containing the following information in plain, easy to read language.
Travelers can receive a copy of their itinerary by mail or overnight service along with
their paper airline tickets. Itineraries for e-tickets can be sent via fax or e-mail, to your

          Traveler's name
          Flight, train, bus, and/or voyage numbers
          Origin and destination airport
          Reserved seat assignment for each trip segment
          Meal service for each trip segment
          Departure and arrival times for each segment of the trip
          Name, phone number, and location of hotel/motel, rates booked at
            each destination, and confirmation numbers for each reservation
          Name, phone number, and location of rental cars, rates booked and
           confirmation numbers for each reservation
          **************'s telephone number
          Date issued
          Invoice number
          Ticket numbers
          Customer number
          Transportation charges
          Fare basis
          Financial and billing data, which can be customized for your company

************** will provide ticket and document delivery to your company. Unless
otherwise requested, we will deliver tickets one day before departure. In the event that
a ticket has an advance purchase requirement, we will deliver tickets accordingly.

When travel plans change quickly, ************** or our 24 hour service will arrange for
an e-ticket or prepaid ticket to be to be issued on short notice.


************** will assist travelers with changes while they are enroute. During business
hours we provide a toll free number (from within the U.S.) that can be used to contact
our office. At other times, a 24-hour emergency service is available through a toll free
number to assist our customers with information, emergency reservations changes and
ticketing. When needed, e-tickets can be issued. Prepaid authorizations can be sent to
airline ticket counters worldwide, upon the instructions of an authorized employee of
your firm.

The overall objective of **************'s Quality Assurance Program is to ensure the
highest level of service to our customers. ************** achieves this objective by
devoting substantial resources to reviewing 100% of all Passenger Name Records
(PNR's) booked by our travel consultants or by our clients using self-booking software.
The following PNR elements are checked:

       1.   Least cost airfare
       2.   Advance seat assignment requests
       3.   Special service requests
       4.   Hotel and rental car compliance
       5.   Hotel and rental car confirmation numbers
       6.   Fare savings information
       7.   Proper accounting information
       8.   Conformance to established corporate travel policy.

**************'s commitment to quality goes beyond the review of every PNR. It starts
with experienced, well-trained personnel. All of our travel consultants attend periodic
training covering reservation systems, ticketing procedures, product knowledge and
customer service.


************** can arrange travel for meeting and convention attendees worldwide. We
can negotiate special low airfares for many meetings and make reservations simple for
attendees: they just call our toll free number and we can provide ticketing services
worldwide. We can also work with your company on planning meetings with hotels
and convention centers if you wish.


************** offers a wide range of management reports to assist our clients in tracking
travel policy compliance and reducing travel costs. Even more importantly, we can
work with you in reviewing the information and suggesting actions to reduce costs or
meet other goals your company may set.

************** offers a Preferred & Corporate Hotel Rate Program for our clients. Savings
of up to 45% off regular hotel rates are available at a wide selection of hotels in the U.S.
and worldwide.


************** offers orientation seminars introducing your travelers and travel arrangers
to our services. These seminars can be customized to reflect your company's travel

Periodic briefings can be held after the initial orientation seminar, at your company's
option. We have found it helpful to discuss operating procedures and travel industry
issues with travelers and travel arrangers. These briefings can improve
communications and the level of satisfaction.


Travel arrangers, the administrative staff who make reservations for those who travel,
are often overlooked by travel agencies. That is not the case at **************. At
************** we believe these individuals are key to providing the high quality service
your travelers deserve. We provide a communications program of newsletters and
seminars that keeps travel arrangers up to date on travel issues that could have an
impact on their travelers.


Services such as limousine transfers can be arranged for your company's key executives,
if requested. ************** will work with you to tailor special service packages for your
company's VIP travelers.


Complete vacation travel services are available for your employees through
************** Specific employee travel programs can be tailored for your employees.
Because of our affiliation with Travelers Choice, our combined buying power enables us
to offer tremendous values on many vacations. For example, we sell many cruises to
individuals at group prices not available at every travel agency.

************** accepts all major credit cards on behalf of airlines and other travel related
vendors. Credit card payment can be through the use of individual travelers' cards
with your company reimbursing them or through the use of a corporate card.
************** will assist your company in applying for a corporate credit card if you do
not already have one and would prefer this option.

Any tickets to be refunded will be processed by ************** within twenty-four (24)
hours of receipt of the unused ticket (s) or portion (s) thereof. Refund credits will
normally be reflected on the credit card statement following the close of the month after
the refund is processed. For example, refunds presented to ************** in June will be
reflected on the August credit card statement. Any airline-imposed penalty charges
associated with the cancellation of changing of special purchase fares will appear as a

Corporate or individual credit cards are also used to guarantee hotel and car rental
reservations when such guarantees are requested or required. ************** cannot be
held responsible for guaranteed reservations that are not cancelled by the traveler
within applicable time limits.

************** receives commissions from airlines and other travel providers. These
commissions are not sufficient to cover the cost of providing even the most basic
services expected by business travelers and their companies. Therefore **************
charges fees based on the services required by our clients. These fees are listed below:

????? INSERT FEE CHART ?????
 HOW TO START WITH **************


Call us and we will arrange to meet with you and discuss your company's specific travel needs.
We will prepare an agreement incorporating the items in this synopsis plus items unique to your
company's situation. Once an agreement is signed, ************** will then make the necessary
arrangements to begin serving your company's employees. An outline of a typical
implementation procedure is shown in the next section.


Upon the signing of an agreement, we begin to implement the following plan:

Arrange a meeting between your company and **************'s implementation
coordinator to discuss the implementation plan schedule and special requirements.

Arrange a meeting with your company's accounting and financial management
personnel to:
      Coordinate payment procedures
      To finalize customer specific report requirements
      Coordinate Reconciliation procedures
Meet with incumbent travel agency for discussion of the transition.
      Hand-off of passenger name records
      Hand-off of profiles
      Dates of ticket issuances for take over by **************
      Special travel programs to be completed by **************
      Date on which ************** commences making reservations
      Coordinate any personnel changes on behalf of incumbent's employees
      Establish procedures to accomplish the above tasks in an orderly

DAY 10
Meet with your company representatives to:
      Coordinate distribution of travel pamphlets
      Arrange orientation seminars for your company travelers and
        travel planners
      Determine the delivery locations for tickets and travel
      Discuss travel policy procedures and enforcement as required.
      Advise and consult on travel policy changes and recommendations
      Set billing and ticketing procedures, and your company contact
      Arrange the distribution of profile cards to determine travelers
        needs and each department's needs

DAY 14
Meet with your company to establish custom departmental requirements, if any.
Review progress on other implementation issues.

DAY 20
Arrange to transfer all existing PNRs into **************'s CRS. This will have to be done
at approximately 1:00 p.m. on the last day of operation. Notify affected personnel that
we will manage these and future travel reservations to conform to the your company
travel policies.

Conduct orientation seminars for customer travelers, travel planners.
DAY 28
Check all computer and telephone equipment in order to meet the requirements for the
first day of operation.

Transfer of existing PNR's.

DAY 29

DAY 31
First operational review between your company and **************. Resolve any
problem areas that may have surfaced. Operational reviews can be scheduled
weekly/daily for the first month of operation or longer as necessary.
                              SERVICES AGREEMENT

_____________________ and **************, hereby agree to the services and conditions
set forth in the preceding proposal which is included in this agreement by reference.
________________________ agrees to commence utilizing the services of ************** as
described on ___________ (Date) for an initial period of two year(s). Upon mutual
agreement of both parties, this agreement may be renewed for one-year periods. Either
party may terminate this agreement by providing the other party 90-days written

Signed for _____________________        Signed for **************

_______________________________         _______________________________
(Signature)                             (Signature)

_______________________________         _______________________________
(Name and Title)                        (Name and Title)

__________________                      __________________
(Date)                                  (Date)

 (Please sign and return two copies of this agreement. One countersigned copy will
                             be returned for your files.)

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