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									**Korean Air Sponsorship condition for PWA 2009.

The price is based on PTA* condition of Ulsan branch of Korean air.
    *PTA : They offer free weight allowance but the period is 3 month. The price
           will be cheaper totally (* air fare + free weight). Purchasing of air
           ticket is Ulsan branch office in Korean Air.

     * Free weight condition of each area :

       1. Europe area :
          Basis 20 kg plus add 50 kg = Total 70 kg (*free weight allowance)
                  : If it is over the 70 kg, surchage as below.

                   - Total free weight is 70kg. when the baggage over the limit (70kg),
                     maximum 32kg is permitted and the price is based on
                    5kg price(150 Euro/one-way) regardless of weight.
                     For example, in other word, the price from 71kg~102 kg is same,
                     150 Euro for one way and 300 Euro for round trip.

       2. USA and Hawaii area :

           - Basis 20 kg plus add 50 kg = Total 70 kg (*free weight allowance)
            - For Hawaii, If it is over the 70 kg, surchage as below.
           100,000 KRW for round trip (*the price from 71kg~102 kg is same)
           and 60,000KRW for one-way

       3. Baggage limit : weight 32kg, the sum of the length of three dimention 277cm
       4. Free weight condition is applied to just Korean air. We cannot ask other
         airlines to apply free weight allowance. But local transportation service
         in Korea is OK.

Please compare the price of Korean air with that of other airlines and if Korean air's
price is cheaper, ask for booking as soon as possible (end of April). As below is the
information requested for booking. For the purchasing of ticketing on e-ticket ;
 -Your full name details as stated in your valid passport.
   * Full name :Surname/Given name
   * Nationality/ Date of birth/Sex :male.female/Passport Number

    -Your travel schedule including departure airport/dates and destination
     airport/dates.And returning dates and destination airport.
    -Personal credit card number is informed me on purchasing
       *Purchasing of ticket : 1. kind of card (ex: visa,master etc )
                                2. number of card
                                3. valid thru (date)
                                4. installment purchase or not (*monthly basis)

Reference Table of Surcharge fare of Each area
as belows :
***The surcharge price can be different slightly depends on
     Korean Air branch of each country.

○   One-way price of surcharge weight from each area
    when over 70kg at free weight allowance(* EXB price)
- Event : 2009 Ulsan PWA World Cup
- Event date : 09. 5.15(Fri) ~ 5.24(Sum) (10days)
- Application date : 2009.5.1 ~
-Surcharge price basis : One-way

1. From America to Incheon
             Origin                     Air fare
          YVR(Van Couver)             KRW 110,000
          HNL(Honolulu)               KRW 100,000
          DFW (Dallas)                  USD 130

 2. From Europe to Incheon
             Origin                     Air fare
      LHR(London,Heathrow)              GBP 135
         AMS (AmsTerdam)                 EUR 150
         IST (Istanbul)                  EUR 150
           PAR (Paris)                   EUR 150
         FRA (Frankfurt)                 EUR 150
 3. From Japan to Incheon (or Busan)
           Origin                 Air fare
        NRT (Narita)              JPY 6,100

       FUK (Fukuoka)              JPY 3,700

4. From South East Asia to Incheon (or Busan)
           Origin                 Air fare
       BKK (Bangkok)              THB 2,570
        MNL (Manila)                  USD 50

 5. Excpet Area (Origin to Incheon)
           Origin                 Air fare
         SAO Brazil                USD 152

        SYD (Sidney)               AUD 186

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