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C4384 APS4 Administrative Support Officer


									                                POSITION STATEMENT
                                       Position Number: C4384

Title                  Administrative Support Officer
Classification         APS4
Division/State         People and Enabling Services
Branch                 National Corporate Services
Section                Executive
Location               Tuggeranong, ACT

Role and key accountabilities

Work environment
The National Corporate Services Branch facilitates the responsible management of Medicare
Australia's resources and ensures good governance and accountability across the organisation.
Its primary functions include National Procurement, National Property Services, Office Services,
Environmental Management, Protective Security, Emergency Management, Business Continuity
and Corporate Information Management.
An Executive support unit working direct to the Branch Manager comprises an APS6 and an APS5
position. These positions provide a range of support functions across the divers corporate services
functions provided by this Branch to Medicare Australia.

Assist with a range of administrative support duties in support of the National Corporate Services
Branch.     These may include general coordination project roles, library support, travel
arrangements, registering contractor information, and other administrative support functions that

Key accountabilities
1. Under general direction provide administrative support to the National Corporate Services
2. Perform a range of general duties such as filing using the Trim system, organising travel
   arrangements for senior officers, processing bulk annual applications for airline lounge
   memberships and corporate credit card applications.
3. Assist with the preparation of reporting requirements including Annual Report and Senate
   estimates requirements.
4. Assist with Library functions, including cataloguing and a loans register.
5. Contribute effectively both individually or as part of a team and promote cross-team
Capability-based selection criteria
At Medicare Australia our aim is to deliver great service to the Australian people. Our core
capability - Exemplifies Great Service supports this objective.

In addition to our core capability, there are a number of other essential capabilities (skills and
personal qualities) needed for this position, detailed below.

Exemplifies Great Service

   makes it easy for their customers
   gets it right
   is genuinely interested in their customers
   respects their customer’s rights

Shapes strategic thinking
   Shows judgement, intelligence and commonsense by identifying problems and working to
    resolve them.

Achieves results
   Builds organisational capability and responsiveness by committing to achieving quality
    outcomes and adhering to documentation procedures.

Cultivates productive working relationships
   Nurtures internal and external relationships by recognising the different working styles of
    individuals, and factoring this into the management of people and tasks

Exemplifies personal drive and integrity
   Demonstrates public service professionalism and probity by acting professionally at all times
    and operating within the boundaries of organisational processes and legal and public policy

Communicates with influence
   Listens, understands and adapts to audience by selecting the most appropriate medium for
    conveying information and structuring written and oral communication to ensure clarity.

Desirable skills/qualifications
   Experience in providing general administrative support
Applying for a job with Medicare Australia is easy
Information regarding eligibility and how to apply for this position can be obtained from the
Applicant Information Kit.

Medicare Australia uses behavioural assessment techniques to assess the suitability of
candidates. This may include an assessment of motivational fit which may encompass job,
organisation or location fit. Organisational fit will have particular regard to the APS Values.

When you write your application, make sure that you take both the capability requirements and
the role and job accountabilities into account (you are not necessarily required to address these
individually unless you wish to do so). The best way to achieve this is to provide examples of your
work that broadly shows how you meet the overall needs of the job in no more than 2 pages. Refer
to our website for more information on How to Apply.

You can read more about Medicare Australia’s Capability Framework on our website.

When applying for positions with Medicare Australia you should declare if you have been
investigated for alleged breaches of the APS Code of Conduct in the last five years. This question
may also be asked of your referees prior to completion of the selection process.

Want to know more?

You can find out more about this job by phoning Janet Ramsey on (02) 6124 6412.

How to apply:

Forward your application via email to

Medicare Australia prefers to receive applications via email, however postal applications will be
accepted, and can be forwarded to:

Janet Ramsey
Medicare Australia
PO Box 1001
Tuggeranong ACT 2901

                         Applications close – 25 February 2010

Conditions of employment
The remuneration and conditions of employment will be determined in accordance with Medicare
Australia's Collective Agreement.

This position is ongoing and will be offered to the successful candidate on a full-time basis.

New Australian Public Service (APS) employees will be subject to a character clearance, health
assessment and probationary period.

As part of its commitment to providing greater customer access, Medicare Australia has flexible
working hours that may include evening and Saturday duty in some work areas. Accordingly,
candidates are strongly encouraged to discuss this aspect of the vacancy with the Contact Officer.

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