Introduction to Transient Analysis with Maxwell - PDF by gregoria


									Introduction to Transient Analysis with Maxwell
This is one day follow on introductory course using Maxwell (version 12). Students will
get a hands-on introduction on how to apply our software in situations where loss
computation, motion induced eddy currents and time varying electric fields are important.
2D and 3D modeling will be used and demonstrated during the class.

About Maxwell V12 (Ansoft Corporation)
Maxwell® is the leading electromagnetic design software for the simulation and analysis
of high-performance electromagnetic and electromechanical components common to
industrial applications. Maxwell provides users a virtual laboratory on their desktop to
study static, frequency-domain, and time-varying electromagnetic fields in complex 2D
and 3D structures.

Target Audience
Designers, process engineers, modeling specialists, and technical managers who use FEA.
This class is designed for both new users to the software as well as existing users who
want to learn about Ansoft’s new modeling environment.

Course Outline

9:00am         Maxwell v12 Review
               Transient analysis in Maxwell v 12
10:30          Simple Getting Started Example
               9.5 – Inductor with transient source
               9.6 – Inductor with external circuit
12:00          LUNCH

1:00           Transient analysis with Motion
                  - Translational Motion
                  - Rotational Motion
3:00           Transient analysis with motion (Cont)
               - Switch reluctance motor

               Electric transient
               - Maxwell Capacitor
4:30 pm        Adjourn

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