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Date of Issue: 1 February 2008


South Coast Moneyline (SCML) is a community development finance
institution (cdfi) and the trading name of the Portsmouth Area Regeneration
Trust Group. SCML provides a range of financial services and education
products to people within the South of England. SCML is currently under
contract with a consortia of local authorities, namely the Southern Home
Loans Partnership (SHLP), to deliver home improvement loans for people in
the communities of Portsmouth, Gosport, Eastleigh, Chichester and Brighton
& Hove. The SHLP, under the contract management of SCML, now seeks to
tender for PR & marketing services to promote these home improvement

This questionnaire sets out the information that South Coast Moneyline
deems relevant to select contractors who will be invited to submit a tender for

Applicants must reproduce this document, inserting their response under each
question. Applicants must not answer questions by referencing to any
accompanying documents such as company brochures, unless specifically
requested to do so.

If the response is to be made by a company who is part of a group, the details
supplied shall be relevant to the company that will carry out the work and NOT
the group.

If you require an electronic copy of this document please request the same
from the e-mail address below, using the following as the subject heading
Home Improvement loan services tender.

Your response should be returned by Friday 22 February 2008 to:

Simon Frost
Chief Executive
South Coast Moneyline
2nd floor, Bank Chambers
115 Commercial Road

Tel: 0845 389 9494

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1. The Southern Home Loans Partnership (“the Partnership”) consists of five
   local authorities (detailed on p.2 of this document) and South Coast
   Moneyline (“SCML”), providing low cost loans to assist home owners
   finance essential works to their properties. The Partnership is dedicated to
   helping those who are finding it difficult to access financial assistance from
   other sources. We mainly help people who are on low incomes or are in
   receipt of means tested benefits.

2. Our loan products are individually tailored to ensure that the repayments
   are affordable.


3. The Partnerships seeks to utilise the specialist services of a PR &
   Marketing agency to raise awareness of the services offered and increase
   uptake of these products.

4. The successful company will need to work with SCML and the five local
   authorities within the Partnership to ensure that the targets set out in the
   Business Plan are met. The work will involve a range of PR & marketing
   work, including undertaking market research, development of a marketing
   plan, branding development and various forms of marketing promotion
   including liaison with media.


5. The following is a summary of the key requirements of this contract. A full
   specification of requirements will be provided with the Invitation to Tender
   supplied to those organisations who meet the minimum standard at the
   Pre-Qualification Questionnaire stage.

    a. Consultation with SCML and local authority partners on details of the
       SHLP Business Plan and the specific home improvement loan products
       available in the five local authority areas;

    b. Appropriate research to determine the size and characteristics of the
       market for the available loan products in each local authority area;

    c. Development of appropriate marketing strategies for each local
       authority area, including proposals for branding of home improvement
       loans, targets for take-up of loans, details of recommended media to be
       used, estimates of coverage and response rates and costs of delivery;

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    d. Implementation of the marketing strategies in close liaison with SCML
       and the local authority partners;


6. The contract manager will be South Coast Moneyline. The contract period
   has been set for a period of three years with a target start date of May
   2008 ending March 2011. Further information will be available to
   organisations who are successful in reaching the Invitation to Tender


7. A budget has been allocated of £105,000 (exclusive of VAT) to cover a
   three year period. Proposals should account for the fact that no more than
   £45,000 should be spent in one year. Tenderers should expect to deliver
   services within this contracted and budgeted amount.


8. Performance targets will be agreed and included within the contract for the
   successful tenderer.


9. Weighting criteria shall be applied. In broad terms, 65% of the total scores
   shall be applied to take account of the applicants‟ presentation, experience
   (including knowledge of the sector, quality indicators), innovative ideas,
   with the remaining 35% based on the total cost and value for money.

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If the response is to be made by a company who is part of a group, the details
supplied shall be relevant to the company that will carry out the work and NOT the
group. (Where text boxes are supplied they can be expanded if necessary if the
provided space is not large enough for the response).


1.1    Full name of Company __________________________________________

1.2    Address of registered office (inc. post code) _________________________



1.3    Company registration number ____________________________________

1.4    Registered VAT number _________________________________________

1.5    If the organisation is a member of a group of companies, please give the
       name, address and registration number of the holding company __________




1.6    Name, position and address of principal contact to where any future
       correspondence is to be sent in connection with this project _____________




1.7    Contact telephone, facsimile numbers and e-mail if available_____________



1.8    Date of incorporation, formation of partnership or commencement of business


1.9    Legal Status (e.g. partnership, private, limited company) ________________


1.10 Principal place of business where applicable, if different from above _______



1.11 Brief history of Company, including parent and associated companies (max.
     500 words)

1.12 Overview of Company's existing business activities. (Max 500 words)

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1.13 Provide a summary of the Company's Corporate Structure (including
     organisational chart and number of employees)

1.14 Provide details of insurance brokers and of insurance held for the following
               Employer's Liabilities Insurance
               Public Liability (Third Party) Insurance
    (Note minimum Employers and Public Liabilities Insurance required is

1.15    Has your organisation been the subject of any significant or material litigation
        within the last two years?
                                                           Yes          No

If so, please give details of each case and the outcome where appropriate

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        South Coast Moneyline will use a credit check company to obtain a view of
        your company‟s financial standing. In order to assist in this procedure please
        provide the following information. Do not send copies of your accounts at this
        stage. If accounts are required you will receive a separate request.

2.1     Please indicate your last 3 years audited trading position (latest year first)
        using the following format:

                   Year                      Turnover             Net Profit (Loss)*

          *Profit (loss) is to be net figure before taxation.

        Note: If the response is to be made by a company who is part of a group, the
        trading position supplied must be relevant to the company that will carry out
        the work and NOT the group.

        The information that you provide concerning your company accounts will be
        summarised onto an internal database. This database is used by people
        involved in the decision making process and is strictly controlled on a “need
        to know” basis.
        If you have any objection to this course of action please indicate your

2.2   Name, address, telephone and facsimile number of banker.

2.3   Is your organisation currently subject to investigation by government or other
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b7cd8d5a-eba4-4624-925f-e86c1f2f1e92.doc             Page 8 of 21
      accountants for suspected financial weakness or business malpractice?

                                                           Yes         No
        If yes please give details.

2.4   Has your organisation during the last three years:

        a)    Suffered a deduction for liquidated and ascertained damages in respect
              of any contract?
                                                    Yes              No

        b)    Had a contract terminated?
                                                           Yes         No

        c)    Have any directors of the company been involved in any company that
              has been liquidated or gone into receivership?

                                                           Yes         No

        If yes to any of the above please give details.

2.5   Have any directors of the company during the last three years:

        a) had any involvement in any other companies who provide services to
           South Coast Moneyline?
                                                           Yes         No

        b) themselves or any of their relatives been, or are presently, a Member of
           any of the participating local authorities or an employee of South Coast
                                                           Yes         No

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3.1     Please supply details of any awards or external quality accreditation
        schemes, subscribed to, or achieved, by the organisation that will carry out
        the work, (e.g. Investors in People, BS5750, ISO 9000 or equivalent).

3.2     If accredited, please indicate date of accreditation and reference number,
        together with the date that the last quality assessment was carried out and by
        whom? Please provide copies of relevant certificates

3.3     If accreditation has not been applied for do you have plans to apply within the
        next 12 months?
                                                    Yes                No

3.4     Does your company use any other recognised quality assessment models
        e.g. EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management)?

                                                           Yes         No
        If so please provide details

3.5    Does your company use any other recognised Key Performance Indicators to
       assess the company‟s performance?
                                                           Yes         No
       If so please provide details.
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3.6    Who is(are) the designated person(s) responsible in your organisation for the
       daily administration of quality assurance matters?

3.7     Describe any other systems for monitoring and improving Quality that you
        feel may be applied to this project.

3.8     Chartered Institute of PR membership/degree or equivalent experience in
        marketing/PR of key staff.

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4.1     Is it your organisation's policy as an employer to comply with the Race
        Relations Act 1976 and the modifications to the act as per the Race
        Relations (Amendment) Act 2000?
                                                           Yes          No

4.2     In the last three years, has your organisation been subject to any formal
        discrimination investigations, or have any judgements of unlawful
        discrimination been upheld against your, by any court or industrial tribunal?

                                                           Yes          No

        If the answer is „Yes‟ provide details, and outline what steps your
        organisation took as a result?

4.3     Does your organisation have a policy on race relations?

                                                           Yes          No

        If yes please provide a copy with your submission.

4.4     Does you organisation observe The Commission for Racial Equality‟s Code
        of Practice for Employment, approved by Parliament in 1983?

                                                           Yes          No

4.5     Does your organisation comply with the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the
        Equal Pay Act 1970?
                                                           Yes          No

4.6     Does your organisation comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995?

                                                           Yes          No

4.7     Does your organisation comply with the Employment Equality (Sexual
        Orientations) Regulations 2003?
                                                           Yes          No

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5.1     Please complete the following table.

                (Please enter year to/from dates e.g. 06/00-05/01)

                                       Yr1                 Yr2    Yr3
      Number of reportable
      Number of non-reportable
      Number of HSE Notices
      Note- Reportable accidents are those required to be reported to the Health and
                     Safety Executive under RIDDOR Regulations.

5.2     Has the organisation been subjected to prosecution or had an enforcement
        notice served with respect to Health & Safety, within the last three years.

                                                           Yes           No

        If so please provide details.


6.1     Number of directly employed (in company‟s P.A.Y.E. Scheme). This should
        be a minimum of five people _________________

6.2     Number of office staff ______________________

6.3     What is your approach to meeting demands caused by temporary or
        protracted staff shortages in order to maintain service levels?

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6.4     How do you encourage and reward staff creativity?

6.5     Please detail the training provided to your staff over the last twelve months
        and the number of training days delivered per full time member of staff.

6.6     What percentage of your staff has left in the last twelve months?

6.7     And what percentage of these has been replaced in the last twelve months?


7.1     Please provide a copy of your customer care policy and any information on
        recent customer surveys that your company may have carried out.


8.1     Provide a list of client references (minimum of 3), for whom you have
        undertaken a project of a similar size and nature, within the last three years.
        Include, if possible at least one local authority reference. State the services
        provided (in 100 words or less), the name of the client, the value of the
        project and the contact names, email addresses (if available) and telephone
        numbers of the referees.

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         4. (optional )

8.2     Provide details of any projects carried out on behalf of South Coast
        Moneyline, as either a main or sub-contractor during the last five years
        stating the name of the project, the department and the client officer

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9.1   Detail your organisation‟s track record of working with “third sector” (i.e. social
      enterprises, companies working on a not-for-profit basis), local authorities and
      named staff who can support that experience.

9.2   Provide details of your organisation‟s experience in promoting the financial
      sector and named staff who can support that experience.

9.3 Provide examples of your organisation‟s track record with the media in the
    geographic regions specified.

9.4 Provide examples of track record in a range of marketing skills including PR,
    graphic design, Web, exhibitions so that you can utilise whatever tactics are

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 10.1 Please identify any additional skills or processes your organisation
      possesses which you consider would lead to additional value/benefits to
      South Coast Moneyline. Your proposal should identify the key assumptions
      and your perception of the constraints that might relate to this requirement.
      (Within 100 words or less)

 10.2 On the basis of the information currently available identify any known
      circumstances or events, which would prevent your organisation and/or the
      main subcontractors / suppliers from submitting a proposal, if invited to do so.


11.1     South Coast Moneyline is a community development finance institution,
         which for the purposes of this contracted tender is receiving public funds via
         consortia of local authorities, led by Portsmouth City Council. Portsmouth
         City Council is a public authority under the Freedom of Information Act 2000
         and all information held by the City Council or held on its behalf will be dealt
         with in accordance with the Act and associated Codes of Practice.

         If the applicant considers that any information provided in this PQQ should
         not be disclosed because that information is confidential or commercially
         sensitive as defined under the Act then the applicant should identify the
         information and give reasons why it is considered confidential or
         commercially sensitive.

         South Coast Moneyline, in consultation with the City Council, will then
         consider the reasons when determining whether the information should be
         disclosed in response to a request for the information made by any person in
         accordance with the Act.

11.2     Please identify a member of your staff who will be your liaison officer in
         respect of the Freedom of Information Act.

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                             OF CANDIDATES
 in accordance with Regulation 23 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006

Name of Candidate: …………………………………………………………………..

We confirm that, to the best of our knowledge, the Candidate is not in breach of the
provisions of Regulation 23 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 and in particular that:

Grounds for obligatory exclusion (ineligibility)

1       The Candidate or its directors or any other person who has powers of
        representation, decision or control of the Candidate has not been convicted of any
        of the following offences:

        (a)     conspiracy within the meaning of section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1977
                where that conspiracy relates to participation in a criminal organisation as
                defined in Article 2(1) of Council Joint Action 98/733/JHA;

        (b)     corruption within the meaning of section 1 of the Public Bodies Corrupt
                Practices Act 1889 or section 1 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906;

        (c)     the offence of bribery;

        (d)     fraud, where the offence relates to fraud affecting the financial interests of
                the European Communities as defined by Article 1 of the Convention relating
                to the protection of the financial interests of the European Union, within the
                meaning of:

                (i)     the offence of cheating the Revenue;

                (ii)    the offence of conspiracy to defraud;

                (iii)   fraud or theft within the meaning of the Theft Act 1968 and the Theft
                        Act 1978;

                (iv)    fraudulent trading within the meaning of section 458 of the
                        Companies Act 1985;

                (v)     defrauding the Customs within the meaning of the Customs and
                        Excise Management Act 1979 and the Value Added Tax Act 1994;

                (vi)    an offence in connection with taxation in the European Community
                        within the meaning of section 71 of the Criminal Justice Act 1993; or

                (vii)   destroying defacing or concealing of documents or procuring the
                        extension of a valuable security within the meaning of section 20 of
                        the Theft Act 1968;

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b7cd8d5a-eba4-4624-925f-e86c1f2f1e92.doc            Page 18 of 21
        (e)     money laundering within the meaning of the Money Laundering Regulations
                2003; or

        (f)     any other offence within the meaning of Article 45(1) of the Public Sector

2       Grounds for rejection:

        The Candidate confirms that;

        The Candidate:

        (a)     being an individual is not bankrupt or has not had a receiving order or
                administration order or bankruptcy restrictions order made against him or
                has not made any composition or arrangement with or for the benefit of his
                creditors or has not made any conveyance or assignment for the benefit of
                his creditors or does not appear unable to pay or to have no reasonable
                prospect of being able to pay, a debt within the meaning of section 268 of
                the Insolvency Act 1986, or article 242 of the Insolvency (Northern Ireland)
                Order 1989, or in Scotland has not granted a trust deed for creditors or
                become otherwise apparently insolvent, or is not the subject of a petition
                presented for sequestration of his estate, or is not the subject of any similar
                procedure under the law of any other state;

        (b)     being a partnership constituted under Scots law has not granted a trust deed
                or become otherwise apparently insolvent, or is not the subject of a petition
                presented for sequestration of its estate;

        (c)     being a company or any other entity within the meaning of section 255 of the
                Enterprise Act 2002 has not passed a resolution or is not the subject of an
                order by the court for the company‟s winding up otherwise than for the
                purpose of bona fide reconstruction or amalgamation, or has not had a
                receiver, manager or administrator on behalf of a creditor appointed in
                respect of the company‟s business or any part thereof or is not the subject of
                the above procedures or is not the subject of similar procedures under the
                law of any other state.

        (d)     has not been convicted of a criminal offence relating to the conduct of his
                business or profession;

        (e)     has not committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of his business
                or profession;

        (f)     has fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of social security
                contributions under the law of any part of the United Kingdom or of the
                relevant State in which the Candidate is established;

        (g)     has fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of taxes under the law of any
                part of the United Kingdom or of the relevant State in which the economic
                operator is established;

        (h)     is not guilty of serious misrepresentation in providing any information
                required of him under this regulation;

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b7cd8d5a-eba4-4624-925f-e86c1f2f1e92.doc             Page 19 of 21
        (i)     in relation to procedures for the award of a public services contract, is
                licensed in the relevant State in which he is established or is a member of an
                organisation in that relevant State when the law of that relevant State when
                the law of that relevant State prohibits the provision of the services to be
                provided under the contract by a person who is not so licensed or who is not
                such a member.

3       Where applicable, the Candidate is registered with the appropriate trade or
        professional register(s) in the EU member state where it is established (as set out in
        Annex IX B of Directive 2004/18/EC) under the conditions laid down by that member

Signed ……………………………………………………………………

Name ………………………………………………………………………

Position ……………………………………………………………………

Date …………………………………………………………………………

  In the UK this condition is satisfied by registration with Companies House or a declaration on oath
that the Candidate is carrying on business in the trade in question in the UK at a specific place of
business and under a specific trading name.
D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\b7cd8d5a-eba4-4624-925f-e86c1f2f1e92.doc                  Page 20 of 21

           A declaration in the form specified below must be completed

I/We certify that the information supplied in this application is complete and accurate
to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. I/We understand that false or
incomplete information may result in my/our exclusion from the list of tenderers for a
period of three years.

I/We understand that South Coast Moneyline may require a bond, or for a
subsidiary company to provide a guarantee from its holding company.

I/We understand that it is a criminal offence punishable by a fine or imprisonment, to
give or offer any gift or consideration whatsoever as an inducement or reward to
any servant of a public body and that any such action would empower the Council
to cancel any contract currently in force.


Name printed

Position in company

For and on behalf of
(Name of Company)

1)    This application should be signed by the applicant in person or by a
      duly authorised partner in the case of a partnership, or by a duly
      authorised Director or Company Secretary in the case of a Limited
      company and returned with the additional information required.

2)        Before returning this form, please ensure that you have answered all
          the questions in the sections required and enclosed copies of all
          relevant documents.


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