Working With Pro_E Files in IPA by hcj


									                              Installing IPA For Use With Pro/E

During the installation of IPA you will be prompted to select the MCAD packages that you are working
with. The following screen will appear during the install. Ensure that ProENGINEER is selected along
with any other MCAD packages that you have on your system.

After selecting ProENGINEER as an Interop package you may be prompted to browse for the ProE
installation location as shown in the following dialog box. If the Pro/E application is running from a
server select No at this point and follow directions for the server installation. If you have a local
installation of Pro/E select yes to browse for the Pro/E installation directory.
The installation folder is the top-level folder where Pro/E is installed as shown below. After selecting this
folder you will be prompted to browse for any additional versions of Pro/E that you would like to use with
IPA. In this case you would browse to the proe2000i folder to link IPA to this version also.

After selecting the correct folder press OK and continue with the installation.

Upon completing the IPA installation, the file prodev.dat should appear in the following directory:

                           D:\Program Files\Proe2000i2\i486_nt\text\usascii

(Pro/E version, operating system folder and language folder as per your application)
If the prodev.dat file was not created in this folder you can copy it in manually. A copy of this file should
exist in Interop directory of the IPA installation folder as shown below:
                 Installing IPA For A Shared Network Installation of Pro/E

If the Pro/E application is installed on a shared network drive then you will have add the following entry
to your Pro/E configuration file (

PRODEVDAT c:\Program Files\Immersive Design\IPA 7.1\interop\prodev.dat

where "c:\Program Files\Immersive Design\IPA 7.1" is the directory in which you installed IPA
    Troubleshooting Integration Using The Auxiliary Application Feature in Pro/E

The Auxiliary Application feature in Pro/E can be used to check whether the IPA application is running in
Pro/E and also help to track down problems relating to the prodev.dat file. Begin by selecting the
Auxiliary Application feature from the Utilities menu in Pro/E as shown below.
Selecting info in the Auxiliary Applications dialog box will bring up information about any application
running inside of Pro/E. Although the application is not shown in the Auxiliary Applications dialog box
you can see from the image below that "Pro_to_IPA" is running in this session of Pro/E.

If "Pro_to_IPA" is not shown in this window or is not running you can try registering the prodev.dat
application by selecting register and browsing to the prodev.dat file in the IPAInterop directory.

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