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					        TERI Corporate Social
  Responsibility (CSR) Awards 2010
                                   APPLICATION FORM

Category A:      Companies with a turnover of below Rs 1000 crore per annum
Category B:      Companies with turnover above Rs 1000 crore per annum

The information provided in this applic ation form will be used to screen and select
awardees. Please provide information for all the sections specified in the form, along
with relevant supporting documents. Incomplete forms will be rejected. The deadline
for submission of completed applications is 15 October 2009.

   Given the emergence of CSR as a significant and competitive tool for successful
businesses worldwide, and considering it as an integral part of overall business
strategy, this application form seeks to evaluate and identify best pra ctices and
innovations in the Indian corporate sector under Category II and III only who have
made outstanding contribution to the environment and community in India to sustain
long-term business success. The questionnaire broadly focuses on the business a nd
developmental initiatives of companies. This questionnaire is designed to analyse the
effectiveness of the implementation and monitoring mechanisms of the systems
installed by the companies for implementing CSR.
         Section I asks for general information about the company and its vision,
            integrated with its social responsibility
         Section II seeks to evaluate the nature of the company’s business and its
            impact on society. It seeks information on the products/services provided by
            the company so as to analyse the extent to which the company has ensured
            social good and consumer interest, beyond the immediate utility of its
            product or service, throughout its life cycle.
         Section III relates to workplace issues concerning CSR policies (if any),
            and general management practices pertaining to labour/employee welfare.
         Section IV explores the company’s social and community initiatives for
            understanding the contributions towards society through developmental
         Section V asks for a success story/case study on a pertinent social
            development project.

Special instructions

      In case of multiple success stories under CSR awards, a company can submit more than one
       application. Each application should be accompanied with separate application fee. The
       application information is to pertain to the initiatives and the progress in the financial year
      In each case study: the company should highlight 4–5 important factors, which highlights the
       merit of the case for award.
      Projects should be conceptualized, experimented, and implemented during the period from 1
       April 2004 to 31 March 2009 with proven results.
       All information given in the above sections will be evaluated, except when
        explicitly mentioned ‘for information only’. The weightage given to each
        section is indicated next to the section numbers.
        • Question numbers 1–5 in Section I will not be evaluated.
        • Sections I and II will be assigned a weightage of 5 marks each while
        • Section III and Section IV, 20 marks each.
        • Section V will carry a weightage of 50 marks.
Please indicate the section and question reference on the response. Attach supporting
documents to substantiate details wherever necessary.


1   Name of the company (in block letters)
2   Complete address
3   Locations of presence in India—head office, regional office(s), factories/units
4   Contact person and address
5   Company sector/classification
6   Award category for which the company is applying:
     Category II Companies with turnover below Rs 1000 crore per annum
     Category III Companies with turnover above Rs 1000 crore per annum
    7 Does the company have an Environment/ Health and Safety / CSR
        department? 
      Yes  No
    If Yes, at what level doe s it exist? corporate level/ facility level/ at both corporate
and facility levels.
    Please provide details on the hierarchical structure, responsibilities at each level
(if any), etc.
8 Annual turnover of the company (in rupees) (Kindly attach the latest balance sheet/
annual report (if applicable).
9 Does the company produce an annual sustainable/CSR report?
10 What is the vision of the company?
11 How does the vision integrate CSR issues?
12 How does the organization propose to meet future economic, en vironment and
social challenges:
     Within the organization (unit level/head office)
     Within the supply chain
     Within the community

13 Workforce structure

    Number of full-time employees
    Number of contractual employees for steady -state
    Percentage of female employees
    Percentage of non -technical/managerial staff
    Percentage of technical/managerial staff
    Percentage of senior management
    Percentage of professionals/executives
    Percentage of casual workers/tra inees/on apprenticeships
    Percentage of physically challenged personnel
    Gender representation among the above categories
    Indicate extent of supporting acclaimed scientists,
    sportspersons, artists, and civil award winners by way of

14 Please specify whether the information provided in this application form could be
published subsequently and/or be put in public domain by TERI.
     Yes  No
    List the steps that have been taken by the company in order to help the supplier s
and distributors (as part of company’s value chain) become more socially and
environmentally responsible and to improve the efficiency of operations. Give names
of such companies, where your company has taken exemplary steps. Give names of
contact persons in such companies.


Kindly tick the appropriate choice of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ wherever asked. Please provide a brief
        write-up, preferably not exceeding 200 words, wherever details are re quested.
1   What are the products/services of the company?
2   Give the unique selling features of the products/services, highlighting the
    following points. The innovative initiatives taken by the company for enhanced
    quality with regard to the following:
    Minimizing environmental impacts arising out of the use of its products/services
    (life cycle analysis)
     Ensuring safety during the use or storage of the product
     Ensuring health issues
     Facilitating after-sale services
     Any other
3   Elaborate the cause-related marketing of products/services, or any highlighting of
    the environmental- friendliness of the products/services, or the social causes
    related to the use of the products/services.
4   Has the company conducted a feedback survey to gauge public pe rception/customer
    satisfaction of its products/services/ operations, with a view to assessing the
    social and environmental impacts of its activities? Yes  No
    If yes, what is the frequency/periodicity of the feedback? Please provide details.
5   Describe (in not more than five sentences) the company’ management system that
    addresses customer redressals/grievances.
6   What does the company do in order to ensure that the goods they supply to
    corporates adheres to the standards such as:
     Payment of minimum wages
     Equal remuneration for equal work
     Freedom of association
     Elimination of forced or compulsory labour
     Elimination of discrimination in respect of em ployment and occupation
     Ensure contractors follow statutory regulations.
     Abolition of child labour, etc.
7   Have there been any negative impacts on the local community/society/environment
    as a result of the company’s operations?
     Yes  No


     Kindly tick the appropriate box wherever asked. Please provide a brief write -up,
             preferably not exceeding 200 words, wherever details are requested.

Corporate social responsibility policies

1   Does the company have a policy on any of the following? (Please tick as many
    options as relevant and attach a copy of the policy statement)
    Child labour fair labour practices sexual harassment at the workplace employment
    of the
    disabled business ethics health and safety environment quality discipline and
    termination  grievance procedure freedom of association collective bargaining 
     HIV/AIDS
     Any other (please specify)
     Equal opportunities and non-discrimination with regard to gender, political or
         other opinions, social origin, or religion. Please attach a copy of the policy
         statement of the company.

2   Does the company have a CSR policy/policies?  Yes  No . If yes, please
     describe briefly.
3   What active steps are taken to increase awareness on company policies among
4   If your company is an equal -opportunity organization, please state the steps taken
    at all levels (shop floor, production site, and corporat e office) to ensure an
    environment conducive to female employees.
5   Have any special measures been taken to improve gender representation in the
    organization, particularly among the professional and technical staff?
6   What is the mechanism installed for th e implementation of the above -mentioned

Governance and legal issues

1   What steps are taken by the company to enhance corporate governance in the
2   Are issues like transparency/disclosure/anti -corruption integral to the fulfilment of
    the company’ responsibilities? Please attach the supporting documents such as
    internal publications, media reports and any awards won.
Employee welfare/human resource practices: training and development

1   Does the company have clear guidelines conc erning recruitment, termination,
    career advancement, performance appraisal, professional/employee ethics, etc., for
    the employees? Briefly mention the guidelines.
2   What is the employee turnover rate (the proportion of employees leaving
    employment before completion of contracted period)? Give last five years’ figures.
3   Does the company have an exit process, such as an exit interview?
       Yes No
4   Are there any motivational incentives provided by the company to its employees
    (based on performance appraisals) so as to retain talent within the company?
5   Are there any mechanisms installed to identify training needs of the employees?
6   What kind of employee training is imparted? (Tick relevant options.)
    Skill/performance enhancement
    Career development
    Stress management
    Work culture/ethics
    Any other (please specify)
7   Is there a self-development module for employees? Yes No
8   Are there any surveys conducted by the company regarding employee satisfaction
    and/or their perceptions on the work culture or the ethical/behavioural practices in
    the workplace? Give the findings in bullet points.
9   Are effective steps taken to provide good quality of work life, environment,
    safety/security, and general well being of the employees? State some key
    initiatives, if any. Yes No

Labour relations/health and safety measures

1   How has the company faced or dealt with any labou r disputes (if any) in the past?
    What were the average number of workdays lost?
2   Any past history of major legal disputes or controversies concerning anti -union
    practices? How was it dealt?
3   Does the company report on labour practices? If yes please elab orate.
4   What are the steps taken to monitor the implementation of fair labour practices?
5   What is the type of health care system available to the employees?
6   Provide details for on -site nutritional, health, and stress disorder counselling
    carried out during he past one year or two years.
7   Are there any details of health seminars organized for the employees / facilitated
    participation during the past one year or two years.
8   Are employee welfare programmes organized by the company? Please advise with
9   Are there any mechanisms in place for ensuring occupational safety for
    employees/workers at the workplace?

1   What is the mechanism adopted to assess societal requirements and identify
    community needs? Please provide a brief outline of this mechanism. Indicate if
    there is an established trust/foundation/NGO set up/link established by the
    company to implement social activities.
2   What are the key positive impacts provided by the company, whi ch benefit the
    (e.g. employment for the differently abled/poor, social infrastructure,
    environmental protection, etc.)?
3   How is the annual profit of the company going to CSR decided?
4   What strategies has the company adopted to undertake develo pmental activities for
    the marginalized/ underprivileged/poor communities?
    Philanthropic initiatives/donations
     Corporate community investments/socially responsible investments
     Public–private partnerships
     Any other
5   What is the mode of dialogue (formal/informal) established between the
    stakeholders such as local NGOs, local governments, panchayats, and local
    communities? How often are such consultations held?
6   What percentage of annual profits is allocated as funds for CSR?
7   What are the kinds of partnerships that are created with civil society/NGOs for
    social development? Indicate the sectors: health care/ education, literacy
    promotion/ improving rural infrastructure/ rural/community development: welfare
    programmes, economic empowerment of women, income generating programmes,
    child welfare/ community relations: involving employees in community
    development, providing social amenities,/ sub -contracting to community groups,
    micro-financing, credit assistance/ any other
    Please attach a profile of your activities/projects/programmes, highlighting the
     Partners in the project (e.g. local NGOs, clubs or associations, local
        government, etc.)
     Impacts on the beneficiaries (quantify, if possible)

8   Does the company encourage employee giving /volunteering and/or direct
    involvement in the community by way of any of the following?
     Imparting skills to local community
     Secondments (indicate the number of employees participating
     Time-off for employees (number of man -months volunteered)
     Payroll giving

9  Does the company allow sharing of its resources (e.g. physical infrastructure,
   equipment, etc.) for the advantage of underprivileged/poor communities? – Yes/
10 How are social projects monitored and reported?


    Describe one innovative social project that has had a perceptible impact on the
                     community and contributed to societal development.
                       (Please keep to an upper limit of 500 words.)
In the context of the case study, please respond to the following.
1    Title of the case study
2    Objective(s) of the case study
3    What was/were the specific need(s) of the community to address which the
     company initiated the project/ Driving force behind choosing the project?
4    The main participants, initiators involved in the project
5    Process of implementation and milestones (stakeholders, dialogue mechanism,
6    Which of the company’ stakeholders been involved in the concep tualization,
     implementation of the project? What has been their contribution to the success of
     the project?
7    What have been the key challenges that the company has faced towards the
     execution of the project? How did you overcome these challenges?
8    Has there been any internal evaluation/ assessment/monitoring of the project:
     (please attach detailed information on separate sheets)
      Self evaluation exercise (SWOT) and analysis
      Assessment of any major or minor adjustments that has been incorporated in
          the present strategic plan
      Monitoring mechanism
9    Elaborate description on the impact of the programme.
10   Are there any estimates on financial savings or benefits to the company on account
     of the programme? If so, please give details.
11   Has their been any impact assessment study of the programme by an external
12   What are the reasons for achieving or not achieving expected results?
13   State outside partnerships networked for the project?
14   What have been the key learnings of the company?
15   Highlight the innovativeness of the project.
16   Does the project/activity integrate the priorities of sustainable development?
17   How does the project capture learning to share insights within the company and
     outside world?
18   How does the company plan to expand their programme in the future? What is the
     role of the top management in the CSR programme in terms of advocacy and
     scaling up of the project?
19   Does the programme have a component of replicabilty for the other company
     locations? If yes, have been there any activities initiated in this direction?
20   Will the project/activity lead to greater long -term sustainability of the busine ss
     company? How?
21   Summarize the case study in about 500–700 words, in proportion to the weightage given to each

                       Documents to be submitted by the company

1    Short background of the company
2    Factual information on the programme
3    Programme photographs
4    Media reports, if any
5    Any other supporting information

For information only

1    Has any demand been pending against the company from any tax and/or any
     revenue authorities, such as income tax, sales tax, service tax, excise duty, or
     customs duty?
2   Are there any winding up or liquidation proceedings pending?
3   Is the company registered with the Board for Industrial and Financial
4   Has the company filed its annual return with the Registrar of Companies regularly
    and complied with all the statutory provisions of the Companies Act? Has a
    prosecution been undertaken against the company by any authority?
5   Have the company accounts been audited by a qualified chartered accountant for
    the last financial year?
6   Has any direction against the company been issued, and/or has the company been
    convicted and/or punished for any offence, and/or have its directors been
    prosecuted by any authority?
7   Has any unit of the company been closed due to legal proceedings in the past year?
8   Has a public interest litigation been lodged against the company, or has there been
    any agitation by the local community against the company’s practices?
9 Has there been any social /environment audits carried out by a certified agency in
   the last one year?

                 Declaration (to be provided on a company letterhead)
 The company does not face any product - or service-related controversy.
 The company not been called upon to defend any of its advertising campaigns.
 The company not been involved in litigation involvin g breach of corporate
    governance law in the past four years.
 There are no fines/penalties been imposed on the company for illegal activities in
    the past four years. If yes, please provide the amount(s) fined.
 Company is not been convicted of illegal ac tivities?

I,_______________________________ of M/s __________________________ do
herby affirm, declare, and verify that the contents of the above application form are
true and correct, and that no material information has been concealed there from.


TERI shall not be responsible/liable for any information given and representation made
herein above, in any manner, whatsoever.



1   All applications must be duly completed and submitted so as to reach TERI on or
    before 15 October 2009.
2   Please enclose photocopy of the relevant document that indicates the annual
    turnover of the company.
3   The application form along with all supporting materials and documents must be
    submitted at the same time.
4    The organizers of the awards do not bear the responsibility for non -receipt/late
     receipt of any material.
5    Please refrain from sending confidential documents or any original documents of
     high value.
6    Material and documents once submitted will not be returned.
7    A company/facility is allowed to submit more than one application.
8    The applications will be screened by TERI and a distinguished panel of judges will
     do the final selection. Any participant may be asked at any time during the period
     of evaluation to substantiate the claims made in its application.
9    The case study selected by the panel of judges may be audited on site by TERI for
     verification of the details provided. All actual expenses in this regard will have to
     be borne by the applicant. During the verificatio n process of the top-ranked case
     studies, in case the set selection criteria are not met or the information is found to
     have been manipulated or not genuine, the concerned corporate/facility would be
     disqualified, and the subsequent ranked corporate/facili ty would be subject to
10 TERI and the panel of judges will have the sole right and discretion to reject
   entries that do not meet the specified criteria.
11 Case studies that have already been awarded will not be considered.
12 The decision of the panel of judges and TERI shall be final and binding on
   everyone concerned on all matters.
13 Only entries conforming to the rules herein will be considered for evaluation.

                                 MAILING CHECKLIST

1    Completed application form in hard copy and a soft copy on a compact disc
2    Photocopy of the relevant page that indicates the annual turnover of the company.
3    Any supporting documents to substantiate the details provided in the application
     form, such as
            Copy of the company’s CSR policy,
            Copy of the most recent environmental statement / sustainability report
             submitted to the regulatory authorities
            Copy of the corporate balance sheet and annual report for the last financial
             year, etc.
4.   Application fee (non -refundable) made payable by a demand draft in favour of
     TERI, New Delhi
        Category II Rs 5000 per application
        Category III Rs 20 000 per application
5    Any other material for the awards consideration

Please mail the entire package – postmarked TERI Corporate Social Responsibility
   (CSR) Awards 2010 to
Mr R K Narang
Distinguished Fellow
Darbari Seth Block
IHC Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi – 110 003 / India

Tel.     2468 2100 or 4150 4900
Fax      2468 2144 or 2468 2145
         India +91 • Delhi (0) 11