Setting up _ Using Your Intellikeys Keyboard by malj


									                Setting up & Using Your Intellikeys Keyboard

Hooking up a USB keyboard (iMac’s, Windows XP)              Hooking up a Classic Keyboard to PC/MAC:

         Install USB disk                                  *   Make sure computer is off
         Restart computer                                  *   Plug flat end of cable into keyboard
         Plug in flat end of cable into                    *   Unplug standard keyboard cable from back of
          keyboard then other end to USB port                   computer
         Click “Continue Anyway” to Install                *   Plug Y end of the Intellikeys cable in keyboard port
          Intellikeys Firmware despite error message        *   Plug regular keyboard into open port on the cable
         Turn keyboard “on” via switch at top edge         *   Turn on the computer

    If keyboard doesn’t seem to work, try the following:
        1.   Insert Set Up overlay and hit reset key twice.
        2. Check up cable connections to make sure they are secure.
        3. Restart your computer.
        4. Call Intellitools technical support at 1-800-899-6687

Use the   standard overlays to simplify the typing process
         High letter contrast
         Alphabetic Arrangement
         Isolated letters and numbers

Customizing your keyboard settings using the Set Up Overlay:

    *     Key Repeat:                                       *   Key Sound:
          -When the Key Repeat feature is OFF,                   -When Key Sound is OFF, user isn’t distracted by
            repeated keystrokes do not occur if finger            sound keyboard makes. Turn Key Sound ON if user
            is “dragged” along keyboard                           needs auditory feedback
          1. Default setting is normally “ON”                   1. Hit Key Sound OFF if you do not want auditory cue
          2. To turn off, hit IBM/WIN key “OFF”                 2. Hit Key Sound ON if you want auditory cue.
                                                                      -On USB keyboard, can adjust sound 1-4

    *     Response Rate:                                    *   Shift Key Action:
          -Adjusts time required to press a key be-             -Like sticky keys. “Holds” down modifier key
           fore it is activated                                  (i.e. “shift”) for next keystroke then “releases”
          1.   Hit Response Rate key                             First letter is capitalized then next is lower case
          2. On the number pad, push a number for                1. Hit Latch or Latching key to turn “ON”
              the speed (1-15)

    *     Smart Typing:                                     *   To view or print out current settings:
           -Helps users who type at a slow rate by              -This feature is good for reference w/multiple users
            saving user many keystrokes                         1. On USB keyboard, hit Display Features key twice
           -After typing Q, automatically enters “u”            2. On classic keyboard:
          1.    Default setting is off                               -Open notepad or word program
          2. Hit Smart Typing ON                                     -Hit List Features to get current settings
                -After punctuation is entered, 1-2 spaces
                 are entered automatically

Use the Intellikeys with “talking“word processing software such as:
    * Write OutLoud
    * Intellitalk II
Use of Intellikeys with switches:
        2 switch ports for advance & go back functions
        Use with Intellikeys web CD activities designated for “Switch use”

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