Menu-Driven Traffic Controller by reyrey



Traffic Controller

Features & Benefits   Large display menu-driven interface               • A large 4 X 40 character LCD display
                      brings new convenience to the Model                 allows the 390CJ's menus to be based on
                      390.                                                key words and readily recognizable
                                                                          abbreviations instead of mnemonic codes.
                      • The 390CJ's large display and menu-
                        driven interface greatly simplify the tasks     Menu options are grouped in logical
                        of monitoring and modifying the machine's       hierarchies.
                        operation. As a result, the possibility for     • The name of each menu is on the top line
                        error is significantly reduced.                   of the screen with menu options numbered
                      • Note: Standard TMP-390 can be fully               one, two, three, etc., below.
                        upgraded to 390CJ specifications as             • Similarly, each parameter block's title is
                        described below.                                  always on the top line with the range of
                      General Description                                 numbers that are valid for this parameter
                                                                          shown to the right. The second line always
                      • The LCD reflects the latest super twist
                                                                          displays the parameter's name, while the
                        technology for high contrast, good visibility
                                                                          third and fourth lines display the data and
                        from angles up to 30° from perpendicular
                                                                          any details pertinent to that data.
                        and an extended temperature range. It is
                        also backlit by an LED (rather than an          • Main Menu Example:
                        electroluminescent source) for optimum              390CJ MAIN MENU
                        readability under the most adverse                  1 . CONTROLLER       4 . COORDINATION
                                                                            2 . PREEMPTION       5 . MISC. FUNCTIONS
                        conditions.                                         3 . TIME-OF-DAY



` Status Displays Are User-Configurable
    The 390CJ's status displays are user-configurable so they can be made to relate and present status data in
    the format most appropriate for the application.
` Keypad Provides Tactile And Audible Feedback
    To eliminate any uncertainty over whether a keystroke has actually been entered, the 390CJ's keypad provides
    feedback that can be both heard and felt.
` Packaging Is Small, Light and Rugged
    Like its predecessors, the 390CJ is the most compact controller available, so it can be installed in smaller
    cabinets, if desired. Constructed of GE Noryl plastic, its enclosure is both light and extremely durable.
` 100,000 Hours MTBF Rated
    The TMP-390's reliability is well documented. Its mean time between failures is rated at over 100,000 hours.
` Existing TMP-390s Can Be Easily Upgraded To 390CJs
    The TMP-390's basic modular design makes it possible to field upgrade it to a 390CJ in less than five minutes.
    A screwdriver and an upgrade kit, p/n 28027370-001, are all that are required.
` Features
    • Basic TMP-390
      ü   Easily upgraded to 390CJ specs
      ü   8 assignable auxiliary detectors in addition to 8 NEMA detectors
      ü   6 dial, 3 split coordinator
      ü   72 detector sampling periods
    • Menu-Driven 390CJ
      ü Large, easy-to-read display
      ü Easy to use menu-driven interface
      ü User-configurable status displays
      ü 100% data base accessibility including intersection status and sampling report
      ü 18 cycle plans
      ü User-friendly display of all NEMA inputs to the controller
      ü All 16 detectors are fully programmable for:
              -parent phase
              -detector disconnect
              -phase switching
      ü Vehicle and pedestrian calls may be entered from keypad
      ü Displays status of 16 detector inputs; i.e., call delay and call extension, etc.
      ü Detector sampling reports can be viewed on the display

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                   Specifications are subject to change without notice to reflect improvements and upgrades.

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