subscriber get subscriber by lindash


Existing Subscriber Details:

I am pleased to introduce Hathway’s Cable Internet Service to my friend. My Subscription details are
as under:

Name of company/ subscriber: ________________________________________

Contact Details

Contact Name: ____________________________________________________

Tel. No. : _____________________________________________________

I would like to avail the following gift (Please tick):

 Subscription to Outlook
 Subscription to Intelligent Investor
 Audio CD from EasyBuyMusic

Signature:______________________________ Date:____________

New Subscriber Details:

I thank my friend for introducing me to the benefits of Hathway Cable Internet Service and would like
to subscribe. Details of my subscription attached in the Customer Registration Form.

Signature: ___________________________ Date: ________________
Terms & Conditions of Scheme:

1. Subscriber-get-Subscriber scheme is Hathway’s reward scheme for existing subscriber to get
   new subscriber for Hathway.
2. This scheme is valid between 1st November’2000 and 31st January’2001.
3. The benefits of the scheme will be due to the Existing Subscriber if and only if:
   There are no payments pending from the existing subscriber to Hathway.
   Payment from the new subscriber is cleared with Hathway.
4. The gift will be delivered to the Existing Subscriber within 15 days of clearance of payment of
   new subscriber.
5. Hathway reserves all rights to alter, modify or cancel the scheme at its own discretion.
6. The new subscriber will also become entitled to the scheme.
7. Hathway will not be responsible for the quality, service, performance, etc. of any of the gifts.

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