Project Reporting Format by hcj


									                               Cal Poly State University ARI
                         Project Reporting Format -Interim Report

(no more than 2 pages)


Reporting Period:

Project Number:

Project Title:

Principal Investigator (s):

Co-Principal Investigator (s):

Cooperator (s):

Major Objective (s):

Experiments Underway or Completed:

Significant Results and Accomplishments to Date:

Budget Status:
This section should include, but is not limited to, the following information:

     under budget                    on track                     over budget

Describe significant budget deviations to date.

Matching funds:                  none here           some here               all here

If matching funds are not all here yet, please explain why and describe the efforts being made
to remedy this situation.*

* This is critical to the continuation of the project.

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