2008 Hong Kong International Fur _ Fashion Fair by malj


									          2008 Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair

Hong Kong Fur Factory Ltd.
This extremely feminine collection of black, grey, white toned mink, chinchilla and fox with seductive
voluminous collars, hems and long dresses, embellished with fine trimming of fur floral patterns
strategically placed on the bodice, ranging from long and short coats, seductive off shoulder top and
evening gowns, simple yet elegant, laudably create this theme of Midnight Novella, giving an extra
grand and noble sensation. (Designed by Benny Yeung)

Cadano Fur and Fashion Co. Ltd.
Dramatic and eye-catching graduation of black to white and black to violet collars and hem creating
this elegant collection of long and short coats in grey, red and violet mink, black swakara and sable,
chinchilla and jaguar mink, showcases a gorgeously classic style. The collection also embellished
with enamel leather twisted into exquisite 3-dimensional patterns, enhancing the collection with a
modern 60¡¦s classic feel.

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