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									                                 Medea Creek Middle School
Served Daily             Monday                   Tuesday              Wednesday                 Thursday                 Friday
    PB&J               Teriyaki chicken       BBQ Chicken Sandwich         Salad Bar             Turkey Burger      Orange Chicken & Rice
Sandwich or Wrap      Chinese Chix Salad       Chicken Caesar Salad      Chicken Fajita           Greek Salad       Chefs Choice Sandwich
     Pizza              Chicken Wrap             Turkey Sandwich          Italian Sub.        Chicken Salad Sand.    Chefs Choice Salad

    Side Items
       Fruit             Taco Salad              Chicken Burger            Salad Bar         Orange Chicken & Rice       Fish Sticks
   Baked Fries      Southwest Chix Salad         Pizza Spaghetti           Quesadilla         Chinese Chix Salad   Chefs Choice Sandwich
Assorted Veggies      Turkey Sandwich              Italian Sub          Turkey Sandwich         Egg Salad Sand      Chefs Choice Salad
 Edamme Beans
Cheese & Crackers   Teriyaki Chix Rice Bowl   Pulled BBQ Sandwich          Salad Bar           Mac and Cheese            Sloppy Joes
 Low Fat Brownie      Chinese Chix Salad              Fajitas                Tacos                 Soft Taco        Chefs Choice Sandwich
        or            Turkey Club Wrap        Tuna Salad Sandwich        Club Sandwich        Chicken Salad Sand.    Chefs Choice Salad
  Low Fat Cookie

     Drinks         Chicken BBQ Sluggers       Grilled Chicken Sand         Salad Bar        Orange Chicken & Rice  Chow Mein Noodles
      Milk               Chefs Salad                Meatball Sub            Egg Rolls           Wild West Salad     Chefs Choice Salad
LF Chocolate Milk       Chicken Wrap                Veggie Salad           Turkey Sub             Italian Sub      Chefs Choice Sandwich

                          Lunches includes: 1 Entrée, Choice of 2 different side items and choice of either Milk or Chocolate Milk

                                                             * Menu subject to change with out notice

                                                                                                                      Secondary Menu 08-09

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