Louises Angels by gabyion


									                          Louise’s Angels

A collaborative outreach and enrichment initiative for African-American high
                       school girls in Washington D.C.

                        Program Overview
                     2009-2010 Curriculum
                                        Executive Summary

       Louise's Angels was started by a young, college educated, African-American female who
majored in engineering and saw the misrepresentation of women in engineering and decided to
take action to make a change. The current staff of Louise’s Angels is comprised of engineers or
professionals who have strong ties to the engineering community. The members of the
organization share a passion for the field of engineering, as well as helping inner city young
women realize their full potential.

       Our goal is to use this organization to increase awareness among inner-city African-
American high school females about the opportunities that are available within engineering in
hopes that they will be motivated to attend an ABET accredited 4-year college or university
engineering program and eventually pursue a career in engineering upon their completion of the
degree program.

       Louise’s Angels will achieve our goal by providing mentoring, tutoring, and guidance to
African-American females in inner-city areas. We are targeting Washington, DC as our first
city. Louise’s Angels plans to provide the following services to our students:

      We will engage them in engineering competitions around the nation.
      We will encourage them to form “positive” networks within their social communities.
      We will present the young women with the various engineering opportunities that are
       available after college.
      We will provide an avenue to enroll the young women in pre-college activities through
       various engineering societies.
      We will provide young women with educational assistance to attend an Accreditation
       Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited 4-year university under their
       engineering program.
      We will provide book scholarships to young women who attend an Accreditation Board
       for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited 4-year university under their
       engineering program.

       We are currently seeking residents of Washington, DC who are rising sophomores and
juniors and have at least a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) and will be willing to obtain and
maintain a 3.0 GPA once accepted into the program.

                                      Program description

       Louise’s Angels is an initiative that seeks to address the ongoing need to have African-
American women pursuing careers and education in engineering disciplines. This will be
achieved by instilling an appreciation and understanding of engineering fields among inner-city
African-American female high school students.

       Louise's Angels began out of a desire to carry out the legacy of an outstanding female in
engineering, Gladys Louise Clayton. Gladys was a member of one of the first graduating classes
from Howard University that included female engineering students. Gladys suffered from
medical problems that caused her to miss a year of school; despite this she still managed to excel
and graduate with a degree in civil engineering. After graduation, Gladys dedicated herself to
giving back to students by teaching in Philadelphia City Schools before she eventually accepted
a position with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Washington, D.C., where she
retired from in October 2005. While juggling her job and raising a child as a single mother,
Gladys gave back to D.C. area youth by administering SAT preparation classes, participating in
her church’s Women on Women mentoring program, and tutoring students at Hines Junior High
School. On March 5, 2006 Mrs. Clayton passed away shortly after being diagnosed with renal
cancer. Some of the start-up money for Louise’s Angels comes from money that Gladys left her
daughter, the founder of Louise’s Angels and an engineering alumnus of Florida A&M
University, Ms. Angela Clayton.
       Louise’s Angels is committed to increasing interest in engineering disciplines among
African-American high school girls by providing hands-on activities and workshops, tours of
academic/professional/research facilities, tutoring, and mentoring opportunities with African-
American women with engineering backgrounds. Our hope is that by providing these
enrichment activities, our students will be motivated to attend an accredited engineering program
at a 4-year college or university. To further encourage our students to pursue engineering studies
in higher education, Louise’s Angels also will provide financial support in the form of book and
supplemental tuition scholarships.

       Louise’s Angels staff is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in the fields of
electrical, computer, and industrial engineering, computer science, finance and public
administration. Our common thread is that we share a passion for increasing awareness of
engineering careers and majors to African-American females. Our specific focus is to reach those
African American females in inner-city public high schools that do not have programs that focus
on science, mathematics, engineering, or technology, because that’s where we feel the
knowledge and awareness is most needed.

                                     Description of Services

       The high school girls, or “Angels”, selected to participate in Louise’s Angels will form
mentoring and personal relationships with female engineering professionals. The mentors will
introduce the Angels to the different areas of engineering as well as prepare them for the many
experiences and challenges they may face while attending a college or university.

       The Angels will have 24/7 access to their mentors with biweekly arranged meetings. The
workshop/seminar/tutoring sessions will take place every other Saturday from 10:00 AM- 1:00
PM with the first hour of the session dedicated to the workshops and the last two hours of the
session being dedicated to tutoring. Angels may also participate in activities including visits to
research facilities, local college campuses, engineering companies, competitions, and college
tours, etc. These activities may take the place of scheduled workshop/seminar/tutoring sessions
as necessary. Angels will also be required to attend quarterly meetings with the Directors to
assess the progress of program through evaluations as well as to address any other issues
pertaining to the Angels or the program itself.

       Through these activities, the Angels will be exposed to learning activities that reach
beyond the classroom. Angels will be provided with knowledge about various engineering
majors, careers and opportunities that are available after college. Through recurring evaluations
and assessments, our hope is that the Angels will show a greater interest in engineering. They
will also acquire the critical thinking skills needed to engage in applications associated with
engineering. Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the value of applied
engineering. Participating in team activities in projects will teach students to relate to and
communicate with each other in new collaborative ways.

            Louise’s Angels will increase awareness among African-American females in inner city
public schools about the opportunities that are available within engineering in hopes that they
will be motivated to attend an ABET accredited engineering program at a 4-year university.

            Louise’s Angels will also engage the parents of the Angels in their academic progress by
allowing them to participate in seminars with the Angels. The parents will also be able to attend
award nights and poster presentation events where Angels may display projects that they have
been working on while attending the program.

            At the end of their senior year, Angels who meet the scholarship requirements and are
selected by the scholarship committee members will receive tuition assistance. After winning
the scholarship, official college transcripts will be obtained every reporting period from each
participating student. If the Angel fails to keep the minimum requirements concerning grade
point average, semester credit hours, etc., they will be placed on probation for one (1) reporting
period. During this probationary period, Louise’s Angels will make every effort to ensure the
student understands the material and has the proper assistance that they need to stay within the
minimum requirements. After the probationary period is over, if the student fails to achieve the
minimum requirements, they will be removed from the educational assistance scholarship.

                                                  Marketing Plan
            Louise’s Angels intends to have a vast marketing plan that is conducive to advertising our
services to potential and current contributors and still allows us to reach our students on their
level. Currently, Louise’s Angels has decided to explore the route of social networking to reach
our students via Twitter and Facebook1. In addition, the Louise’s Angels website2 is currently
under construction.

    Louise’s Angels Facebook page can be found at: http://tinyurl.com/louisesangels
    Louise’s Angels website is currently under construction but can be found at www.louisesangels.org
       We have been distributing fliers that summarize our business plan and we plan to have
business cards with our logo and titles finished by August 2009. We have also looked into
BlogTalkRadio.com, which is a free service that allows hosts to have a live call-in Internet
broadcast via computer and phone. We will use this as a forum to produce a monthly internet
talk show in which the Angels will pick a topic for discussion for anyone to call in and ask
questions to our topic expert. We have also looked into Google Adwords which is a utility that
creates and runs ads for organizations.

       Louise’s Angels is also scheduled to have an official launch party on September 26,
2009. In an effort to garner potential sponsorship, we will send out formal invitations for the
reception. Invitations will include additional information to inform sponsors of our organization
and why we would like for them to attend. With the above services we plan to reach a vast
market of contributors, and potential Angels.


         Louise’s Angels’ initial focus will be on Washington, D.C. public charter high school
students. As this is the case, our expected primary pipeline for our Angels will come from
partnering with the Washington, D.C. public charter high schools. We have targeted the SEED
school of Washington, DC for our initial focus. We hope that partnering with the SEED
Foundation will provide an avenue to reach high school students, parents, teachers, and
administrators. As a contingency plan and potential supplemental resource for potential students,
we have spoken with the Director of Community Outreach for D.C Public Schools System as a
source from which we can recruit our Angels. We are also reaching out to churches, Girl Scout
Troops, and other organizations serving Washington, DC who may have girls who fit our
Our bi-monthly sessions with students will be held at facilities located within the SEED School
of Washington, DC at times designated by the administration.

Louise’s Angels’ Board of Directors will hold quarterly meetings to keep abreast of the
program’s progress and performance, and will hold meetings to address special topics as
necessary. Louise’s Angels’ committees will establish their own meeting schedules. Any
materials requiring storage will be held at the residences of the Board of Directors.

Implementation Plan

Year 1 of funded project

      June 09-Aug 09

           o Directors form board of engineering and business professionals

           o Directors meet with representatives of similar organizations for research purposes
             and to garner support

           o Scholarship committee develop application and selection criteria to select girls for
             enrichment program

           o Scholarship committee administer applications to selected girls from selected

           o Scholarship committee to select program participants

           o Directors determine meeting schedule and location for workshops and seminars

           o Directors determine operating procedures/ guidelines for tutors and mentors

           o Program committee plan large fundraising event for the kickoff of the

           o Program committee to plan activities (college tours, fields trips, etc.) and calendar
             of events

           o Directors secure personnel for mentors, tutors

           o Young Alumni committee to secure speakers, presenters

           o    Directors work to secure backend information and protocols (insurance,
               background checks, ect.)

           o Directors solicit sponsorship from corporations
            o Directors submit grant proposals

            o Directors plan fundraising activities

            o Directors hold first fundraiser to assist with start-up fees

        Sep 09

            o Throw Kick off party

            o Tutoring, Mentoring, workshop sessions, and activities begin

        Oct 09-June 10

            o Directors conference with tutors and mentors every other week

            o Angels host a fundraiser

            o Workshops/Seminars/tutoring sessions to take place twice a month

                      Tutoring to take place for 1-2 hours after workshops

            o Activities will take the place of workshops/seminars as planned by the programs

            o Directors and board (committee chairs) meet once a term for status checks or as

            o Committees meet once a month or as necessary

        June 10-July 10

            o Angels to complete exit surveys

Year 2

        August 10-July 11

            o Implement second year of Louise’s Angels Excelling in Engineering program

            o Incorporate with other engineering societies and involve the Angels in their

            o Senior Angels notify scholarship and student relations committee of their college
              and major of choice.

            o Scholarship committee to develop and coordinate student send off reception
            o Scholarships awarded to Senior Angels who have met scholarship criteria during
              Senior Send-Off reception

            o Angels host various fundraisers

            o Directors host one reception with planning done by Programs Committee

            o Continue with successful programs and activities implemented in Year 1

Year 3

        August 11-July 13

            o Implement third year of Louise’s Angels Excelling in Engineering program

            o Implement Young Alumni Committee where Angel graduates come back and
              assist with new Angels and the success of Louise’s Angels

            o Angels host various fundraisers

            o Directors host one reception with planning done by Programs Committee

            o Continue with successful programs and activities implemented in Years 1 and 2

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