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					                                                        PILLS Pharmacy Applications Workshop
                                                                                April 19, 2006

California Pharmacy Schools

UCSF (3 is required)

      Recommendation through Pharmcas is accepted, but UCSF Letter of
       Recommendation Form is preferred

      Must submit 3 letters of rec. However, additional ones will be discarded.

      At least one recommendation should be from someone who knows you through
       your college-level academic work. This is usually, but does not have to be, a

      Select your recommenders carefully. Each one should know you well enough to
       provide the school with an assessment of your academic aptitude, communication
       skills, and potential for a professional career.

      It is recommended to send the letters (in sealed envelope with a signature across
       the seal) along with the rest of your supplemental application to ensure that they
       are sent in before the deadline.

UCSD (3)

      As of this year, recommendation letters are to be sent to Pharmcas directly, and
       not to the UCSD Pharmacy School.

      Three (3) letters of reference should be completed on the Letters of Reference
       form included in your PharmCAS application

      This institution DOES NOT accept evaluations from the following:
       Teaching Assistants
       Family Members

      See the Letters of Reference page on this website for a list of possible evaluators.
                                                       PILLS Pharmacy Applications Workshop
                                                                               April 19, 2006

      If you have been out of school for more than a year, request one reference from
       your employer or supervisor.

USC (2)

      Two (2) letters of reference should be completed on the Letters of Reference form
       included in your PharmCAS application
      One letter must be from a faculty member and the second from a person who can
       best describe your capabilities and fitness for a pharmacy education.
       This institution DOES NOT accept evaluations from the following:
       Teaching Assistants
       Pre-health Advisor
       Family Member

UOP (2)

      Two recommendations (electronic or paper copy) from a pharmacist and
       academic recommender. Must be on the PharmCAS forms! Please note
       PharmCAS will not accept more than three recommendations. Please be sure that
       you submit appropriate recommendations to fulfill our requirement. There are no
       exceptions; you must provide a recommendation form from a pharmacist and an
       academic professor.

      If you have been out of school over three years, we require a letter from your
       supervisor. Please check the Pharmcas website for more details!!

Western University (3)

      Three (3) letters of reference should be completed on the Letters of Reference
       form included in your PharmCAS application
      Recommendations should be solicited from people who know you well, but that
       are not related to you. Examples of appropriate recommendations would include
       professors, academic advisors, mentors, employers, teaching assistants.
      The recommendations should state the nature and extent to which the
       recommendor knows you, and should elaborate on the applicant’s attributes and
       abilities including communication skills, ethics, interpersonal skills, motivation
       toward the profession, and maturity.
      This institution DOES NOT accept evaluations from the following:
       Family Members
                                                     PILLS Pharmacy Applications Workshop
                                                                             April 19, 2006

Loma Linda (3)
   Personal recommendation forms are available on-line. Three recommendations
     are to be completed by individuals qualified to describe your performance,
     abilities, motivation, and other attributes. References preferably come from
     college-level course instructors. Employer reference(s) may be included
     (maximum of 2) only if employment was in a health-care related field and
     occurred within three years prior to the date of application. Individuals who
     provide recommendations should be urged to submit them promptly.

Touro University (3)
    Three (3) letters of reference should be completed on the Letters of Reference
      form included in your PharmCAS application and submitted to PharmCAS
    This institution REQUIRES
      an evaluation from the following:
      Science Professor
      Second Science Professor

       This institution DOES NOT accept evaluations from the following:
       Family Member

Instructions for submission of letters can be found on the PharmCAS website.

       Evaluators can submit references to PharmCAS using the online (preferred)
         or paper PharmCAS Evaluation form.
          Online References – Preferred
              To use the online format, enter your evaluators’ name and Email
                 address. Alert your evaluator to watch for an automated email from
                 PharmCAS with the subject "PharmCAS Reference Request". The
                 email will instruct the evaluator on how to login and complete the
                 online PharmCAS evaluation form.
          Paper References
              Enter your evaluators’ information on your web application. Print
                 and have your evaluator use the PharmCAS Evaluation Form. Login
                 to your PharmCAS application and go to the Reference section to
                 print the paper form. The evaluator should complete the paper form
                 and attach it to a reference letter. Pharmacy schools may not accept
                 paper references unless the completed paper PharmCAS evaluation
                 form is attached. Paper references must be mailed to PharmCAS in a
                 sealed envelope on the evaluator's signed official institutional or
                 business stationery. PharmCAS will not accept paper references sent
                 directly from applicants.
                                                        PILLS Pharmacy Applications Workshop
                                                                                April 19, 2006

When meeting your recommender:

Bring along these materials (including, but not limited to):

-Copy of unofficial transcript
-Copy of current resume
-Mini personal statement
-Pre-stamped envelope (if the letter is to be mailed by the recommender)


Be sure to give them enough time (3-4 weeks, if possible) to write the recommendation

     When you talk to them, state your goals and suggest what they might write
      to help you achieve those goals. Coach them to be specific; general praise is a
      waste of space. Don't be shy. A recommendation letter is a sales letter to sell you.
      Now is the time to brag!
     Follow up your request for a recommendation letter by writing a review of
      your conversation. Give suggestions for your recommendation letter. You may
      need to put words in their mouths. When you send them the follow-up letter, be
      sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Then, feel free to contact
      them in a couple of weeks to confirm that they are aware of your deadlines.
     Once you receive your recommendation letter, send a thank-you note. You
      should also let them know about your success and how they helped you

-Organize all necessary materials into one large envelope for your recommender
-Send reminder emails to the recommender when deadline is coming up
-Request recommender to include specific things that will present you as a unique
candidate, such as telling him/her to say something about how you initiated a project,
something about your personality that makes you stand out, or even to elaborate on one
of your notable achievements in his/her class or research lab.


     What is looked for in the letters of recommendation:
       The admissions committee usually looks for letters of
         recommendation from your health professions advisor at your college.
         Letters of reference from work supervisors, medically related
         preceptors, and research mentors are also acceptable but should not
         be used in place of the minimum two professor letters. It is useful if
         the person writing the letter knows the applicant well. An admissions
                                         PILLS Pharmacy Applications Workshop
                                                                 April 19, 2006

  committee wants insightful and in-depth information provided by an
  individual     who    is    experienced     in   evaluating   students.
 Most Deans of Admissions read each recommendation with three
  questions in mind: 1) How well does the writer know the applicant and
  the applicant's academic record? 2) What does the writer have to say
  about the applicant's abilities and characteristics which are important
  for success in law school and the profession? 3) In the final analysis,
  how enthusiastic is the writer's support for the candidate's admission
  to this particular school
                                                        PILLS Pharmacy Applications Workshop
                                                                                April 19, 2006

Career Center
University of California, Berkeley
2111 Bancroft Way, 2nd Floor
Berkeley, CA 94720-4350

9:00am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
(510) 642-1716


“The Letter Service is an official repository for letters of recommendation supporting
admission to graduate and professional schools or application for academic employment.
The Letter Service is available to all currently enrolled UC Berkeley students*, and
alumni of the University of California.” (from UCB’s Career Center website)


Benefits of Service:

   1. If you plan to apply to numerous institutions, this service allows writers to submit
      one letter that can be used to support multiple applications.
   2. You, your institutions and your letter writers will be assured of the confidentiality
      and prompt mailing of your letters.
   3. If you plan to apply in the future but would like to ask for letters now, the Letter
      Service will keep your letters on file up to 5 years for grad/med/professional
      school applicants, and 10 years for educational careers candidates.


   1. Pay the necessary fee. (Enrolled UC Berkeley students/ $20/ Free until
      graduation; Alumni Advantage membership/ $100/ One year from time of
   2. Complete and submit the online registration form.
   3. Sign and mail the authorization form.
   4. Login to your online account to view all account details.
   5. Obtain the necessary recommendation and waiver forms.

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