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Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions

               Presentation to NRIC-VI

                   Ross K. Ireland
            Senior Executive VP - Services
                SBC Communications
          Chairman, ATIS Board of Directors

                  September 13, 2002

                                                 NRIC-VI Meeting
                                              September 13, 2002
What is ATIS?
• A not-for-profit, U.S. based, organization of
  global communications companies.
• Created at divestiture:
      • Technical standards
      • Operational Methods
      • Business Processes
• 128 member companies
      • All industry segments

                                              NRIC-VI Meeting
                        www.atis.org                            2
                                           September 13, 2002
ATIS and NRIC – Historical Relationship
• At the conclusion of NRIC activity:
   – NRC-1
       • Network Reliability Steering Committee (NRSC) created
   – NRC -2
       • Internetwork Interoperability Test Coordination (IITC)
         Committee established
• ATIS Board members and committee leaders have
  chaired one or more Focus Groups on each Council.

                                                             NRIC-VI Meeting
                            www.atis.org                                       3
                                                          September 13, 2002
ATIS Emergency Preparedness and
Security Activities Include:
• Emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS) in Next
  Generation Networks (NGNs)
• Electromagnetic Pulse and Physical Stress/Radiation
• Priority Access Service for GSM
• Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance
• Emergency Services Interconnection Forum (ESIF)
• Network Reliability Steering Committee (NRSC)

                                             NRIC-VI Meeting
                      www.atis.org                             4
                                          September 13, 2002
  Time For A Change
• Proliferation of standards fora and consortia having a
  negative impact on the industry:
   – Overlap of work; redundancies
   – Draining resources (people and dollars)
   – Fragmented U.S. view in the global arena

• Industry standards priorities are not always answered:
   –   Timeliness
   –   Coordinated
   –   Interoperable
   –   Implementable

                                                   NRIC-VI Meeting
                          www.atis.org                               5
                                                September 13, 2002
   ATIS Technology and Operations
          (TOPS) Council
• Board level committee created to provide a
  platform to explore and advance technical and
  operational initiatives tendered by the ATIS

• ―Top 20‖ list of technical and operational issues
   – ATIS SVoIP Summit – outputs provided to NRIC –VI
     Focus Group 3

                                              NRIC-VI Meeting
                     www.atis.org                               6
                                           September 13, 2002
A New Formula for NRIC?
• Focus Groups define and steer work to ATIS
• ATIS committees do the work.
   –   Reduced start-up time
   –   Industry ―experts‖ already in place
   –   Savings to industry—redundancies reduced/eliminated
   –   ―Speed to Market‖

                                                   NRIC-VI Meeting
                         www.atis.org                                7
                                                September 13, 2002
How ATIS Can Help
• ATIS and its 18 committees continue to support the
  work of NRIC and stand ready to provide further
  support to this Council.
   Public Safety                                   ESIF
     (Focus Group 1C)                   Operational Standards
                                        • E911Wireless/Wireline
                                        • PSAP
                                        • E911 Capacity
                                        • Alert Notification

   Network Reliability                             NRSC
     (Focus Group 2)                    • Monitor/analyze outage data
                                        • Establish/reinforce standards

                                                          NRIC-VI Meeting
                         www.atis.org                                       8
                                                       September 13, 2002
How ATIS Can Help

Interoperability             NIIF, T1
(Focus Group 3)               • SS7 and VoIP Standards
                              • Network Management Standards

Broadband                    T1A1 - Quality Standards
(Focus Group 4)              T1E1 - DSL Standards
                             T1M1- OAM&P Standards
                             T1P1 – Wireless Standards
                             T1S1 – Signaling Standards
                             T1X1 – Optical Standards

                                                        NRIC-VI Meeting
                   www.atis.org                                           9
                                                     September 13, 2002

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