Talis Training Introduction to the Talis Database and SQL by gregoria


									                                 Talis Training: Introduction to the
                                       Talis Database and SQL

Duration: 1 Day            Cost: £300


This course provides library staff with the ability to understand the concepts of a relational database and be able to
relate these concepts to the Talis database. Attendees will also gain a thorough understanding of the Talis database
documentation and be able to use it to formulate queries on the database using basic SQL.


Attendees should:

    •   Have a basic knowledge of Talis navigation
    •   Be able to use major vi commands


The course includes:

Introduction to RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)

    •   Terms and concepts
    •   Talis database set-up

Talis Database Structure

    •   Design of the database
    •   Entity relationships tables

Talis Documentation

    •   Layout
    •   Naming conventions
    •   Terminology
    •   Using the manual to find where data is held

Introduction to basic SQL (Structured Query Language) retrieval using ISQL (Interactive Structured Query Language)

    •   Concepts of SQL
    •   Exploring the database tables using basic SQL statements


"The handouts were so comprehensive they required very little annotation - leaving time to pay attention to the
course." - University of Northumbria at Newcastle
"The pace of the presentation was just right for me." - University of Northumbria at Newcastle
"Presentation and examples were clear and concise." - Fife Public Libraries

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