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					                                             Charles J. Rennie
                                        15307 Summerwind Drive
                                       Tampa, Florida 33624-2118


Proven ability to translate complex business requirements into functional specifications and deliver
timely solutions, quickly understand and quantitatively model new business systems,
Project Management – Initiation to Closure, Contact center design and deployment of complex phone
system, Quality testing and effective systems implementation.

Proven ability to achieve effective vendor governance by applying industry specific expertise and
business processes. Strong ability to provide organizational transparency for the company and enable
the evaluation of specific business risks and financial exposures.

Highly motivated, energetic talent; skilled in providing creative solutions to market challenges, that
result in profitable products. I have extensive experience in the communications industries with
cultivated, high level contacts. Team oriented, with pleasing demeanor that attracts talented associates
which collectively exceed expectations.


Aria Solutions, Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada, November 2006 - November 2008

IP/VoIP Integrator – Sub-contract to help assist consolidation of call center operations, develop disaster
recovery plans, and architect VoIP strategies.

       Participated as part of the team in the merger of two Genesys environments (the new at&t and
            o Created one common configuration database to allow future development of Genesys
       Orchestrate the installation of the following:
            o Proof of Concept lab
            o Dev/ Test environment
            o RTS and PPV environment
            o Production environment
       These required the installation and deployment of Genesys applications to allow the interface
        between the current environment and the newly acquired BellSouth environment.
       Managed Cisco IPCC deployment project to support requirements for unified testing of newly
        deployed environments.
       Responsible of PBXs and CTI systems integration projects technical support with strong
        knowledge of Genesys CTI systems and variety of PBXs.
       Strategic thinking & the evolution of telecommunications requirement to support future
        Genesys deployments.
       Completed required documentation for design, implementation and transfer of knowledge to
        support teams.
BCE Elix USA Inc., Atlanta, GA, August 2005 – November 2006

       Gave training session and completed installations of WFM for a BCE Elix customer
       Implemented a WFM 6.5 to WFM 7.1 Migration at a customer sites
       Completed Genesys GVP Certification
       Complete Nortel MPS 1000 Certification
       Created a Genesys outbound application and installed it at a customer site

OutsourceStaff a Division of IDC Resources Inc., Dallas, TX Jan 2005 – July 2005

This contract was to implement Genesys WFM 7.1 and Web Services. Providing knowledge for the
installation and overall architecture of Genesys.

       Created Genesys WFM Architecture and Product Overview for both customer’s lab/
        environment and production
       Prepared project schedule and deliverables for WFM 7.1 project.
       Work with company training department to created in-house training program for both Agents
        and Supervisors (Web Services)
       Work closely with WFM administrators on WFM 7.1 application (Configuration Utility) and
        administrator Web Services access.
       Deployed WFM 7.1 in Lab environment for testing.
       Converted Client from Genesys WFM 6.5 to WFM 7.1 with Web Services
       Worked with other business units in support of the design, testing & implementation of the
        custom-developed applications that supported the Contact Center activities.

Metrocom Telecommunications, Inc., Miami, FL Jan 2004 – Dec 2004

As a Network Consultant for Metrocom I was responsible for the planning, design, implementation and
deployment of converged networking solutions and traffic engineering designs for service providers.
Technical architect for the planning, design, implementation and deployment of a VoIP solution to allow
a Metrocom to offer pre-paid calling card and VoIP services at a competitive price to their customers.

       Provide professional consulting services to Metrocom partners for the delivery of PBX and IP
        Centrex solutions.
       Responsible for evaluating the customer’s existing network and providing the proper design to
        support an integrated voice and data service.
       Provide subject matter expertise in IP routing, IP QoS, VoIP signaling and security.
       Worked in the VoIP Engineering group in the support of a large Cisco/ SysMaster based VoIP
        Network that offers VoIP termination to International customers and voice transport to other
        service providers.
       Responsible for troubleshooting and quick resolution of service affecting voice issues associated
        with QoS and call routing issues.
       Served as a subject matter expert in next-generation broadband access solutions, circuit to
        packet migration strategies, softswitch solutions and carrier class Network Management System
        (NMS) platforms.
Verizon Data Services, Temple Terrace, FL 2003 – 2003

This contract was to implement Genesys Internet Suite 6.5 and interface with legacy application.
Providing my Genesys knowledge for the installation of the Verizon e-Center in Tampa and the overall
system architecture for Verizon Call Center group.

      Offered consulting services to asses contact centers technology, system and applications
      Joined as the Genesys technical architect and became one of the key players in the design and
       development of the Version e-Center Call Center application and its integration with third party
       enterprise applications, like eGain and other legacy systems.
      This is the first installation on Genesys ICS at Verizon and on-going implementations of the
       Genesys solution.
      Install Genesys 6.5 Internet Suite on Window 2000 servers (with HA option) for contact center
       installation, this center supports 250 positions.
      Provided various training, instruction and installation manuals.
      Team lead on development of Genesys ICS with eGain (e-mail based application)
      This implementation was based on Genesys 6.5, Microsoft SQL and Rockwell Spectrum switches.
      Made presentation to Verizon personnel, on the status and project of the project.
      Team lead on development of Genesys ICS with eGain (e-mail based application)
      This implementation was based on Genesys 6.5, Microsoft SQL and Rockwell Spectrum switches.
      Made presentation to Verizon personnel, on the status and project of the project.
      I reported to the senior engineer for the project, with an open door to the manager of call
       center services

Infinite Computer Solutions, Germantown, MD 2002 to 2002

Provided Genesys knowledge for the installation of the Genesys test lab environment and the overall
system architecture for Verizon Data Services.

      Implementing Genesys 6.5 “High-Availability” CTI Lab solutions.
      Install Genesys 6.5 framework on HP N-Class servers for contact center conversions to support
       11 contact Center and 7.000 plus positions
      Wrote various training and installation manuals.
      Worked with Verizon Developers to create a web based reporting application. (based on CC
      Complete training and the development of Genesys 6.5 for all team members’ workstations.
      Tested customer desktop applications with Genesys Framework and created documentations
       and training material for contact centers installation and functionally.
      Supported teams with additional Genesys tools and requirements.
      This implementation was based on Genesys 6.5, Oracle and Rockwell Spectrum switches.
Sapphire Technologies, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2001 to 2001

Provided technical support for hardware and software integration. Created and implemented interfaces
between Genesys and third party applications, including databases (SQL 2000) and desktop (Visual
Basic) applications. Provided technical training and ongoing support and consulting for contact center

       Completed implementation and conversion of Genesys Internet Suite 6.1 and Nortel Meridian
        Option 81 ACD
       Provided independent advice and expertise to help with the design and assed the clients contact
        center and organizational infrastructure.
       Supported development of custom reporting for Genesys reporting application (CC Analyze)
        with Crystal reporting software.
       Advised and assisted customer on use of new applications, current applications, and changes in
        user time requirements.
       Provided customer with working Genesys applications in development lab for future upgrades
        and desktop applications.
       Installed Symposium Link connection to Genesys T-Server and Edify (IVR) I-Server
       Completed skills based routing applications using Genesys Interaction Router
       Interfaced with other department for required information (database) for both screen pop’s and
        Internet Suite applications

Genesys /Alcatel, San Francisco, CA 2000 to 2001

Provided support to Genesys Channel Partners for product knowledge and technical sales presentations.
Delivered technical training for Genesys Suite of Solutions and served as member of Genesys
engineering team.

       Supported Channel Partners in installation of Genesys 6 Solutions in partner's labs for testing
        and development of interface to desktop applications.
       Facilitated sales of software in collaboration with account executive.
       Completed a number of Genesys installation.
       Delivered successful and effective sales presentations and demonstrations.
       Provided technical information for RFI/RFP's.
       Supervised installation of new technologies to maximize performance.

Infiniti Communications, Inc. Tampa, FL 1995 - 2000

Provided technical consulting services encompassing Computer Telephony Integration, Clarify, Edify,
DMS 500 and Meridian 81C ACD. Managed delivery of Advanced Intelligent Network services; billing,
LEC, pre paid cellular applications, Internet related services, call centers and single number services. I
have experience in building complex multi-site call center environment from initial concept through

       Managed operational telecommunication support for multi-site call center environment, Voice,
        WAN, and Network management services and equipment.
       Served as project manager of several concurrent contact center projects.
      Provided technical expertise for on-line billing development.
      Managed database administration (Microsoft SQL Server 7.0), hardware/software support,
       server installation, configuration, and maintenance.
      Call Center Administration for multi-site call center environment.
      Created effective policies, procedures, and management reporting tools.
      Conversion of Genesys 5.0 to Genesys 5.1 in multi-site call center environment.
      Managed a team of six for technical support and data management of a multi-platform


Telecommunication Consultant/ Engineering
     PBX Systems
     Genesys WFM 6.5 and 7.1
     Genesys GVP
     Genesys SIP
     LAN and WAN Networks.
     Cellular Systems. Cellular Clearinghouse services.
     Voice Mail services.
     Nortel Symposium Link
     VoIP H.323/ SIP (SysMaster)
     Wireless 802.11x
     X.25, Packet and Frame Relay Networks
     Data and Voice Networks.
     AIN (Advanced Intelligent Networks).
     Local Exchange Services plus Centex and ACD Single Number Services.
     Genesys (Call Center Application)
     Edify (IVR Applications)
     Nortel MPS 1000 (IVR)
     Rockwell Spectrum PBX
     Nortel DMS 250/500
     Nortel PBX Option 61 and 81
     Avaya Definity G3

Application Engineer
    Genesys GVP
    Genesys SIP
    Knowledgeable in E-911 ANI/ALI systems.
    Local Exchange Services plus Centex and ACD.
    Workforce Manager System Integrator
    AIN (Advanced Intelligent Networks).
    VoIP H.323/ SIP (SysMaster Softswitch)
    Wireless 802.11x
    Cisco 4507R Switch
    Cisco 5350 XM Gateways
    Cisco 7000 and 2500 series routers
    Cisco 2500 series Access Servers
    Cisco AS5400 series Universal / Voice Gateways
    Cisco ATA 186
    Cisco SoftPhone
       Cisco Intelligent Contact Management ICM
       Cisco 7940 and 7960 IP Phones
       LAN/ WAN applications.
       Telemarketing Contact Centers.
       Fiber Optic networks, equipment layout and engineering. Data Networking Applications
       Genesys (Call Center Application) Edify (IVR Applications)
       ACD for DMS 100/500, Meridian PBX's Avaya G3 and Rockwell Spectrum
       SysMaster Applications (Gateways, Gatekeepers, Virtual Centrex and PBX functions)


In depth technical understanding of Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR),
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Predictive Dialers, Workforce Management Systems, Customer
Care/Sales Force Automation/ Knowledge Base Systems, LAN/WAN, and Web-Enabled Call Center


       Windows 2000 Professional and Advanced Server
       Windows XP, Vista
       VMware
       Windows 2003 Server
       VMware ESX
       SunOS 5.10
       Linux
       Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP and Office 2007 Enterprise
       Knowledge of Operating systems
       Proficient in many Applications [Desktop software: Office XP Pro, MS Project, Outlook, PIM,
        Visio, etc.]


       Genesys, System Consultant, Genesys Voice Portal Enterprise Edition 7 (GVT)
       Genesys, Certified Genesys Engineer (CGE)
            o Genesys Framework 5.X
            o Genesys Framework 6.X
            o Genesys Framework 7.X
       Genesys, Internet Contact Solution (ICS)
            o ICS 6.0
            o ICS 6.1
       Genesys Certified Professional (GCP)
       Certified Genesys Routing Professional (CGRP)
       Genesys Outbound Contact Installation Professional
       Edify, EWF System Administrator
       Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Implementation (2154)
       Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Workstation Implementation (2152)
       Microsoft Windows 2000 Implementing and Administering Active Directory Services (2154)
       Microsoft Windows 2000 Designing of Active Directory Services Infrastructure (1561)
       Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and Operating System Essentials (2151)
       Microsoft Exchange 2000 Implementation (1572)
       Microsoft Exchange 2000 Designing (1573)
       Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Administering Database (2072)
       Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Querying with Transact-SQL (2071)
       Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Programming Database (2070)
       A number of PBX


       New Horizons Microsoft Training Center (Microsoft MCSE program)
       Genesys University
       Management Development Courses
       Extensive training and workshops
       Broward Community College - Davie, Florida
       Wayne Valley High School - Wayne, New Jersey


       National Kidney Foundation
       Big Brothers and Big Sisters


U.S. Citizen; Excellent, Health