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List of Israeli Companies - DOC by gabyion


									                   List of Israeli ICT+NewMedia Companies
                                    Taiwan visit
                                  Nov. 2-3, 2009

1. Siklu

       General description:
       Siklu offers an all outdoor carrier-grade Gigabit-Ethernet solution, operating in
       both the licensed 70GHz band and the license-exempt 60GHz band.
       Designed to be one of the building blocks in the NG backhaul and the access
       to portion Carrier Ethernet services, Siklu solutions integrate the ultimate
       networking protocols/capabilities such as Layer 2 switching, QoS policing and
       prioritization and OA&M capabilities, to ensure the carrier-grade standards
       are met.
       Siklu’s solutions incorporate a robust modem that based on real-time adaptive
       modulation mechanisms provide an extremely high link availability ensuring
       the reliability of the backhaul system, to meet also the stiffen requirements to
       support legacy and real-time traffic.

       Siklu’s products based on an innovative architecture using full VLSI design
       result in:
           Disruptive cost performance that will change the mobile backhaul
               landscape, with the lowest price tag in market
           IC/Silicon-based Siklu’s product consist of a robust, reliable and small
               form factor device designed to deliver Carrier-Grade Ethernet services
           Operating in the licensed 70GHz spectrum and the license-exempt
               60GHz spectrum, Siklu’s mmWave radios deliver software-scalable,
               high bandwidth Gigabit throughputs

       1. Would like to meet the following people of mobile operators: CTO, VP
       Transport, VP Network Design and Engineering, executives form the network
       planning department, and other executives involved in designing, planning
       and implementing the backhaul strategy and network.

        2. System Integrators

 2. Skiller Ltd.

       General description:
       Skiller is a provider of mobile multiplayer gaming platforms and variety of
       skill games which are based on contests & prizes. Skiller provides sticky &
       exciting gaming experience and builds gamers society. We enhanced the
     world of mobile gaming with advanced social elements. Skiller platform
    provides the users with the perfect multiplayer mobile gaming environment.
     Users can play with each other cross operators with no barriers of age,
     gender, geographically location and language.

     Skiller provide end to end service: client and server technology,
     operation, content, branding, prize distribution, etc.

    We are the only provider of multiplayer gaming platform over the mobile.
    By arranging mobile contests and tournaments based on awards and prizes,
    we build up social gaming networks that increase our partners’ brand impact
    and subscribers’ base as well as their RPU (generating recurring revenues).
    We provide end to end solution.

     Meeting with the VAS and content managers in each operator.

3. Celeno Communications

     General description:
     Specialized WiFi technology uniquely tailored for error-free wireless HD video
      streaming anywhere within a home.
     Main markets include in-home IPTV video distribution for service providers
     and wireless HDMI for consumer TV applications.


     Whole home coverage for 4 independent HD video streams, through multiple
     walls. Unique 4x4 WiFi technology on the transmit-side, enabling full video
      performance even with simple 1x1 or 2x2 WiFi clients
     Lowest cost in-home video distribution leveraging WiFi as compared with
      higher cost proprietary wireless technologies.

      Ability to work with existing home gateways and Set-Top-Boxes for
     immediate deployment. Also able to integrate within future STBs and

     IPTV group (MOD – Multimedia On Demand service)
4. QualiSystems

     General description:
     QualiSystems TestShell platform is an end-to-end test automation
     system, providing comprehensive coverage for all testing requirements
     and complete quality assurance management. TestShell can be used
     for testing any type of hardware, device or embedded system, turning
     the testing process into a complete quality optimization solution,
     allowing to:
      Slash operation expenditure and time-to-market by reducing test
        duration and effort
      Improve product quality with full test coverage throughout the product
      Optimize test management with comprehensive auto reporting and
        analysis capabilities
     TestShell easily automates a wide range of network protocols, script
     languages and test instruments, without requiring programming skills. It has
     built-in online dashboards that provides reporting capabilities, real-time data
     analysis and enhanced business intelligence. TestShell provides a unified
     platform for IP performance and load testing, as well as for functional testing.

    TestShell is the only fully integrated solution providing end-to-end test
    automation throughout the entire product lifecycle in a single platform.
    TestShell test creation tools enable easy and independent design of intricate
    event-driven tests without programming.

    Quality Assurance, Research and Development, Production
    CEO / CTO, VP R&D, QA Director / Engineering Director / System Validation
    and Verification Director, Production Director / Operation Director

5. MRV Communication

     General description:
    MRV Communications is a worldwide leading supplier of optical
    communications equipment and services to carriers, governments, and
    enterprises since 1988.
    MRV operates eight R&D centers in the US, Europe, and the Far East, along
    with 50 sales offices and support centers, in 21 countries around the world.


    MRV Communications provides high reliability communication solutions at
    the speed of light, from long distance networks to optical Metro Ethernet
 access, having supplied leading edge, service enabler networks to our carrier
 and enterprise customers.
 MRV innovations include platforms that combine traditional transport (WDM,
 Lambda and ROADM), with legacy SONET/SDH support, plus Carrier Ethernet
 Access switching with carrier-class reliability, resiliency, and OAM. MRV’s
 customers can provision any service or application to any port or interface.
 Optical Transport Solutions: WDM, optical extender and converters as well
   as cutting edge Packet Optical Transport Solutions (POTS)
 Optical Carrier Ethernet Access
 Optical Wireless and Wireless Backhaul Solutions
 Out-of-Band management for remote control solutions
 Optical Monitoring and Automation for Carrier and Labs
 MRV solutions are designed to meet the needs of customers who are looking
 for cost effective, high performance Carrier Ethernet and Transport solutions
 that will meet their needs today and over time.
 By combining MRV’s rich technology heritage with tireless commitment to
 customer satisfaction and efficient execution, MRV is one of the top leaders in
 Optical Networking Equipment Solutions.

   Targets: mobile operators

6. Runcom Technologies Ltd.

   General description:
 Runcom provides End-To-End 'vertical' solutions and products for Mobile
 WiMAX Networks and Mobile handset for GSM/CDMA/WiMAX
 Chip level: BWA programmable SOC(system-on-chip) for mobile WiMAX user
 Terminal devices, BWA programmable SOC for mobile WiMAX 16e Base
 Station(Multi sector/PicoPlus/Femto).
 Products: Mobile Headset, User Terminals (ex. CPE terminals, USB dongle),
 WiMAX-TV STB(set top box), Base Station Macro-Pico-Femto, ASN-Gateway,
 WiMesh units for ad-hoc networks, Surveillance wireless cameras.
 Network Operation Center: AAA(Radius), Billing (pre/post paid), NMS/EMS,
 Value Added Services(VAS): BWA VOD, Digital-TV Broadcasting station, E-
 Learning, Surveillance system, Push Email gateway, Instant Messaging(IM)..

 Runcom is the major contributor to the IEEE802.16e and WiMAX forum in its
 early stages and own its own technology for OFDMA. The technology is used in
 Runcom Systems and provides full end-to-end mobile WiMAX system for
 emerging and established networks. Runcom provides vertical solution from the
 chip level to products, ASN-GW and core networks with value added services..

   WiMAX operator, system integrators, equipment manufacture and OEM for
   WiMAX and mobile handset (both to sell and to buy as cooperation).
7. Pilat Media

        General description:
       Pilat Media Global provides next generation business management
       software for:
       Public and commercial broadcasters
       Pay TV channel operators
       TV platform operators (satellite, cable, IPTV operators)
       Pilat Media’s solutions help media companies generate new revenue and cost
       savings by centralizing and optimizing the management of programming,
       scheduling, advertising sales, traffic, and media operations for multi-
       channel and multi-platform TV, video-on-demand and other media
       Pilat Media is the largest and most experienced company totally focused on
       business management for the media industry. It supports the most
       comprehensive, functionally rich, robust, scalable and centralized
       solution for enterprise-wide management of broadcasting and new media
       operations More than 50 blue chip media companies around the world use
       Pilat Media solutions, including FOX, CBS, Discovery and ESPN Star.
       Public broadcasters
       Specialty TV channels
       TV operators (satellite, cable, IPTV) that may be engaged in TV programming
       and/or TV advertising.
       Prospective customers who fall in the categories described above
       Potential system integrators who work in the field of IT and broadcasting
       Potential distributors who work in the broadcast industry

   8. Optiway ltd

        General description:
       Optiway Ltd., founded in 2004, successfully introduced optical multi-service
       solutions for in-buildings wireless communications, based on its unique patented
       optical technology, OTDMLL.
       Optiway grew out of the Targatech technology incubator in 2006, and since then
       finalized product development and successfully introduced optical multi-service
 repeaters and distributed antenna system (DAS) into the Israeli cellular market, with
 initial sales in South America. The development of WiMAX Optical DAS is in final
 stages, soon to begin field trial.
 As of now, Optiway has 19 employees. Optiway sales in 2008 were $ 500,000.

 The need for improved voice quality in offices and commercial buildings, as well
 as increasing usage of mobile data networks indoors, drives the explosive
 growth of wireless in-building solutions. In October 2008, ABI Research
 estimated worldwide market of in-building wireless solution to be $4,809m in
 2008, reaching $15,445m in 2013 (26.3% CAGR 07-13).
 Wireless service providers are leading efforts with building owners, suppliers,
 and enterprises to unlock the in-building market - a major strategic change from
 only a few years ago.
 Optiway solutions use a single optical fiber for all wireless services. Being
 technology agnostic, the products offer high efficiency, small dimensions, easy
 deployment and allow multi-service providers shared solutions. The major
 differentiator of Optiway products is providing optical solutions at a price highly
 competitive to today's RF active solutions, thus considerably expanding the
 addressable market and providing cost-effective multi-service solutions.
 Optiway products were recently field proven in many large DAS installations in
 Israel, such as Modiin Mall, Aviv Tower, Or Towers, Park Azorim, Soroka
 Hospital and more.
 Offering multi service in-building coverage for all current mobile technologies
 (CDMA 800, GSM 900, GSM 1800, UMTS 850 and UMTS 2100) and four
 service providers over a single opticak fiber, one installation in a shopping mall
 with 26 branch units and 190 in-building antennas; the other a high level office
 building with 15 branch units and 292 in-building antennas.

 Mobile operators,
 Manager of Radio RF departments responsible for InBuilding deployments,
 Purchasing managers

9. TTI-telecom

      General description:
 TTI-Telecom is a leading provider for OSS/BSS solutions, we specializes in
 Service Assurance and have a number of solutions covering fault management,
 performance management, service management and a powerful mediation
 TTI Telecom’s Netrac OSS and BSS applications monitor and manage multi-
 vendor, multi-technology wireline and wireless networks covering multiple
 domains including switching, transport, IP, 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G broadband, and
 metro Ethernet
     Powerful mediation framework allows rapid extension of performance
     monitoring to new domains, protocols, vendors and technologies
     One system to monitor multi-technology, multi-vendor convergent networks
     Pre-integrated Assurance Solution - Fault, Performance, Trouble Ticketing,
   Topology based Correlation Engine unique functionally providing configurable
   rules and covers a wide range of network scenarios

     Mobile operators

 10. Radcom

 General description:
 Probe based service assurance for Mobile (UMTS, GPRS, CDMA, Mobile BB),
 Wireline (VoIP, SS7) & IMS networks

 World leadrer with deployed and working solutions for Mobile MM & IMS service
 assurance, QoE, QoS.
 Optimization solution aimed at iPhone usage
 Vendor neutral solution fully scalable, enhances churn reduction, improving QoE,
 end-to-end coverage, 1 solution for all technologies, trend & fault analysis,
 troubleshooting, pre definable work flows for fast solutions

 Mobile operators: IMS division, cable operators offering VoIP services
 WIMAX operators with core network capabilities
 Distributors, System integrators,

 11. ECI Telecom

 General description:
ECI Telecom offers broadband access, transport and data networking
infrastructure solution to service providers, MSO and utility carriers worldwide. Our
product offering includes MSPP, WDM/ROADM, Carrier Ethernet and MSAN

 Excellent price / performance, cutting edge technology, flexibility

 Mobile operators

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