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September 20, 2005   Update on Integrated Proposal for Decision Point 2           Briefing to CREPC of the WIEB – Kurt Conger
September 14, 2005   Selecting A Flow-based Method for Issuance of Transmission   Steven L. Walton For OATI Flow-based Informational Forum,
                     Rights                                                       Minneapolis, Minnesota
March 8, 2005        Grid West: Regional Proposal for an Independent              Presentation to NWPPA Workshop by Bud Krogh, with Allen
                     Transmission Organization                                    Burns, and John Carr
February 4, 2005     Grid West: Regional Proposal for an Independent              Presentation to Montana Public Service Commission – Bud,
                     Transmission Organization                                    Kurt, Larry Nordell, Ted Williams, et al
November 23, 2004    NW Delegation Staff Briefing – Grid West/TIG                 BPA Conf. Call presentation to delegation
November 13, 2004    Grid West: NW Regional Proposal for an Independent           Presentation by Kurt Conger to Pacific Northwest Economic
                     Transmission Organization                                    Region (PNWER) – Winter Meeting 2004
July 29, 2004        Grid West Update                                             Presentation by Bud Krogh (for F.Afranji) to WECC Board
July 19, 2004        Impact of a Northwest Regional Transmission Organization     Presentation by Kurt Conger, EXS, to Seattle City Light
                     on Seattle City Light
July 19, 2004        Grid West: Northwest Regional Proposal on an Independent     Presentation by Kurt Conger, EXS, to Seattle City Light
                     Transmission Organization
July 9, 2004         Grid West Update                                             Update to PNUCC Board – John Carr, Steve Larson, and
                                                                                  Steve Weiss
mid-June, 2004       Northwest Regional Proposal for Independent Transmission     Impacts of NW Regional Proposal to NWPPA FARE – Kurt J.
                     Organization                                                 Conger, EXS, Inc.
June 10-11, 2004     Grid West Update to WECC                                     Update to WECC Joint Committee Meeting – David Cory,
                                                                                  PacifiCorp (on behalf of Frank Afranji)
April 29-30, 2004    Grid West Update – RRG Activities to Develop Regional        Update to DOE, Congressional Delegation and FERC – used
                     Proposal                                                     in packets and by traveling group
March 26, 2004       SSG-WI Planning Work Group                                   Presentation to CREPC on Western Transmission Planning –
                                                                                  Dean Perry
March 25, 2004       RTO West Update – Regional Representatives Group             Presentation to CREPC on RTO West Update – Bud Krogh,
                     Activities in Developing a Regional Proposal – 2003 & 2004   John Carr, Wally Gibson, and Stefan Brown
January 2004         RTO West Update –Will There be an RTO in the West and        CLE – Buying and Selling Electric Power in the West – Bud
                     will BPA be part of an RTO?                                  Krogh
December 2003        Successful Market Design: What Should a State Want? –        “A report from the feisty West“ – Bob Rowe, Chairman,
                     presentation to Harvard Energy Policy Group                  Montana Public Service Commission
November 6, 2003     Report About SSG-WI to Western Power Markets Forum           Report to Center for Business Intelligence on SSG-WI – Bud
September 4, 2003    SSG-WI Transmission Study – presentation to Transmission     Topic of SSG-WI West Coast Transmission Studies - Marv
                     Issues Group Meeting                                         Landauer and Rich Bayless
June 3-4, 2003       SSG-WI Planning Work to National Wind Coordinating           Overview of SSG-WI Planning Work and How it is related to
                     Committee Planning Meeting                                   NWCC Draft Transmission Planning Principles Paper –DPerry
May 29, 2003         RTO West - Overview of Proposal Elements and FERC’s          Update of Sarah’s presentation for CREPC Mtg with RTO
                     Response                                                     West on May 29, 2003

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May 2, 2003          “Key Features of RTO West Market Design as Proposed in        PowerPoint – Sarah Dennison-Leonard
                     March 29, 2002 Stage 2 Filing” – Presentation to Energy Bar
                     Assoc. Meeting
April 24, 2003       “SSG-WI Update of Activities” – presentation at CREPC         PowerPoint – Bud Krogh
April 24, 2003       “RTO West” – presentation at CREPC Meeting                    PowerPoint – John Carr
February 24, 2003    A Differential Comparison Of the RTO West Design To the       Comparison Table – Steve Walton (submitted to Tom
                     SMD Proposal                                                  Vinson)
December 20, 2002    Letter from Allen Burns to NRU and PNGC                       Response to letter to Steve Wright
December 13, 2002    A Strategy for Moving RTO West Development Forward –          Paper – Allen Burns, BPA
                     Allen Burns to Northwest Public Power Association Mtg
December 6, 2002     Preliminary Internal Discussion Draft – “Questions and        Paper – Sarah Dennison-Leonard
                     Answers about Key Features of RTO West” – clean and BPA
December 5, 2002     “Market Design for the West” – presentation to Harvard        PowerPoint – Preston Michie and Chuck Durick
                     Electricity Policy Group
December 4, 2002     “Overview of Proposal Elements and FERC Response” –           PowerPoint – Sarah Dennison-Leonard
                     presentation to BCUC
December 3, 2002     FERC Technical Conference on Transition to CRRs –             Paper presented by Rich Bayless
                     “Transition from Physical to Financial Rights in RTO West”
October 24, 2002     RTO West presentation to Northwest Power Planning Council     PowerPoint – Chuck Durick
                     Idaho Advisory Group
October 22, 2002     FERC – SMD Outreach Staff-to-Staff Meeting on Western         PowerPoint – Phil Mesa
                     Operations – “SMD, Challenges for Hydro-Based systems in
                     the Pacific Northwest”
October 22, 2002     FERC – SMD Outreach Staff-to-Staff Meeting on Western         PowerPoint – Jerry D. Rust
                     Operations – “Overview of Northwest Power Pool Area
October 18, 2002     Western RTO Activities – presentation to Canadian Energy      PowerPoint – Preston Michie
                     Research Institute
Sept. 27-28, 2002    “RTO West Overview” – Presentation to Energy Bar Assoc.       PowerPoint – Bud Krogh
                     Western Chapter Annual Meeting
September 18, 2002   SMD Implementation Challenges For the Pacific Northwest –     PowerPoint – Phil Mesa, BPA
                     CERA Panel
August 27, 2002      Comparison of FERC SMD NOPR to RTO West Proposal              Table – Steve Walton (later updated Feb. 2003)
July 18, 2002        Electric Grease (CSIC Presentation to FERC)                   PowerPoint Presented by Don Watkins
July 10, 2002        RTO West Filing Utilities Questions & Answers DRAFT           For Political Strategy and Communications Group
June 28, 2002        June 28, 2002 Implementation Filing Talking Points            Two-page description of Implementation Plan filed with FERC
June 24, 2002        Proposed Market Design for RTO West – Presentation for        PowerPoint – Steven L. Walton
                     WestConnect Parties
June 20, 2002        PacifiCorp Example PowerPoint Presentation                    ??
June 11, 2002        RTO West Overview - Washington Rural Electric Cooperative     PowerPoint – Bud Krogh

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June 7, 2002          RTO West Update NWPP TPC Meeting                               PowerPoint – Richard Goddard
May 14, 2002          Overview – Canadian Institute of Energy                        PowerPoint – Sarah Dennison-Leonard
Spring, 2002          RTO West: A Super Highway for Electric Power – Article in      Article by John Carr
                      Oregon’s Future Magazine
April 15, 2002        Backgrounder – How Operation of Transmission Systems is        Ed Groswiler
April 4, 2002         New Transmission Organization To Benefit Consumers –           Bud Krogh response to Congressman Jim McDermott
                      OP-Ed Piece to Seattle Post Intelligencer
March 29, 2002        BPA Scheduling Coordinator Services for Full Service           BPA One page Stage 2 description
April 16, 2002        RTO West Pricing Proposal                                      BPA Two page Stage 2 description
March 29, 2002        RTO West Transmission Planning                                 BPA One page Stage 2 description
March 29, 2002        RTO Lessons Learned from the California ISO                    BPA One page Stage 2 description
March 28, 2002        RTO West Governance Structure                                  BPA Two page Stage 2 description
March 28, 2002        RTO West Congestion Management                                 BPA One page Stage 2 description
February 21, 2002     BPA RTO Update to Washington State Governor’s Staff            PowerPoint –
February 1, 2002      RTO West Overview – Washington State House of                  PowerPoint –
                      Representatives Energy Briefing
January 23, 2002      Pacific Northwest Hydro-Thermal System and RTO West            PowerPoint – FERC Market Design Workshop 1/23/02
                      Market Design
January 23, 2002      RTO West Graphics – Columbia Basin Dams, U.S. Canadian         PowerPoint – FERC Market Design Workshop 1/23/02
                      Treaty and Columbia River Projects, DC Intertie Availability
                      and Utilization Jun 1, 2000 – Jun 30, 2000
November 2, 2001      Possible Points on Western Market Differences for Nov. 2,      Paper – Chuck Durick
                      2001 FERC/CREPC Conference
November 7, 2001      BPA Regional Transmission Organization Quick Facts             Melanie Jackson - For use by Political Strategy and
                                                                                     Communications Group
October 3, 2001       RTO West Filing Utilities’ Answers to Questions for            Bud and Political Strategy Group
                      Northwest House Energy Caucus Hearing
August 3, 2001        Synopsis (1 page) and Summary of Basic Information about       For use by Political Strategy and Communications Group
                      RTO West (9 pages)
January 18-19, 2001   “RTO West – A Status Report” – Conference on Buying and        PowerPoint – Bill Pascoe
                      Selling Power in the West

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