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Ian C


									                                       Ian C. Blenke

                                        PO Box 1046
  Mango, FL 33550-1046

Cell: (813)784-6020

       My personal objective is to remain on the forefront of emerging software, data, and
       networking technologies. This includes keeping current in the OpenSource
       community, continually improving the state of the art in large-scale enterprise systems
       administration, and staying up to date with local and wide-area telephony.

Work Experience

     April 2001 – Present: Senior Systems Engineer
Networked Knowledge Systems Tampa, FL

      •   Developed the FUSE based CORNFS distributed filesystem.
      •   Wrote my own AJAXed Ruby on Rails blogging engine from the ground up.
      •   Built and maintained hundreds of OpenSource packages for the management
          infrastructure of a 1000+ node Linux server farm.
      •   Support and maintain a large installed Linux server base of managed services
          offering of Firewall, file server, VPN, and monitoring services running on hundreds
          of virtual User-Mode-Linux servers and physical edge devices.
      •   Implemented VoIP infrastructure using SIP phones and Asterisk PBX software
      •   Started the JSP SVG mapping project for OpenNMS

      January 1999 – April 2001: Platform Development Engineer
      2nd Century Communications Tampa, FL

      • Originally hired early to this CLEC startup as a senior developer. Started the now
          60+ node Solaris/Linux farm. Wrote C, Java, Perl, and Oracle PL/SQL.
      • Transferred to Engineering as a Platform Development Engineer after 6 months.
      • Developed numerous data products ranging from customer premise thin-server
          devices and web hosting to remote access and IPSEC VPN offerings.
      • Implemented Sun FT1800 based Terabridge Pathminder Softswitch platform.
      • We received various awards for helping to build the first of its kind SVC based Voice
          over ATM (VoATM) network.

      March 1996 - January 1999: Senior Unix Systems Administrator
Intermedia Communications Inc. Tampa, FL

      •           Quickly grew a small 8-machine Unix network into a 120-node Solaris/HP
      •          Built and managed the HPOV/Sybase based CascadeView servers used to
          manage Intermedia's national Frame Relay network.
      •          As the lead Unix guru, managed a staff of up to 11 subordinate contractors
          installing hardware and building enterprise architecture.
      •          Built and managed the IT test lab. Engineered and tested a variety of
          telecom cross-platform back-office systems.

     1994-March 1996: CTO
Tachyon Communications Corporation        Melbourne, FL.
      •         Co-founded an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the Melbourne, FL area.
      •         Installed, configured, maintained, and mastered various public domain UNIX
           and networking tools with an focus on lower-layer protocols and security issues.

1991-1994: Unix LAN Administrator
Harris Corporation Melbourne, FL.

     2002 University of South Florida. Tampa, Florida.
      •       Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering (B.S.Cp.E), 3.1 GPA

Acquired Knowledge

      TCP/IP v4 and v6 internetworking.
      •         Routing: BGP4, OSPF, IGRP/EIGRP, and basic RIP II.
      •         Firewalling and packet filtering: mastery of CheckPoint Firewall1, TIS
         Gauntlet, Cisco IOS ACLs, Linux ipfwadm/ipchains/iptables, and
         OpenBSD/Solaris ipfilter.
      •         Network Address Translation (NAT): extensive experience with
         static/dynamic NAT/PAT and various IP helpers, IP load balancing (LVS and F5’s
         BigIP line).
      •         VPN tunneling: PPTP, PPP over L2TP, IPSEC (extensive 2.4/2.6 KLIPS
         FreeSwan/OpenSwan and 2.6 KAME / BSD Racoon), Shiva VPN, PGPnet, SSH,
         OpenVPN, Tinc, numerous others.

     Networking equipment experience:
     • Routers/Switches/IADs: Cisco (from early IOS 9.x on AGS+ through to IOS 12.x on
         7200s), RedBack, Ascend MAX/TNT/Pipeline (and 'core' Cascade 4000/6000
         switches), Bay Networks, Alcatel 7470 (Newbridge 36170), ASC RBOX, Vina MX,
         3com, Fore (Marconi), Xyplex, Livingston, Xylan, HP switches, D-Link, Linksys
     • Experience with Ethernet 802.3[u,z/ab], 802.1[pq], ATM LANE, MPOA, and MPLS
         as well as vanilla RFC1483 PVCs.

      •        Unified ATM and TDM based telephony and data networks.
      •        Signaling: ALTA spec Q.2931 VoATM, SS7, Megaco/MGCP, and SIP.
      •        Transport: experience with VoIP and RTP/RTSP streaming media using SIP
         and MGCP (Asterisk PBX) as well as H.323 media gateways (primarily
         OpenH323/GnuGK and VOCAL).

      •    Active interest in data wireless technologies, including daily experience with
           802.11a/b/g WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless security and penetration testing.
      •    Experience with various WDS meshed 802.11b/g networks, including Linux
           HostAP, Mad WiFi, and broadcom reference firmware (Linksys GPL, Sveasoft,
           DD-WRT, OpenWRT)
      •    Extensive self-study in 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz technologies including Bluetooth, 2.5G
           & 3G W/CDMA UMTS and CDMA2000 (1xRTT/EVDO) wireless, MMDS, and
           higher with LMDS.

     Operating Systems:
       •   Unix: expert with most flavors, including but not limited to SunOS 4.1.x, Solaris
           2.1-2.8 (Solaris8), SGI IRIX 6.5, HP/UX 10.x/11.x, AIX, a few other pure SVR4
           variants, and various BSD 4.4lite derivatives such as
       •   Linux: mastery of Linux from early 0.96plX kernels through to 2.6.14 today.
           Started with the floppy based SLS distribution in 1993 (now Slackware), and now
    routinely work in any one of a number of Linux distributions: Debian based (from
    Potato through to Sarge today with various Sid backports, Knoppix,
    Corel/Xandros, Storm, Progeny, and Libranet), RedHat based (from 4.x through
    to 7.2, Mandrake, S.u.S.e, and Lycorix), Gentoo, as well as various others.
•   DOS: extensive real-mode (DOS 3.1-6.22) experience since early PC-XT
•   Windows: have developed in win16/win32 and wrote WSANet, an early Winsock
System administration
      •  Configuration Management: rsync and a homegrown Make based system similar
         to ISConf. Some cfengine. Currently contributing to Luke Kanies' Puppet.
      •  DNS: BIND 4.x/8.x,/9.x, and Microsoft Win2k DDNS<>ADS integration
      •  DHCP: ISC DHCP v2/v3, Microsoft NT/Win2k DHCP, PXE network booting
         (Microsoft RIS, BPBatch, PXELinux, etc)
      •  Backups: Dirvish (rsync), Legato Networker, Veritas NetBackup, AMANDA, HP
         OmniBack II, dump
      •  File sharing: NFS v1/v2/v3 (Sun, Linux knfsd, Reflection NFS, Microsoft Services
         for Unix 2.0, etc), various SMB stacks (Win98, WinNT, Win2k, Samba, Syntax
         Totalnet), and, as well as some AFS, CODA, and GFS/GNBD.
      •  Network “thin-client” protocols: X11, Citrix ICA, RDP (Microsoft TSE), RFB (VNC)
      •  Authentication: Kerberos v4/v5, RADIUS, TACACS/TACACS+, ERPCD, NIS (yp),
      •  Printing: SysV lp, BSD lpr, LPRng, PDQ, CUPS, Windows SMB based printing,
         Ghostscript, enscript.
      •  Email: sendmail, postfix, smail, qmail, procmail, majordomo, mailman, Microsoft
         Exchange, Lotus Notes
      •  Monitoring: HP OpenView, Netcool Omnibus, NetSaint, OpenNMS, Big Brother.
      •  Volume management: HP-UX, SGI, and Veritas Logical Volume Managers.
         Solaris DiskSuite (ODS), Linux md. LVM, and EVMS (specifically with XFS and
      •  Clustering: Sun Clustering, Veritas Clustering, Oracle Parallel Server, Microsoft
         clustering, Linux Mosix and Beowulf. Actively use OpenGFS on firewire for hosting
         all virtual servers on a two node Linux cluster.
      •  Hardware: Sun 3/60 through E4500, Sun FT1800 Fault Tolerant Servers, and
         OEMed Sun AXi and AXmp based clones, HP: 715, C, D, K, and N class. All PC
         architectures from 8086 through to AMD K8 and Intel P4.
      •  NAS: Network Appliance F740 and F760. SAN: early Sun Sparc Storage Arrays,
         newer Sun arrays (A1000, D1000, A5000), MTI Gladiator Fibre-channel disk
         arrays, EMC Symmetrix, arbitrated loop and switched fabric environments. Also,
         iSCSI, Hyperscsi, and ATA over Ethernet

Development background

       •        Assembler languages: 6502, 80x86, 68000, and IBM 370 assembler
       •        Development languages: Strong C ability, Java, C++, Pascal, and Forth.
       •        OpenSource environments: (GNU tools: gcc, autoconf, rcs, cvs, svn),
           GNOME (GTK+), KDE (Trolltech Qt)
       •        Scripting language: Perl, Ruby, Python, sh/ksh/csh/bash/tcsh shell
           programming, TCL/TK and expect, DOS .bat and NT .cmd scripting, VBS/VBA
           COM automation
       •        Web development: Ruby on Rails, PHP3/4, CGI, mod_perl, Zope, ASP,
           ISAPI, ColdFusion, and Oracle's OAS (PL/SQL)
       •        Windows/DOS development: DOS real mode, Win16/Win32, VBX,
       •        Handheld development: PalmOS, WindowsCE, Linux.
       •        Relational Database development: Postgres 7/8, MySQL 4/5, Oracle 7.3.4
           and 8i, MSSQL 7.0, Sybase 4.9.2 and 11, Informix, IBM DB2.
       •        XML/XSL development: Expat, Perl XMLParse, Ruby REXML

Hobbies and Interests

       My primary full-time hobbies are also my profession. To that end, I am currently
striving to document the things I work on in my personal blog. When I'm not working,
I'm playing with new software and chatting with other authors on

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