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doc - Nimajin Software Consulting by gabyion


									                                              Ted Szoczei
Software Consulting                                     Software Developer

Nimajin Software Consulting is seeking contract work in the domains of image and video proc-
essing, data visualization, pro-audio, networking and VoIP. Nimajin enjoys the challenges of
handling media with software and provides you with reliable, sensible solutions by listening,
creating and working smart and hard.
About Ted                                         Technical Knowledge
Ted is actively studying recent advances in          C++, STL, C, assembly
biological cognitive science and experi-             Win32, COM, ActiveX, ATL
menting with artificial neural networks, im-         WTL
age processing, machine vision and visual            .NET, C#, VB
                                                     WPF, XAML
object tracking and recognition.
                                                     HTML, XML
Ted has extensive experience developing              TCP/UDP/IP, HTTP, NetBIOS
software for instrumentation in the teleph-          Winsock & Berkley sockets, WinPCap
                                                     Wi-Fi
ony and internet telephony domains. He
                                                     DirectSound, Microsoft multimedia & Vista
has proven ability in providing intuitive user
                                                      Core Audio
interfaces and building high performance,            DirectX & DirectShow
often real-time software that reliably inter-        OpenGL
acts with hardware, processes commands               OpenCV
and handles streams of media data.                   Multithreading, concurrent programming
                                                     VoIP: SIP, H.323, RTP, SDP, IMS
Because Ted has worked in small devel-
                                                     OPAL (Open Phone Abstraction Library)
opment houses his entire career, he has
                                                     wxWidgets
been responsible for all phases of the full          Telephony networks & systems, ISDN
software development lifecycle, including:           Bluetooth (Widcomm API)
   inventing new products                           GPIB, RS-232
   architecting solutions                           80x86, ARM, 64180 processors
   selecting hardware                               Device driver development for Windows &
   designing software components, API’s              Linux
    and user interfaces                              Microsoft Compact Framework, Windows
   selecting tools and libraries                     Mobile
   developing software and tests                    Microsoft development tools:
   writing help, manuals and brochures                 Visual Studio (6, 2003, 2005, 2008),
                                                        DDK, SourceSafe, Visio
   constructing installers
                                                     Wireshark (Ethereal) protocol analyzer
   maintaining existing products
                                                     Asterisk, VoIP gatekeepers & registrars
   supporting clients
Ted is highly motivated, he is continuously          Linux development tools:
learning and he loves helping people by                 gcc, make, CVS, SVN
creating excellent software.                         Clinux, LibC, Linux kernel
                                                     National Instruments LabWindows/CVI and
                                                     Wise Installer
                                                     RoboHelp
                 Software Consulting                                      Ted Szoczei
Previous Experience

2006-now Nimajin Software Consulting – Owner & Senior Programmer / Analyst
         Ted is responsible for all elements contributing to the satisfaction of clients and the
         success of this one-person software development consultancy: sales, bookkeeping,
         IT, research, architecture, design, scheduling, development, testing, documentation,
         delivery and support. Ted has completed contracts for Microtronix Systems Ltd.,
         Listen Inc., and The National Centre for Audiology. Projects range in size from one
         day to several months. A list of completed projects is available on the web site.

Since 2002 Contributor to the OPAL and Open H.323 open-source VoIP stack projects

1994-2006 Microtronix Systems Ltd – Senior Programmer / Analyst
          Microtronix is a leading telecommunications test equipment manufacturer located in
          London, Ontario. Ted led the architectural design of the test system software in its
          transition to the Windows OS and componentization using COM. He took the major
          role in development of software for the system, including developing the GUI, an
          ActiveX control for data graphing, the driver and software component to control the
          system’s PCI-bus hardware, and components for streaming audio through the sys-
          tem for analysis and for ISDN and VoIP signalling and media handling.

1988-1994 Microtronix Systems Ltd – Intermediate Programmer
          Ted designed and developed large subsystems, including a data collection system
          with a robust multi-channel transfer protocol for RS-232 and NETBIOS, a GPIB
          command processor, and a graph rendering processor. He also coded device driv-
          ers for measurement devices and graphics chips. His analytical capabilities were in-
          creasing valued in guiding the R&D effort.

1985-1988 Microtronix Systems Ltd – Junior Programmer
          Ted excelled on small well-defined projects such as an RS-232 terminal and a
          memory editor, and progressed to larger ones such as an embedded multiprocessor
          synchronization system and a file server.

1976-1983 Various – cabinetmaker, renovator, house framer, sound system operator,
          guitarist; construction, factory, auto body, delivery & restaurant labour


2006        London Small Business Centre - Business Planning and Business Skills Workshop

1983-1985 Fanshawe College – Microcomputer Programming

Contact     Ted Szoczei (pronounced ‘soot-sey’)
            88 Duchess Avenue                       (519) 434-0497
            London, Ontario
            Canada N6C 1N6                

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