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					                                                 DAVID LYNCH
     A widely experienced Project and Programme Manager with extensive supporting analysis
     and business skills looking for challenging assignments with major ICT users including
     Government departments and Telecom companies.
     Having successfully managed multimillion-pound, multinational Business and IT projects,
     plus teams of project managers, he is seeking consultancy and interim assignments where
     he can actively use his skill set to add real value to a Business.

     Over 10 years full lifecycle Project Management experience in structured environments
     (including PRINCE and PMI based methods). Particular skills/knowledge in …
     o    Vendor selection, negotiation and commercial agreements including service level
          agreements (SLA) and support requirements plus day-to-day Project Management.
     o    Joint venture developments - Negotiation and Project Management.
     o    Bid preparation and tendering to private and public bodies.
     o    Project troubleshooting and turnaround e.g. Clarify, CACI (Cerillion) IBAS.
     o    Processes and procedures for successful IT development.
     o    Project and Development Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
     o    Test specification including integration and UAT (User Acceptance Testing).
     o    Business process analysis, development rationalisation (BPR) including ISO9000.
     o    Telecom OSS and BSS implementations and upgrades including billing, call centre,
          provisioning, and mediation systems. Infrastructures to support these.
     o    Web projects plus Oracle based projects on Unix (HP9000, SUN and NCR) platforms.
     o    Disaster recovery and business continuity planning for both IT and “the Business”.
     o    Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project98, Project2000 and Visio.
     o    Business, technology and user requirements capture, analysis and reconciliation.
     o    Business case production, presentation and realisation.
     o    Strategy – Needs and market analysis. Production of RFT, RFP, RFQ documents.


     POST MADGE.WEB                                                                              2001 - ……
      2002 – Present                o        Produced business plan, forecasts, etc. for bank. Set-up Limited
                                             Company to facilitate seeking of consultancy/contract positions.
                                    o        Obtained formal Project Management qualification (PRINCE2) to
                                             back up extensive practical experience and keep skills current.
      2001 – 2002                   o        Sabbatical due to family bereavement.

     MADGE.WEB LIMITED                                                                           2000 - 2001
     Commercial Systems Manager - Accountable for the development, strategic direction,
     day-to-day operation, security and business wide integration of the Billing and Sales
     Management Systems handling Content, VPN, VOIP, and Internet Services.
     o    Managed upgrade of multi-currency, multi-country Geneva billing system (v3.1 to
          v4.1), to bill data services, VOIP, VPN and Content Distribution. Conducted commercial
          negotiations plus designed and wrote MS Excel VBA to Geneva API for US tax. Project
          on time and under budget (saving of £150k in £530k).
     o    Project managed introduction of a Web based Sales Management System (£30k).
     o    Designed and proposed “flow through” switch/router to billing system strategy to

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        reduce costs, increase chargeable items, and cater for micro payments such as needed
        for content within “3G” billing. Proposal included mediation technology from Xacct and
        integration using Vitria. Ran “proof of concept” study to near real-time bill for content
        distribution in association with Inktomi using new Geneva v4.1 features.
   o    Provided technical direction for integration with proposed Clarify CRM system.
   o    Wrote Company processes to fulfil Data Protection Act and RIP Act requirements.
   o    Member of the Geneva advisory/user group. Chaired this group at Geneva’s request.

   AT&T COMMUNICATIONS (UK) LIMITED                                                 1997 - 2000
   Head of Systems Delivery Group - Full lifecycle responsibility across the Business for
   supplier selection, commercial agreements, delivery, security, data migration,
   integration, acceptance and operational readiness of billing, settlements, carrier web
   access, call centre, and network provisioning systems and processes.
   o    Brought together Consultants, Project Managers and Analyst/Test specialists to form
        Systems Delivery Group. Managed group on daily basis (Direct team of 25; Matrix
        teams to 100). Budget owner for Group and managed projects. ($12m; 1998, 1999).
   o    Introduced formal Project Management (PRINCE2/PMI based), acceptance standards,
        requirement capture/sign-off and checkpoint meetings to control cost, timeliness and
        quality of deliveries from multi-site and geographically dispersed suppliers.
   o    Owned internal customer/supplier relationship. Negotiated on behalf of internal
        customers with third party suppliers regarding requirements operational/technical
        capabilities, training, timescales, risks, costs and legal issues.
   o    Major projects - Billing (ADC-Saville); Call Centre CRM systems (various); LCR Carrier
        web billing access (AMS); Provisioning (Lucent and Ericsson); Mediation (Lucent,
        Ericsson, AT&T); Fraud (Logica); Reporting, warehouse & data mining (Datatrue);
        Carrier interconnect/settlements (Cerillion IBAS); Year 2000 for AT&T UK.
   o    Project managed Y2k project ($3m, 2000+ users) across UK. Produced risk
        assessments, mitigation, upgrade and replacement plans plus test requirements for all
        IT and PBX systems. Assessed suppliers both face-to-face and from test
        documentation. Audited building and service providers’ Y2k plans. Ran scenario and
        brainstorming groups. Reported to UK and US Project Boards and AT&T Attorney. No
        Y2k issues or failures and no interruption to services throughout UK.
   o    Took over management of failing projects from other divisions. Assessed, renegotiated
        contracts and established controls leading to successful delivery and acceptance of
        CACI (Cerillion) IBAS settlements system, and Clarify CRM system.
   o    Managed joint venture developments with Saville Systems (ADC), CACI, AT&T (USA).
   o    Analysed Billing’s operational processes. Revised and rationalised these resulting in a
        simple ISO9001 Quality Management System. Zero non-conformities found at initial
        and subsequent external audits.

   FREELANCE ASSIGNMENTS…                                                           1991 - 1996

   THAMES WATER                                                                     1996 - 1996
   Consultant - Short-term position to analyse needs of re-organised Billing department
   and manage recruitment of 15 Operational and Development staff.

   FOSTER WHEELER AUTOMATED WELDING LIMITED                                         1992 - 1994
   Interim Manager - Consultant reporting to Chairman; Phase 1 - determine reasons for
   poor performance of business; Phase 2 - build business and then prepare it for sale.
   o    Analysed business against customer needs. Established strengths, weaknesses, and
        growth potential. Performed GAP analysis. Produced a business plan to revitalise the
        company. Turnover grew from £250k to £1.75m.
   o    Produced ISO9002 processes covering all business activities (including those for
        project and bid management). Project managed roll out of QMS across company.
   o    Rejuvenated existing sales operation by proposing and implementing a marketing and
        sales plan that concentrated on key strengths in both new and existing markets.
   o    Produced marketing and sales materials. Performed sales visits to existing and
        potential clients. Conducted technical discussions, wrote tenders, and won two

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          prestigious contracts (JET Culham, Oxford University Cryogenics lab).
     o    Supported group board and Coopers & Lybrand in the successful divestment of the,
          now highly marketable, business [T/O £1.75m, Profit £200k] to Motherwell Bridge Ltd.

     CONNOLLY SYSTEMS LIMITED                                                         1990 - 1990
     Development Manager - Recruited to rebuild technical capability and commercial
     viability for this Broadcast Automation specialist and Systems Integrator.
     o    Analysed current operation and liabilities and produced crisis recovery plan. Recruited
          contract staff to meet immediate priorities and contractual arrangements while re-
          negotiating deliverables and timescales in face-to-face meetings with clients in order
          to avoid financial penalties.
     o    Established operational, budget, project and management controls using MS Excel, MS
          Word and Project Managers Workbench (PMW).
     o    Analysed tender documents and defined technical requirements, in association with
          potential suppliers/partners, for automation of BBC TV channels. Authored winning bid
          (£2.2m) using MS Word. Built project team and set-up processes, project structures
          and controls to BBC requirements (PRINCE 1).
     o    Established need for space and project managed a weekend move to a new building.
     o    Balanced project milestones, new orders, permanent/contract staff levels and cash
          flow [w.i.p. increase from £50k to £3.5m in 6 months] to minimise borrowings.

     PERKIN-ELMER LIMITED                                                             1985 - 1990
     Software Manager - Responsible for software development, integration and support
     for Perkin-Elmer’s Gas Chromatograph product range.
     o    Designed, implemented and project managed development of software for PC and
          680X0 based systems in Pascal and Assembler cross-hosted on networked Vax
          computers. Software developed using the Yourdon SASD design methodology with
          formal Project Management and tracking (Project Managers Workbench - PMW),
          software configuration controls and release processes in order to reduce defects.
     o    Initiated a service and warranty cost reduction programme. Analysed reported faults
          and identified separate electronic, software and mechanical problems. After remedial
          action saw eight-fold improvement in reliability for one product plus a general
          reduction in service visits, increase in customer satisfaction and improvement in sales.
     o    Recruited and line managed team of 10 real-time/embedded software specialists.

     QUANTEL LIMITED                                                                  1983 - 1985
     Senior Engineer - Team member then leader designing and developing embedded
     real-time graphics software for Broadcast effects systems.
     o    Enhanced the “in-house” M680X0 real-time operating system and kernel and then
          produced a stand-alone Paintbox/Still-Store diagnostics board utilising this.
     o    Wrote Mirage real-time interface. (M68000, HP1000 assembler) and PC software.
     o    Responsible for development of Mirage graphics software (team of 2) and production
          software. Provided direct customer support for Mirage and Paintbox systems.

     o    Project Management (PRINCE2 Foundation certificate by public examination).
     o    Geneva - Applications Overview – Day-to-Day Operations – Account Maintenance.
     o    Various courses including IT, personal development, team building, quality, project
          leading, budgeting, Human Resource law and practice, general management training.
     o    PhD. - Metallurgy, (1984), Brunel University, “Digital Thermal Analysis…”
     o    Batchelor of Technology – Metallurgy, Honours 2:1 (1979), Brunel University.

     o    D.o.b. - March 12th, 1956 • Married with no children • Clean Driving Licence.

     o    PC and Web technology (www.davesguide.com) • Training of horses • Fly fishing.

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