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					                                     BRIJ RAJ SINGH
 Mobile: 09999074909, 09211710664  Phone: 0120 2630915  E-Mail:
                              * Web:

  ~ Seniior Techniicall Team Lead, Sr. Develloper, Develloper
  ~ Sen or Techn ca Team Lead, Sr. Deve oper, Deve oper
                Evangelliist – An overviiew ~
                 Evange st – An overv ew ~
        Impressive, Innovative career driven by challenges and a desire to be successful in all
                         endeavors, Bridge gap between businesses and IT.

                                        A BRIEF SYNOPSIS
                                        A BRIEF SYNOPSIS
                                        A BRIEF SYNOPSIS

Technically Sound & Business Savvy Technical team leader with nearly 4 years of career
reflecting strong technical background with hands-on Development, team management,
and offshore, on-site Customer interaction. Expertise in concepts of information gathering
from clients at early stage, pinpointing critical code problems at early stages of development,
and devising sophisticated solutions.
A true, software engineer by passion and profession, no attachment to particular technologies,
and always sees a technology as an enabler to achieve a business objective.
Domain Expertise: Retail, Media, Charting, Locomotives, Legacy Messaging machines,
Customer Relationship management {CRM}, Education.

Started with becoming Microsoft Student Ambassador, Asia pacific, year 2005-06, in Last yr. of
Master’s degree, to being one of the most underage evangelist of Microsoft technologies in
India, to becoming founder of technical research team at The Perfect Future, to alone
representing the co. and its products at Mobile world congress conference, Spain, Feb – 2009.
Confabulated, Developed and managed teams and programs across multiple practices using
different technologies across diversified cultural locations - US, UK, and different
parts of India.

A keen enthusiast to the art of evangelism, and evangelizes any new product just like it’s born
today, and it’s the only best religion. One of the early speakers in India over Windows
Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Vista, while the
tech. was still in beta stages. A Noted speaker at Microsoft India Website as well; also carried a
lot of stage shows for Microsoft and it’s technology partners including AWAYA, Mastek, CRIS,
Indian Oil Corporation and others.

Areas of Excellence Included:

          Technical Specifications Development
           Software Development
          Research and development over critical issues
          Risk Identification
          Client Interaction/Requirement Gathering
          Leadership/Training

                                    ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS
                                    ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS
                                    ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS
2005               M.C.A Hons., From U.P Technical University, U.P, India.
2002               B.C.A, From C.C.S, University, Meerut, U.P, India
                                     PERSONAL DOSSIER
                                     PERSONAL DOSSIER
                                     PERSONAL DOSSIER
Date of Birth                    :                 1st April, 1981
Residential Address              :                 A-72, Lajpat Nagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad,
U.P, 201005

                                          Activ it ie s
                                          Act v t es

    o   Represented the co. and it’s product mScriber at Mobile World Congress
        Conference, Spain 2009.
    o   5 day web cast series for Windows Presentation Foundation.
    o   Session – windows Vista and Emerging technologies, Ambassador hotel, Delhi.
    o   Session – W.C.F, and Service Oriented Architecture, Mastek, Mumbai

                                         SKILL SET
                                         SKILL SET
                                         SKILL SET

Managerial / Functional

       Managing & providing technical guidance/support to the project team.
       Help the project managers, in requirement gathering process, to enable them with
        technical knowledge at early stages.
       Bringing the team members to the same level of knowledge, when it comes to
        development understanding, and simplifying critical business concepts with vanilla use-
       Training the local teams over new technologies.
       Laying down foundation of development standards at the projects with diff.
        requirements like setting up the source code control, build deployment strategies.
       Representing the products to potential clients, from technical perspective, and clearing
        any technical question a client may have.


                Skills                                        Details

Platforms                                       Windows {XP, Vista and Server family}
                                                Linux {only for IVR Platforms}

Development tools and Languages                 .Net 2.0, 3.0
                                                C#, Visual Basic
                                                ASP .Net
                                                Windows       Presentation  Foundation,
                                                 Windows Communication Foundation
                                                Asterisk Scripting Language
                                                JavaScript
                                                Dynamics CRM 4.0
                                                Silverlight
                                                Expressions Blend
Databases                                       SQL Server 2003, 2005

Performance Tools                       Microsoft Visual studio team suite tools, ANTS

IVR Platform                                    Asterisk
                                                Zaptel With Digium Cards
                                                PSTN Lines, and PRI Lines
Source Code Control Mechanisms          Subversion, And Visual Studio SourceSafe
Build Deployment Mechanisms              CruiseControl

Business Knowledge                       Media {News portals, Newspapers and Magazines},
                                         Retail {Newspapers, Magazines}, Education,
                                         Locomotives, IVR {Interactive voice response

                                     Proje ct Experie nce
                                     Projject Experiience
                                     Pro ect Exper ence

 Dec 2009 - Dec 2009 (Offsite)               Lookred          Reading, U.K {Offsite @ Noida, U.P}

Title:            Lookred Education Portal

Role:              Module Lead {CRM}

Description:       Lookred is a startup co. in education sector in U.K, they are devising an eco-
                   system of applications, to improve the student performance in schools, and
                   to improve the teacher's efficiency, also to provide better analysis over the
                   data generated during the process for MIS reporting.

Team Size:         4

Environment: Microsoft Dynamics 4.0, ASP .Net 2.0, JavaScript, ASP .Net Web Services,


    o    To setup the MS dynamics CRM 4.0, from the education point of view.
    o    To write API's on top of CRM API for enabling interaction with SilverLight components
         hosted inside CRM.

Aug 2009 - Nov 2009 (Offsite)                Aristotle        Washington, U.S.A {Offsite @ Noida,

Title:             Aristotle - ETL Process

Role:              Solution Architect, Sr. Developer (SSIS)

Description: is a leading Political Data Provider Co. in U.S.A. The
                   Project involves developing a set of scheduled ETL SSIS Packages, which
                   pulls information from a variety of resources like Dept. of Motor Vehicles,
                   National Change of Address.

Team Size:         4

Environment:       SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)


    o    Architected and developed structure and ecosystem of SSIS Packages

    o    Developed health-monitoring programs to monitor the health of SSIS Packages.
        Sep 2008 – Jul 2009           iControl USA       Washington, U.S.A {Offsite @ Noida, U.P}

Title:               iControl U.S.A -

Role:                Team Leader

Description:         iControl is a leading retail broker reconciliation firm of U.S.A for Newspapers
                     and magazines. This project is a revamp on their existing access based
                     database, and old process. It's a SOA based Web application, and a set of
                     web services, which can be used by the Newspaper Distributors and Stores,
                     and the iControl server does the reconciliation of all billing processes
                     between them.

Team Size:           10

Environment:         ASP .Net 2.0, WCF {Windows Communication Foundation}, JavaScript, AJAX,
                   SQL Server 2005, SQL Server integration Services for {ETL process - Extract
                   Transform Load}


    o     Architected and developed Communication Layer of the project

    o     Lead a team of 9 developers, and daily interaction with the client, using Agile Scrum

     Jan 2008 – Aug 2008                mScriber                          OnSite

Title:               mScriber –

Role:                Team Leader, Senior Developer

Description:         mScriber is a company with expertise in Speech Recognition Technologies,
                     Processes and applications. It’s a product developed at The Perfect Future.
                     This is one of only Service Oriented Speech Recognition product in world.

Team Size:           4

    o     For In-house Speech Expert Application - .Net 3.0
    o     For mScriber Backbone - ASP .net Web Services, WCF {Windows Communication
          Foundation}, Message Queues.
    o     For IVR - Asterisk, Linux, Digium Cards
    o     FOR ASR Integration – UniMRCP

    o     Created infrastructure of IVR application using Asterisk with Linux.

    o     Developed mScriber - Messaging backbone to effectively handle loads of voice message
          conversion to Text Messages and channeling Text messages to various channels like
          Blogs, SMS and Social Networks like Twitter, facebook, and Orkut.
 Sep 2008– Jan 2008       mReader (Ace Global Services)   Reading, U.K {Offsite @ Noida, U.P}

Title:             mReader

Role:              Architect, Sr. Developer

Description:       mReader is an automatic
                   meter reader, designed and developed in Participation with The Perfect
                   Future, India. It reads all kinds of meters from remote location, using GPRS
                   based commands.

Team Size:         1

Environment:       Windows Mobile 5.0, .Net Compact Framework, SMS Platform API's from
                 Value First; ASP .Net 2.0, and SQL server 2005


    o    Designed the first prototype of the device, with a working solution.

    o    The prototype device can take readings, send them to a central server, and act on
         commands like instant reading, and scheduled reading, and emergency messages to

 Aug 2007-Aug2007                British Telecom          Ipswitch, U.K (On-Site)

Title:             Test-bed Application

Role:              Sr. Developer (R&D)

Description:       It's a test-bed application - written to test an in-house product of BT. The
                   product is an IE Add-in, which is used to receive calls on VOIP, and record
                   the calls as well, this test-bed application was developed to load test this
                   add-in, provide test metrics.

Team Size:         2

Environment:       .net 2.0, WMI Scripting


    o    Developed the test-bed application using WMI Scripting with .net 2.0, with tools for
         gathering data from simulation process.
 Jul 2007 – Aug 2007           CRM Technologies           Basingstoke, U.K (On-Site)

Title:             Database backup tool

Role:              Solution Architect, and Developer

Description:       CRM technologies is a leading CRM Operations Agency, The project involved
                   creating a customized data backup mechanism to copy the differential data
                   generated throughout the week to another database. Both databases are
                   pretty old in structure and couldn't afford to use replication here; thus a
                   customized SSIS Package was suggested to find the differential data, and
                   update it onto the destination database.

Team Size:         1

Environment:       SQL Server Integration Services, and Visual Basic


    o    Architected, developed, tested and deployed this package in record time of 15 days.
         The Client is a regular client to the perfect future now.

May 2007 – Jun 2007        BSF (Border Security Force)    Secure - Not to be disclosed

Title:             Interfacing Legacy Message transponders with Microsoft Exchange

Role:              Solution Architect, and Developer

Description:       The BSF - an elite border security force, has implemented Microsoft exchange
                   for the secure messaging at almost all locations in India, but they still use
                   Legacy Messaging Transponders at times, and at places where Computers
                   are not feasible. This Solution interfaces the Legacy machine with Microsoft
                   exchange Machines, so if a Point doesn't have an exchange machine, the
                   solution can transmit the email messages automatically using the legacy

Team Size:         1

Environment:       .net 2.0, WMI Scripting, Serial Port Programming with C++


    o    Requirement gathering, and client interaction.

    o    Wrote stubs to Interface the legacy machine with serial port,

    o    Application to run the Commands through the legacy machine

    o    WMI scripts to check if messages are getting through or stuck in queues at exchange,
         and if stuck fwd them through the Legacy machine.
 Nov 2006 – Apr 2007             Hindustan Times           Delhi (On-Site)


Role:               Team Lead, Sr. Developer.

Description: is a leading news portal in India, attracting more than 1
                    million visitors per month. This project was a complete revamp of the
                    existing site, benchmarked against worldwide sites.

Team Size:          10

Environment:        ASP .Net 2.0, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL Server 2005, Commerce Server


    o    Providing guidance to development team.

    o    Development of core cricket charting controls, customized to the need of game.

May 2006 – Nov 2006       Centre For Railway Information   Delhi (On-Site)
                                  Systems (CRIS)

Title:              Control Charting Application

Role:               Team Lead, Architect and Developer

Description:        The application is built for real-time charting of the train movements across
                    the entire country/72 divisions. The application allows up to sub-second
                    response time for rendering and displaying charting data. This allows the
                    controllers to plan effectively.

Team Size:          2

Environment:        .Net 3.0, Windows Presentation foundation {WPF}, ANTS profiler


    o    Feasibility Analysis.

    o    Optimization of Pre-existing code base

    o    Architecture of new Charting Application with Microsoft at Microsoft Technology Centre,

    o    Development of Core Charting Control.

    o    Performance testing for the sub-optimal response time.
Sep 2005 – May 2006         National Informatics Centre     Delhi (On-Site)

Title:             FCI – Centralized PDS

Role:              Developer

Description:       FCI - Food Corporation of India, is responsible for managing the Public
                   Distribution system; NIC manages the process of PDS with the help of a
                   Portal. There are multiple installations per state, and a centralized installation
                   which is used by FCI, Ministry of agriculture, P.M.O.

Team Size:         2

Environment:       ASP .net 2.0, SQL Reporting Services {SQL Server 2005)


    o    Successful Migration of .net 1.0 code to .net 2.0, at multiple installations.

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