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									                                Bill Birchard
USA Mac Drive Irving, Texas ;
469 828 9170 214 295 8519

Project Manager / J2EE Architect / Java /C++

Education: MS BS Masters Mathematics 1982 Indiana U. NASA Engineer, Top Security
Clearance, Articles & Publications , Microsoft, Motorola, Manufacturing, Project Manager
Schools. RETS College 1973 EE Degree

Teaching. Seminars Lectures 10 to 100 Scientist at NASA, Industrial, Schools

Author: Writing Two books on Architecture, Electromagnets

Reference Letter: Will be supplied as needed, Great letters from all previous employers

USA Citizen , USA passport, 100 % Travel , Will relocate, Previous Secret NASA

WORK EXPERIENCE              Hong Kong / China

Oct 2004 – Current Architect / Manager          Blue Domain Technologies USA

As a Project Manager / Architect in J2EE I lead many different projects. I have a very good
knowledge base in J2EE and large Web Projects. I have handled 15 to 100 people. The company
I word for specializing in Government Audit Banking application Software. I’m the Technical
Architect for this project, and with Project Management responsibilities . They use SOA methods
, Web sphere, WSAD, J builder, Web Logic 8.1 Oracle and Db2 and is basically a J2EE shop.
We use Struts, in a Model View controller (MVC)pattern, and layered approach. We have
combined Extreme, and Water fall approach. I’m responsible for the SDLC (Software Life Cycle)
development. We also combine Rational and RUP methods. These are some of the other
products and methods I have used on this job. MS .Net, JSF, ASP, Java , HTML, XML, MS .Net
8.0 and V++ , SCM, and third parts tools. SOX investigation, track inventory. LDAP server, Visio,
CAD tools, T-SQL, Win 2005 servers, Red Hat, HP, Jboss, TomCat Strategies for business B2B,
Trouble shooting Applications XML JSP problems, OOD / OOA design UML, Moving from AWT to
Swing. C++ Legacy Conversion ,Planning, executing of projects, from start to end developing a
great client relationships, a lot of User Case work gathering requirements. I supervised code and
perform reviews (design reviews Java .Net ). I’m involved in J2EE Architect using MQSeries,
Cobra, Hibernate, and other 3rd party software. I have a good knowledge of most of these
methods and products.

Feb - 2004 – Oct 2004 Texas USA Senior Architect / Manager           Vought , Northrop,

This is a US Government contractor that does all type of software for the Aircraft industry. They
also do contract work (software) for the private and commercial corporations. I was there Senior
J2EE / IT admin for Large Net work and security guru. I wrote custom software and scripts (Java
and C++) for Web Apps. I installed and maintained over 50 servers. I handling Backup and up-
dated all software patches. I also wrote Java, scripts and C++ application for server application,
on a Unix and Windows OS. I did UML and Used Case modeling for Inventory and Audit
programs and Gather Data from the customers. These are some of the things I did while at
Vought. Code conversion C++ to Java, Tools, admin PVCS, Others (Solaris 10) licenses servers
. Worked with Blades and Maintained Web Sphere and Weblogic on a Production server.
Maintained HP Open view and TSM. Designed special SOX programs for Audit applications.
B2B, Business, Programmer Analysis,, Altiris , RUP , B2B, Business Migration of legacy code. I
Integrated 3rd party software into other apps.

May 1996 to Feb - 2004 Texas USA / Japan NEC / Design Engineer Applications
IT & Java Development

NEC specialized in Telecom / PBX and Medical equipment. This job required a lot of travel over
seas , Hong Kong, China. Listed are a few of the technologies I’m familiar with. I was at NEC for
7 years as a contractor.

Multi-protocol enterprise networks , audits, evaluation and modeling of network using Rational
Business Used Case , hardware / software; perform critical up-dates and configurations, SCM
,Win 2000-5 Server Networks, Cisco SW. Hubs, Desk Tops, Scripts, SS, PVCS, CVS , Linux,
Scrip, NFS, SDS and NIS. Unix shell script PERL programming, Tracker, Windows XX,
Microsoft, IIS and MTS, Security design, Security software, HP, Compaq, Dell, IBM, PC
hardware, VPN, Voip, Security authentication, Workload Scheduler, date recover procedures,
server hardware, Tracking bugs, Web Tools, T1 communications links over seas. Support 100
servers, routers , Switches, Hubs. Exabyte, Dell Raid ,Cross over Networks, Fire Walls, Demos,
Develop network specifications requirements / documents dictated by the client, Load balance,
Snifter , Net Work custom Tools. Writing C++ code, Outlook,

March 1993 – May 1996         IBM West Lake, Texas         Senior Project Manager C++

This was a service division of IBM extended services, Internet development and software
consulting company. Provide consulting services to large and small corporate clients who require
Client/Server, Internet, E-commerce, Computer Telephony and software development expertise.
Successfully developed several software products that sell in retail computer and bookstores
throughout the country. Personally responsible for all business and technology development. POS
to NEC and Other devices. I also designed Embedded system for hardware POS devices.

Invaluable to clients by maintaining a simple philosophy of (1) analyzing business processes and
client needs (2) offering enterprise solutions by leveraging technology (3) delivering projects in
manageable phases that demonstrate ROI and (4) enabling customers to take ownership. Build a
Total system

Positions Held: Lead Developer, Technical Lead, Architect, Project Manager and Manager
of Software Development team (13 person staff). Utilized a combination of software and
hardware systems to develop and deploy applications. Focused primarily on managing, designing,
developing and deploying applications that meet business requirements based on business needs
and project timelines (best practices). Applications include a variety of Internet,
Telecommunications and Client/Server technologies with SQL Server as a backend database.
Technologies and applications designed and developed include: POS and release of product.
Some core development. These were a few of there clients, Burger King , WasUP, UPS, Major
Corporations Government Ops.

June 1990 – March 1993       IBM Corporation Boca Raton Fl Senior Consultant
Senior Developer for a nation-wide POS implementation. Responsible to both MIS and the
customer supporting data conversion and sales and distribution. Responsible for configuration of
POS to meet customer needs as well as the policies and procedures for implementation.
Responsible for conversion of customer master files, historical data and data retention
requirements. Developed issue management system and other project management tools for
client/server environment using PowerBuilder. C, C++ , Lotus Notes, Tracking system interfaces
to exchange type products , Special DSP projects for Video enhancements. Using TI and 8052
Embedded software/ hardware DOD. Contract out to NASA and developed Robotic devices.

Aug 1987 – June 1990 UPS Ramsey ,NJ            Project Lead and Programmer

1   Software Architect , C Built build systems Application for moving packing, Tech Lead for
    a team of 12 programmers.
2   Design High end graphics cards , Hardware and Software
2   Design Analyzes, communication and process control, in C. DOS and WINDOWS Platform.
3   AI and Package routing systems and Tests Systems

1985 – 1987      IBM Boca FL FT. Lauderdale          Project Lead for IC Tester / Robotics

1       Software / Hardware: Work on PC controllers for AT equipment
2       Did programming and hardware design
3       Worked in ASM and PASCAL, Fourth
4       Did design reviews and had a team of 5 people

1983 – 1985      Hughes Tucson AZ Consultant / Test Sys. VAX Arbs Mis. Control

1       Software: Worked on missile / control systems and balancing war heads.
2       TOW and ARBS, PACSAL and BASIC and ASM.
3       Worked with Hardware / Mechanical Engineers
4       Write balancing software and TOP secrets projects
5       DSP software BIT slice Technology HUD F-XX Stroke, ADA 1553 bus


       Degrees- Master in Mathematics University of Indiana 1974-1982
       Degree in Electronics EE RETS College 1970-1973 , Teacher and Lab Ass
       Degree in Computer Science SP College 2 year 1968-1970
       Top Secret clearance, NTK, Military work GOV. Schools 1984
       Military instructor, Tech Ass. Civilian Site. Equipment
       Microsoft Schools, Exchange, Network Admin, Software C++ 1996-2004
       Contracted to NASA Engineer, Major Gov. Contractors 1989-2002 Robotics
       AI and Electromagnets / Radar Expert / RF
       Dissertation on Electromagnetic Diffusion Through Space
       Publishing Two Books on Electromagnetic Diffusion
       Two Patents on Artificial Muscles, 5 Pending
       Articles published in Design News
       Guest on CNN and University of Michigan
   Built and design a Robotic Arm for NASA
   Who’s Who in America West

   Two Years NEC / Blue Domain UML Modeling, Rational, RUP for a audit program
    and Inventory control system NEC, Websphere setup configuration, web applications to
    Portal frameworks with IBM Web Sphere 5.0 and 5.1 , This was for Vought, IBM,
    Andronics , and Sub-contracts, Java and C++ Coding , Teaching classes on C, C++ ,
    J2EE and UML Modeling J-builder , MS IDE .Net 6.0 ASP, TI
   Two Years Vought / Blue Domain HP Openview , WEB Sphere , Sarbanes Oxley
    Audits for a Government control process Vought, Andronics, With Net Work debugging
    and Securities Software and Monitoring
   Three Years Vought NEC UPS Modeling Network, Configurations of File Servers, ,
    IBM, , application Java server software, HP, IBM Big systems
   One Year Vought/ Blue Domain Websphere Weblogic ,WSAD, Java tools Sun work
    stations Andronics Releases and 70 Projects out to the Webspere
   Five Years NEC,Andronics Configuration Management PVCS , Merant CVS, SCM,
    CMMI, UPS,
   Three Years NEC, Vought Business Modeling Methods PIM for Window , AutoCad
    12, Design Graphics Engines , Maya, Games, Store Boards
   Seven Years IBM, Vought Windows SOX. Audits and IT verification, Security
   One Years Vought, Northrop IBM Architect , Altiris , Tivoli Intelligent management
    software for Insurance and Banking
   Three Years IBM NEC Used Case business behavior using RUP, Reverse Engineering,
    Java design, OOP Full Northrop,
   One Year NEC Vought Large scale Life Cycle design. Integrating over 100
    Components for One
   Eight Years NEC PBX, telephones, VOIP, Firmware, NAT Firewall
   Two Years NEC Vought Release Management, Configuration of Software and installs
   Two Years NEC, Vought SS, PVCS and Clearcase, Java script
   Five Years Blue Domain NEC Software Applications in C++, scripts J builder, C++
    6.0 –8.0
   Five Years IBM, NEC, UPS, Westinghouse NAT Firewall
   Two Years. Blue Domain NEC Deployment EAR, JAR and components to a
    production server
   Two Years NEC, Vought Deployments, Architecture, OAI model
   Three Years Hughes, EatonSystem Embedded System Micro controllers PIX 8752 TI
    series QA Testing bed of nails,
   Four Years Eaton System Custom software Load and regression testing
   Five Years Vought, NEC Developing Java and J2EE application ,Migration of code
    into a Configuration, TCP/IP
   Two Years NEC, Vought, UPS Management Tool and proceed , Full Scale Life Cycle
    Testing phase Start to Finish
   Two Years NEC, Vought Perl, Java scripts for baseline, deployment
   Five Years NEC, UPS, Vought Unix/Linux Commands, Server IT security Patches ,
    Cisco Routers, IPC, T1 LINES

   SevenYears Northrop, NASA, Andronics , Mac Douglas Pentagon Design for
    NASA Robotic Arm, HF Magnetic and RF, Pick and Place
   One Year Andronics Blue Domain, HDR Game Engines , Developer for games and
    Game programs Maya and Special effects
   Four years Hughes IBM Motorola DSP Process Controller, Automated Robotic line
   Three years NEC /Japan Teaching software in Hong Kong, C++, Java , China

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