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									                                                 Andrey Talman
                                5013 Victoria. Montreal, QC, Canada, H3W2N2
                    Tel/Fax (514)344-0032, Cell (514)570-7137. E-mail

        To use my computer skills and knowledge to move a company forward technically and to develop
        systems, science and engineering applications, business management packages to more economically
        and effectively handle the challenges of 21st Century business requirements.
        Learn quickly. Demonstrate problem-solving capabilities. Competent, reliable, self-starter who takes
        great pride in work, good team player, accomplishment oriented, multilingual (English/French/Russian),
        vast knowledge of software, hardware and operating systems, experienced in programming open source
        software platforms Linux and Unix as well as legacy platforms Windows , PalmOS, Pocket PC.

       May 2002              McGill University, Montreal,           Quebec
       Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science.


Programming Languages & API
                ANSI C/C++, VISUAL C++ (MFC), C#, UML, I386 ASSEMBLER, JAVA/J2EE/J2ME,
                JAVASCRIPT, SHELL SCRIPTS (Sh, CSh and WinNT scripts), PERL, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS,
Operating Systems
                 UNIX, LINUX, WIN16/WIN32, PALM OS, POCKET PC
                VISUAL STUDIO 4/5/6/.NET/Embedded, METROWERKS CODEWARRIOR, SUN[tm] ONE

Additional Info.:
                I am Canadian citizen and willing to relocate anywhere within Canada or US if needed.

Professional History:

        Oct 2007 to Present                          CAE Inc., Montreal, Quebec
        Software Developer, Independent Contractor
            Developing software to be used for flight simulations on win32 platform. Developed software to simulate
            Rockwell Collins and Honeywell Flight Management Systems (FMS). Integrated FMS with other aircraft
            systems such as Radio Management Unit (RMU), Control Display System (CDS) and Autopilot. Participated
            in data gathering activities on real devices. Developed software based on Aircraft Flight Manuals and
            collected data gathering material such as device photos and video recordings.
            Tools used: Visual Studio 6, 8 (2005) , C++, C# and .NET, C .

        Sept 2005 to Oct 2007                      Messaging Architects Inc., Montreal, Quebec
        Software Developer
            Participating in development of GWArchive, email archiving and security solution for Novell Groupwise and
            Microsoft Exchange email system. Integrated GWArchive solution with Microsoft Exchange Server using
            WebDAV protocol. Developed XMLViewer, email archive search and browse application. This application
            was implemented using C# and .NET. Developed cross-platform (Windows-Unix/Linux), software licensing
            utilities, similar to well known FlexLM utilities. Developed a few Novell GroupWise C3PO (3rd party
            plugins for Groupwise) as well as MS Outlook plugins using visual studio tools for office (VSTO). Created
            automated build for GWArchive project, using nant and ant scripts.
            Tools used: Visual Studio 6, 7 (2003), 8 (2005) , C# and .NET, C, ASP.NET, XML, MSDE, SQL
           SERVER, FlexLM utilities, Novell GroupWise API’s, LDAP, WebDAV, ant scripts, nant scripts.

       Sept 2004 to Sept 2005                    Tyco Safety Products Canada Ltd., Montreal, Quebec
       Windows Software Developer
          Taking part in windows software design group. Developing and providing support for Windows based
          software to program 4100U custom alarm system. Writing software design documentation, using UML.
          Performed Internationalization of the software by adding Unicode and MBCS support to already existing
          applications. Integrated Automated Unit Testing using CPPUnit into MFC Framework, to perform automated
          unit testing of WIN32 programs. Developed Workstation and Server solutions to run on .NET Framework,
          using C#, ASP.NET. Porting C and C++ software programs to C# and .NET framework.
          Tools used: Visual Studio v6 and v7, MFC, C/C++, C# and .NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft Visio, PVCS,
          AWK, XML.

       June 2003 to Sept 2004                                        UR Navigation Inc., Montreal, Quebec
       Software Developer
           Developing mobile Software to be used by world's largest medical societies. Designed and implemented
           numerous Software Projects. Improved already existing URNavigation products. Developed software for Palm
           OS, Pocket PC, Blackberry and Mobile Phone devices. Ported existing Palm OS and Pocket PC software to
           Java to run on Blackberry and Phone devices , using J2ME and MIDP. Some projects where implemented for
           Windows with Visual Studio (C/C++ with MFC and C#) and Linux Operating System (ansi C, perl Tk,
           and PHP). Involved in modifying Linux Kernel to suit the project requirements, developed new and provided
           support for already existing linux kernel mode drivers. Implemented OBEX Irda protocol on Pocket PC.
           Tools used: MFC, CodeWarrior v8/v9 for PalmOS, MySQL, perlTk, shell scripts, XML, Sun One
           Studio 4 Mobile Edition.

       May 2002 to November 2003                                 MOSTransit Company, Montreal, Quebec
       System Administrator/Web Developer
          Partner in startup company. Designing and maintaining company database, as well as company web site and
          communicating with clients. MOSTransit is a distributor of a Russian and International music records in
          Canada and USA. Company web site: Tools used: Visual Stuido 6, C, C++, MFC,
          Oracle (SQL Plus), XML, PHP, MySQL, Java, Html, Javascript, Microsoft Access, VBA.

       January 2000 to November 2000                        Canadian Marconi Company, Montreal, Quebec
       Software Developer/Tester (Internship)
           Participated in designing, development and testing the Flight Management System (FMS) real time software
           for civil airplanes. Especially in the development of Airline Operational Communication (AOC). Used MS-
           Visual C for Windows NT, MS Visio. Experience in code design, testing procedures and writing
           SDD(Software Design Documents).

Software Contracts:

       January 2005 to July 2005                            Microsoft Corporation., USA
       Software Developer (Independent Contractor)
           Participated in Microsoft Smart Watch request for proposal (RFP). Used latest Microsoft Smart Object
           Technology. Software was developed using C# and was running on Smart Watch with Tiny Common
           Language Runtime (Tiny CLR). Part of the project was a development of a windows application. Windows
           application was developed using C# with .NET framework. Created all supporting documentation for the
           project. The project was developed during spare time, after my regular work.
           Tools used: Visual Studio .NET 2005, Microsoft Visio 2005. XML.

Personal Software Projects:

IPTV Network
Currently under development, IPTV project that targets at delivering live content to end user using MMS stream.
The content consist of multiple channels (streams) that are being read by Set-Top box on the user side. The
project consists at evaluating different set-top boxes, recording and transmitting live channels as MMS streams
in WMV9 format, and delivering these streams consistently to end user. Programmed client database system.
Software used: WMS, Video Lan server/player, RealNetworks Helix server, ASP.NET 2005,

Web Interface Generator (WIG) is a language for creating CGI programs. WIG compiler compiles a WIG
program into a C-based CGI program, an HTML file, and an installation script. Description of the WIG project
including its LALR(1) grammar is available at Implemented using
ANSI C, FLEX scanner generator and BISON parser generator.

Computer Security - Encryption program for Palm OS.
Simple encryption program for a Palm OS. It encrypts text files. Data is encrypted using a strong 128-bit
encryption algorithm. The algorithm uses shared and private keys for encryption and decryption. Tools used:
Code Warrior, ANSI C

Voice Over IP (VOIP) - Performance analysis.
Looked at the performance of Voice over IP (VoIP) on an Ethernet network. Considering the effects of packet
delay, which result in voice delay and jitter. Measure delay and jitter in a VoIP network and determine if the
network will meet the Quality of Service (QoS) standards. Analyzed the result and then wrote the report.

Computer Networks
Designed and implemented C++ based chat communication and file sending across
the network using TCP protocol. Multithreading and Socket programming were used extensively.
Environment: LINUX 6.

Database Design – Library Database.
Topics included comparison of database models, relational database design principles (normalization), and
database implementation using Oracle. The course centered on a group project, for which my group designed
and implemented a database with PHP data entry forms and reports. Tools used: Oracle 8, Java, PHP, Visio,
PC Tex.

Video File Manipulation
Software that uses libdv -, and Runs on Linux. Used to convert digital video (DV)
files into series of images of different format. Input is provided via command line, the program then opens a
specified file and writes data to series of images with user specified format.

Microprocessor Architecture Design and Simulation.
Microprocessor Architecture Design Given specifications and available hardware requirements. Included a
design of Microcode and implementation of the Microprocessor Simulator software using Java. As well as the
design of the assembly language for the Microprocessor. Tools used: OrCad, Visio, Latex.

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