David D Webster • 16040 Redwood Lodge Road • Los Gatos, CA 95033
            phone 408-355-5484 • email david@webster.cc • web www.webster.cc/davidwebster

  I am a creative, high-energy entrepreneur with consistent success in building, managing and
  marketing high technology organizations internationally. Personally launched and successfully
  marketed over a dozen leading-edge high-tech products. Strong customer focus, actively foster
  customer input at every stage of the product life-cycle from conception to maturity. Intuitive feel for
  issues of timing, channel marketing, competitive positioning and pricing, and customer-centric
  design. A natural communicator and speaker, have outstanding written, graphic and verbal
  presentation skills, and deep experience in creation of web content, search engine optimization,
  eMarketing, newsletters, brochures, white-papers, press releases, advertisements, trade-show
  materials, market research, product plans and specifications.

     Resourceful problem solver, with passion for resolving challenging situations into bottom-line
     Skilled Bootstrapper – able to deliver remarkable results from a limited budget.
     Well grounded in all core business functions - marketing, engineering, finance and operations.
     Able to rapidly assimilate and communicate new and complex technologies.
     Hands-on sleeves-up interactive management style.
     Investor and fund raising experience both personal and as Venture Capital Partner
     Seasoned Silicon Valley executive, well connected in high tech community.
     Honors Graduate Electrical Engineer, author of numerous patents.

     Transformed modestly performing consulting business into major manufacturer of computer
      interfaces and peripherals generating $50,000,000 sales from scratch over 5-year period.
     Successfully conceived, manufactured and internationally marketed numerous leading-edge
      technology products, including disc and communications controllers, and specialized routers.
     Licensed and successfully commercialized university-sourced intellectual property.
     Achieved $1,000,000 licensing of my company’s technology to a major US competitor.
     Secured over $5,000,000 funding from Government Grants, SBIR Contracts, Inventory & Debtor
      Factoring and Private Investors.
     Negotiated successful Management Buyout exit

     Pragmatic Visionary - Keen eye on customers and future trends, able to repeatedly conceive
      ground-breaking market-focused products and initiatives.
     Networker - Habitually cultivate and maintain strong relationships with customers, suppliers,
      media, financiers and industry colleagues.
     Skilled Presenter - Excellent written, graphic and oral presentation skills; able to communicate
      complex technical concepts with clarity and simplicity.
     People Oriented - Able to attract, lead and inspire an outstanding team.
     Decisive - Keenly aware of the cost of non-performing employees, products and markets; able to
      make difficult decisions and follow them through.
     Multiply Skilled - A practical manager with thorough technical knowledge, able to coach and
      effectively appraise staff, able to contribute directly where appropriate.
     Business Computer Tools - Comfortable user of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, QuickBooks,
      Browsers, eMail, Usenet, Chat, Desktop organizers, PDF creation, Illustrator & Photoshop.
     Natural Language Skills - English and French, some German.

                                                                                          David D Webster 1
      Web - Talented creator of visually appealing, user friendly and technically elegant websites. Ten
       years valuable experience with search engine optimization, eMarketing, website traffic building
       and monitoring, performance optimization, and user interface design. Tool skills include
       PhotoShop, Illustrator, ImageReady & GoLive; direct coding skills include html, xhtml, javascript,
       css, PHP, MySQL, soap & perl.
      Enterprise Software - Experience with financial systems, CRM, Logistics, Database and web-
       enabled applications..
      Computer Networking - Comfortable familiarity with routers, hubs, wireless, TCP/IP, Internet
       Security, VoIP, Videoconferencing, Intranet, Extranet, VPN, telnet, SSH, TraceRoute.
      Telecommunications - Specify, configure and troubleshoot VoIP phone, Videoconferencing, DSL,
       T1, ISDN and PSTN.
      Computer Hardware - Install, configure and operate Windows PCs, Macintosh, Linux client and
       server systems and peripherals.


YBRANT TECHNOLOGIES – Palo Alto, California
eMarketing Outsourcing – December 2004-present

Director of Business Development, responsible for marketing, generation of new business channels, and
sales. Ybrant provides outsourced eMarketing services and software tools from its low-cost delivery
center in Hyderabad, India. Established valuable new wholesale channels and prestige clients for
Ybrant's range of SEO, affiliate marketing, email, creative and software development services.

NANOTECH ASSOCIATES - NASA Research Park, Moffett Field, California
Business Consulting - 2002-2004

      In 2002 established Nanotech Associates, focused on bringing interstate and international
       emerging-tech companies to Silicon Valley, to catalyze sales growth, build corporate and
       government partnerships, and provide access to finance.
      Through 2002 and 2003 appointed General Manager, Director and Company Secretary of
       nanoSIG, a non-profit organization focused on networking, education commercialization of
       nanotechnology in the Silicon Valley region. Organized, marketed and hosted events, recruited
       speakers, managed financial and hosting sponsors, created and managed the website.
       Implemented and operated web-integrated third-party online event registration, membership
       management and mass email system.
      Founding Partner of MuPhotonics, a startup formed to exploit patented IP for exquisitely precise
       micro-scale wavelength detection technology.
      Founding Partner of Silicon Valley Nexus, a startup focused on consulting, brokering and
       investing in secure Business Process Outsourcing opportunities.
      Extremely well connected within the emerging tech community, including deep links into major
       corporates and startups; angel, corporate and VC investors; university and government research
       laboratories; banks and law firms.
      Researched and advised Scottish WiFi manufacturer Purple Patch Wireless regarding US market
      Product Marketing Consultant for several nanotechnology startups, including Nanocluster
       Devices Ltd, qDE, Integrated Nanosystems, Quantum Precision Instruments.
      Frequently invited speaker and panelist at conferences in Silicon Valley, including nanoSIG,
       ANZA, SABA, NUSEA, Silicon French.
      Established Silicon Valley office and corporate entity, marketing and tradeshow activity for Inquire
       Design, a German 3D design software company.

                                                                                         David D Webster 2
   Provided research and authoring of prospectus for Nutrior Ventures Ltd, a Scottish Venture
    Capital Fund focused on emerging technologies.

                                                                                   David D Webster 3
Virtual Reality - 1999-2002

Chief Operating Officer for Lionhearth Technologies, a startup focused on avatar simulation and
immersion virtual reality for military markets. Designed and produced innovative microprocessor-based
wearable active targets and camera systems for use in realtime human motion capture. Managed
corporate IT infrastructure and website. Managed graphic art and engineering personnel, taking primary
project responsibility. Developed technology extensions targeted at web-based avatar-driven CRM

Venture Capital - 1999-2001

Senior Partner & Director of Technology, responsible for managing this Canadian company's Silicon
Valley presence, and appraising pre-IPO companies world-wide as investment prospects. Managed
several clients engaged in online marketing including GFN online financial network, Goal Media online
store, and Pyderion computer telephony for online callcenters. Also responsible for the company's IT
infrastructure, and creation and development of Martlet's acclaimed website. Martlet was acquired by
Munich-based Knorr Capital Partner, AG in 2000. At Knorr continued to hold the same responsibilities,
also contributed to development of international videoconferencing and a web-based internal
communications intranet.

Computer Networking - 1992-1999

Licensed Australian University IP for a Macintosh computer network router, and invested in engineering
and worldwide marketing of the product in North America, Europe and Australia. In consultation with
customers, identified and implemented important product developments, such as Remote Access
Serving, Network Modem Serving, and in-band management. Achieved many awards and favorable
product reviews in the trade press, including a coveted 4-mouse award from Mac User Magazine.
Prestigious volume customers for this product included Ernst&Young throughout America, Apple
Computer, the Alaska State Legislature, Institut Pasteur in Paris, and schools and universities throughout
the world. Personally managed marketing activities including direct mail, email newsletter, tradeshows,
press liaison, newsgroup activity and wide-ranging Internet presence, achieving total sales of
approximately $10,000,000 for the product. The product anticipated the Internet revolution by providing
for TCP/IP encapsulation within AppleTalk protocol, permitting flexible Internet access from simple
Macintosh networks, and generating powerful interest especially from the Education market. Also
engaged in world-wide marketing of another Australian product, NAServer Administrator, which provided
a graphical user interface to Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) Pathworks network operating
system, and achieved sales of $1 million to such customers as Coopers and Lybrand and Union Bank of

Computer Interfaces - 1983-1992

Identified several key opportunities for disc and communication controllers in the Digital Equipment
Corporation (DEC) marketplace, and sold in excess of 20,000 units grossing $30 million over several
years. Established sales and service offices in San Jose, California and in London, England. Recruited
major resellers and integrators such as Pioneer Technologies, Dilog, Genrad and Qualogy and
prestigious volume end-user contracts were obtained from the likes of University of Michigan, and the US
Postal Service. In 1985 negotiated a $1 million non-exclusive manufacturing license to Sigma Information
Systems in Anaheim, California for a cached-ESDI disc controller design. Initially designed all products
personally; progressively recruited, coached and directed team of engineers. During the 1980's traveled
extensively in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia, and became proficient and comfortable
conducting business in foreign languages and cultures. In 1988 established new Australian division
                                                                                        David D Webster 4
Webster Computer Systems, which built and serviced complete computer systems based on the DEC-
compatible controllers, and later on the Intel/Microsoft platform. Grew this division rapidly, reaching sales
of $10 million annually with staff of 65 persons, and established sales and service offices in Sydney,
Brisbane, Adelaide and Auckland. ISO9000 certification was obtained in 1992. Was honored with several
awards for services to the Australian computer industry and for export achievement, and was a frequent
keynote speaker at computer conferences. Appointed to an Australian Government technology and
cultural exchange delegation to the Academia Sineca in Beijing, China.


Honors Graduate in Electrical Engineering, Electronics (MSEE equivalent)
University of Melbourne, Australia

                                                                                           David D Webster 5

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