TOWN & COUNTRY DEMOCRATIC CLUB
                   SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA



The name of this organization shall be the TOWN & COUNTRY DEMOCRATIC
CLUB hereafter referred to as the T & C Club.


SECTION 1. The purpose of this organization shall be to support the [Democratic Party] principles
and platforms of the Democratic Party and implement them in actions taken on local, state and
national issues; to support Democratic candidates in local, state and national elections; to encourage
and support [Club] members to run for political office; and to work with other Democratic clubs [and
like-minded organizations] in the community to achieve mutual goals.

SECTION 2. The Town & Country (T&C) Club is a General Purpose Committee with a [Political
Action Committee (PAC)] P.A.C. (Political Action Committee) number on file with the California
Secretary of State (Gov. Code Section 82027-5). The T&C Club may also contribute to National
[national, state and local] candidates, (President and/or Congressional) and shall [will] comply with
State of California [local], state, and federal laws regarding political work and/or contributions to
candidates, propositions [ballot measures], etc.

SECTION 3. Town & Country-Democratic [The] Club shall [may] be chartered annually by the
Sacramento County Democratic Central Committee [, hereafter referred to as the SCDCC,] by the
second Tuesday of February [as dictated by the requirements/bylaws of the SCDCC.] [The] Club
shall [may also] be affiliated with the California Democratic Council, hereafter identified [referred]
to as [the] CDC. [The Club may also affiliate itself with other like-minded organizations as
recommended by the Steering Committee and voted on by a majority of members present at a
general membership meeting.]


SECTION 1. Qualification for Membership: Membership in the T&C Club shall be [is] open to all
registered Democrats who support the Democratic Party and its principles as expressed in the party

SECTION 2. Voting Privileges: Only members in good standing whose [(dues are currently paid)
and] have been members for at least thirty (30) calendar days, are eligible to vote on any issue
[including the] endorsement of candidates [or ballot measures] seeking public office, or Club Office
[the election of club officers].

SECTION 1. Dues are due and payable by January 1 of each calendar year.

SECTION 2. Dues received from new members on or after September 1 of any calendar year shall be
applied as dues paid through December 31 of the following calendar year.

SECTION 3. Dues shall be set by [a] vote of the members at a [general] membership meeting.
Proposed changes in dues must be announced in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting
at which the vote will be taken. A simple majority of those voting at the membership meeting shall


SECTION 1. Officers: The officers of the Club shall consist of the President, Vice-President,
Secretary[,] and Treasurer and Immediate Past President.

SECTION 2. Term of Office: A term of office shall be one year, beginning with the regular January
membership meeting.

SECTION 3. Nominations: A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President in
September of each year. It shall consist of at least five members approved by the Steering
Committee. At least three of the Committee members shall be from the general membership [, i.e.
not members of the Steering Committee]. The Chair of the Committee shall be selected by its
members. The Nominating Committee shall submit a list of potential officers who are members in
good standing at the October general membership meeting. Any member in good standing may be
nominated from the floor at the October or November meetings.

SECTION 4. Elections: Election of officers shall be by secret ballot at the November membership
meeting. Ballots shall be mailed to the membership in the November newsletter. There will be
a place on the ballot for write-in candidates for each office. The candidates who get a simple majority
of the votes cast for each office shall be considered elected.

SECTION 5. Installation of Officers: Installation of officers shall be held at the December [January
general membership] meeting, at which time the President shall present the Steering Committee.

SECTION 6. Filling of Vacancies: Vacancies in elected offices shall be filled by recommendation(s)
of the Steering Committee [and voted on by a simple majority at the next general membership

SECTION 7. Termination: Any elected officer who misses meetings within his/her term of office or
three consecutive [general] membership meetings may be removed for failure to execute his/her


SECTION 1. President: The President shall [will] be the official representative of the Town &
Country Democratic Club. He/she shall preside over membership meetings of the Club and of the
Steering Committee and shall perform such other duties as normally pertain to the office. He/she
shall [will] appoint chairpersons of all committees [except the Nominating Committee] and shall
[will] serve as an ex-officio member of all standing committees except the Nominating Committee.
The President shall will be the official spokesperson of the Club on such matters on [of] which the
Club has taken a position.

SECTION 2. Vice-president: The Vice-president shall [will] assist the President and shall perform
the duties and exercise the powers of the President in the [his/her] absence.

SECTION 3. Secretary: The Secretary shall [will] keep a record of the proceedings of all general
membership meetings, and Steering Committee meetings. at the meetings and [He/she] will receive
and send out correspondence on behalf of the Club as directed by the President. [He/she] shall [will]
maintain an ongoing record of minutes, correspondence, the Club newsletter, and any other related
records, which shall be turned over to the succeeding Secretary. [He/she will also be responsible for
maintaining a Post Office Box to receive Club correspondence.]

SECTION 4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaininq a checking [appropriate]
account[s]. , and depositing moneys in acceptable depositories. He/she shall have the authority to
sign checks and to withdraw funds from the Club account[s] with required co-signatures as
prescribed by the depository and authorized by the membership. and shall render [He/she will
present] a financial report at [Steering Committee and general] membership meetings. In addition,
the annual financial report shall be published in the [February Club] newsletter. The Treasurer
shall also maintain separate records of all dues and other income received, as well as documentation,
such as receipts or invoices for all bills paid. The Treasurer shall be responsible for filing all financial
records required by [local government], the State of California, [and/] or the US Government. The
Treasurer shall also be a member of the Membership Finance and Fundraising Committee[s]. and
shall maintain membership records. Changes in membership shall be sent to the Newsletter Editor,
Telephone Committee and Membership Chairs. All the Treasurer's records shall [will] be given to the
succeeding Treasurer.

SECTION 5. Immediate Past President: The Immediate Past President shall automatically continue
as an Officer until his/her successor completes his/her term as President and shall perform such
duties as may be designated by the President. He/she shall also be a member of the Steering
Committee. [In the event the person slated to become Immediate Past President has won election for
another officer position, the members of the Steering Committee may choose to proceed without an
Immediate Past President for the coming year. The members of the Steering Committee may also
elect a former President of the club to hold the position by a simple majority vote.]


SECTION 1. Membership: The Steering Committee shall [will] consist of all elected officers, the
[Immediate] Past President and the chairs of all standing committees. The President shall [will]
preside at all such meetings. Members are [will be] encouraged to attend the Steering Committee

SECTION 2. Powers: The Steering Committee shall [will] discuss matters pertaining to the Club,
make recommendations for action to the Club membership, and develop an agenda for each [general]
membership meeting. The Steering Committee shall meet at least once a month at a time to be
decided by the Committee but no less than nine meetings a [times per] year. Special meetings may
be called by the President.


SECTION 1. Committee Chairs, except for the Nominating Committee, shall be appointed by the
President. Each standing committee shall consist of not less than three members. The chair of each
committee shall select his/her own committee members and shall notify the President and Secretary
of their acceptance. The President shall act as ex-officio member of each standing committee [except
for the Nominating Committee].

SECTION 2. The Standing Committees of this Club shall [will] be [Communications], Finance,
[Fundraising], Legislative, Membership, Newsletter, [Nominating], [and] Publicity, and Telephone.
The duties of the committees shall be as follows:

[a. The Communications Committee will be responsible for the communications within the
membership of the Club. It will be provided a list of members names, phone numbers and email
addresses when any changes or additions are made. The committee will develop effective strategies
for improving communications between members and maintain the Club’s website.

b. The Finance Committee shall will prepare and present to the Steering Committee for approval
the annual budget. and it shall [The committee will be formed following the Club’s annual election
for the coming fiscal year (January to December).] [It will] be approved by [submitted to] the general
membership [for approval] no later than the February general membership meeting. [The committee
will] include the incoming [current] and outgoing [Immediate Past] Presidents, the Treasurer, the
Finance Chair and another member to be to be selected by the incoming Finance Chair. It shall
participate in planning all fund-raising activities.

[c. The Fundraising Committee will be responsible for developing and organizing club events
including the Annual Awards Luncheon.

e. [d.] The Legislative Committee shall [will] report on legislation, propositions, candidates and
other issues for the T&C Club to consider. [In addition, the committee will also investigate and/or
plan Club participation in political events including, but not limited to, rallies, marches, lobby days,
and other political events.]

c. [e.] The Membership Committee shall [will] keep a record of paid-up members [in good standing]
and develop methods of obtaining new members. The committee will also be responsible for
providing introduction materials to new members including copies of the Club’s bylaws and a list of
Club officers and their contact information. The Chair of the Membership Committee shall be
responsible for the development of methods of recruiting new members. The Treasurer shall be a
member of the Committee.

a. [f.] The Newsletter Committee shall [will] compile, edit and distribute the Newsletter [via mail
and email and will post each edition of the newsletter to the Club’s website].

[g. The Nominating Committee will be responsible for preparing a slate of recommended candidates
for club officers. Specific requirements for this process are outlined in Article V, SECTION 3.]

f. [h.] The Publicity Committee shall will serve as liaison to the news media [and the general public.
It will be responsible for marketing club fundraisers and events.

d. The Telephone Committee Chair shall be provided an up-to-date list of members, with telephone
numbers, and shall contact members on matters pertaining to Club business.

[SECTION 3] g. Ad Hoc Committees shall will be created and dissolved as deemed necessary by the
President. Chairpersons of Ad Hoc Committees will be appointed by the President and committee
members selected by the chairpersons of those committees.


[SECTION 1. Selection of Club Representative to the Sacramento County Democratic Central
Committee (SCDCC)

a. As per the bylaws of the SCDCC, the Club will be allowed a single representative with a single
vote on the committee. An alternate to the representative is also permitted.

b. The Club representative to the SCDCC will be appointed by the President. The representative will
be allowed to choose his/her alternate as outlined in the bylaws of the SCDCC.]

SECTION 1. [2.] Election of Delegates [to the California Democratic Council (CDC)]

[a. A per the bylaws of the CDC, each member club will be permitted to send a delegate(s) to its
annual convention. The number of delegates is determined as a ratio based on the total number of
club members at the time affiliation paperwork is filed.]

a. [b.] Nomination of delegates to attend the CDC Convention shall take place after "Intent to
Affiliate" forms have been forwarded to CDC, and all members have been duly advised of said
nominations in the newsletter.

b.[c.] [The] E [e]lection of delegates shall [will] take place at the general membership meeting
following affiliation [confirmation] advice. [The] E [e]lection of delegates shall [will] be by secret
[written] ballot at the general membership meeting if there are more candidates than positions
available. [If there are more positions available than candidates to fill them, those candidates may
be elected by acclimation of those members present by a simple majority vote.] Any delegate or
alternate vacancies may be filled at the discretion of the President.

c. [d.] All candidates shall be ranked by number of votes received. The candidates who receive the
most votes shall be designated delegates to fill the number of seats available. The remaining
candidates shall be ranked in order as alternates and moved up accordingly [to vacancies]. Only duly
elected alternates credentialed by the appropriate Convention official(s) and the T&C Club President
may vote at the CDC Convention in the absence of duly elected delegates.

d. [e.] The term of office for a delegate shall [will] be [approximately] one year commencing from the
time of his/her election until the beginning of the following convention [election of new delegates].

[SECTION 3. Selection of Delegates to Assembly District Democratic Committees (ADDC’s)

SECTION 1. Conduct, Time and Place. Membership meetings shall [will] be held monthly unless
otherwise decided by the Steering Committee. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the
President and Steering Committee. Meetings shall normally be scheduled the second Wednesday of
each month. at the designated place. Notice of the time and place of the meetings shall [will] be given
[communicated to the Club members] in via the newsletter, email, and/or telephone.

SECTION 2: All membership meetings shall [will] be public and shall [will] be conducted according
to Roberts Rules of Order.


SECTION 1. The Club may endorse candidates for elections at the local levels and recommend to
[the] CDC such endorsements as are allowed under the State [California] Democratic Party bylaws.
[Only Democrats may be endorsed for office, regardless of partisan or non-partisan status of office.]

SECTION 2. The formal process of endorsing candidates shall [will] begin no sooner than the final
filing date for that office. This shall [may] not preclude earlier notifications to candidates as soon as
they became become known. The Steering Committee shall [may] contact and invite candidates to be
considered for endorsement for an oral or written interview and/or appearance at a meeting. Only
Democrats may be endorsed for office, regardless of partisan or non-partisan status of office.

SECTION 3. [A] recommendation to consider a candidate for endorsement (or no endorsement) may
be made by a[ny] member [in good standing] of the Steering Committee or any member of the
general membership at either a Steering Committee meeting or a general membership meeting but
[the recommendation] must be properly seconded [by another member in good standing]. A
recommendation for endorsement shall [will] be submitted to all paid-up members [in good standing]
for a vote by secret written ballot. [The] ballot shall [will] designate [the] deadline for receipt of [the]
ballot in order to be counted. [M]embers shall [will] also be advised as well as of the possibility of
reballoting at the [endorsement] meeting [where the ballots will be counted]. Ballots may be
returned at the endorsement meeting or be mailed to the T & C Club's Post Office Box in time to be
received prior to the scheduled membership [endorsement] meeting.

SECTION 4. In those races, where there is an attempt to endorse, and no candidate receives the
required 60% for endorsement, reballoting may [will] occur. On successive ballots, candidates
receiving less than 15% of the ballots cast shall [will] be dropped from the following ballots. [The}
total number of ballots for each race shall [will] be limbed to three. No candidate shall [will] be
considered endorsed without a 60% majority of the ballots cast. The number of candidates endorsed
shall [will] not exceed the number of vacancies in any specific race. The membership may, however,
vote to support more than one candidate.

SECTION 5. Two members from the general membership shall serve on the ballot-counting team.

SECTION 6. If three or more local clubs affiliated with CDC endorse a candidate it shall be
considered a CDC endorsement.

[SECTION 6. In the event that the scheduled date of an election interferes with the Club’s ability to
endorse, the President will call a special meeting of the Steering Committee which can vote to
schedule additional general membership meetings and an endorsement meeting to expedite the

SECTION 1. Amendments. An Amendment[s] to these bylaws may be presented, in writing, by any
Club member [in good standing]. When duly seconded at a regular general membership meeting [by
another member in good standing], such amendment(s) shall [will] be publicized [printed] in the
Club's newsletter to members and shall [will] be acted upon [brought for a vote] at the following Club
meeting , including counting of the ballots received by mail by the published deadline. A two-thirds
majority vote of those voting [at the meeting] shall [will] be required for adoption of an amendment.

SECTION 2. Effective Date: Amendments shall [will] become effective immediately upon their
adoption unless otherwise stated.


Any and all constitutions and/or bylaws heretofore governing this Club are hereby declared to be
superseded by these bylaws.

             Bylaws Committee appointed by President Kevin Murphy, March 16, 2005:
                  Richard Andrew Alderman, Margie Metzler, & Lynette Stueve

                             Approved by General Membership ??/??/????

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