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									Adding items to the Insert Menu                                                                              11/08/2007 01:32 PM

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                                  Customizing DW

           Skills needed for                Adding Items to the Common Insert Panel and the
           this tutorial                    Insert Menu
                 You can locate
                                                 Example: Contact Information
                 where Dream-
                 weaver is
                                                 It's recommended that you include contact information at the
                                                 bottom of each Web page you publish. You can make this
                 You can copy and
                                                 task simpler by adding an item to the Insert menu that
                 paste between
                                                 inserts your contact information wherever you want with a
                                                 click of your mouse!
                 You know how to
                 use Notepad or                  Steps
                 Simple Text
                 You know basic                  1.     Browse to the area on the hard drive where
                 HTML tags                              Dreamweaver is installed and find the Dreamweaver MX
                                                        or Dreamweaver MX 2004 folder.
                                                 2.     In the Dreamweaver folder, open the Configuration
                                                 3.     In the Configuration folder, open the Common folder.
                                                 4.     Each object you add to the Common Insert Panel
                                                        requires an HTML document, an 8x8 pixel gif, and
                                                        optionally a Javascript file. For this exercise, right click
                                                        on the following graphic      and save it to the Common
                                                        folder. Name it author.gif
                                                 5.     Open Dreamweaver. In a new document window, enter
                                                        your contact information, using DW as you normally
                                                        would to format it the way you want it to appear on
                                                        your web page. For example,

                                                                    Last updated: June, 13, 2001
                                                                    XYZ Department
                                                                    Western Michigan University

                                                 6.     Click on the     (Code) icon in the upper left-hand-
                                                        corner to change to the "show code" view. Highlight
                                                        only the code that is used for the contact info. Copy the
                                                        code onto your clipboard. Do not copy any of the                                               Page 1 of 2
Adding items to the Insert Menu                                                                                   11/08/2007 01:32 PM

                                                        <HEAD> tag or <BODY> tag information. For example,
                                                        the code for the contact information above would look
                                                        similar to

                                                                    <p><font size="-1">
                                                                    <br>Last updated: <!-- #BeginDate
                                                                    format:Am1 -->June 13, 2001<!-- #EndDate --
                                                                    <br>Department Name
                                                                    <br>Western Michigan University</font></p>

                                                 7.     Close and exit Dreamweaver. Open up Notepad or
                                                        Wordpad (PC) or Simple Text (Mac) and paste the
                                                        contents of the clipboard into it.
                                                 8.     Save the file to the Common folder. Name the file
                                                        Author.html". In Wordpad or Notepad, make sure you
                                                        change the file of type to "all files", otherwise the
                                                        wrong file extension will be appended to your file name.
                                                 9.     You can now insert your contact information by using
                                                        the Insert menu OR the Common tab on Insert Panel.
                                               10.      Start Dreamweaver and open up a new document. From
                                                        the Menu select Insert. You should see "Author" at the
                                                        bottom of the menu. To insert your contact information
                                                        from the Insert Panel, click the Common tab and click
                                                        on     graphic.

          Contact: Julie Scott
          Last revised: October 12, 2004

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